Meet Sona Gasparian: Founder of Pérsona Cosmetics

Sona Gasparian
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Sona Gasparian
(Beauty & Fashion Blogger, Makeup Artist, Founder of Pérsona Cosmetics)

An Armenian beauty and fashion blogger currently living in Los Angeles, California, Sona Gasparian is a beauty guru with her own makeup line, YouTube channel and Pinterest account. Chances are, you would have come across her while searching for beauty tips especially on social media nowadays. Gasparian was 16 years old when she started experimenting with makeup, and it was a way for her to escape her insecurities as she struggled with severe acne. Once she learned how to properly cover her acne, she fell in love with makeup even more, and thus began her official journey to the world of makeup and beauty.

She studied at Make-Up Designory (MUD), and continued taking classes after that to constantly improve her skills. She has also worked at MAC Cosmetics before, where she gained a lot of experience as a makeup artist by working on many different faces and skin types. Soon after, she discovered YouTube, and started creating vlogs and writing a blog as a hobby. Little did she know that it would catapult her to fame and success! Fast forward to today, where Gasparian has amassed 760,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 50 million views, and launched her own cruelty-free makeup line, Pérsona Cosmetics.

On her blog Simply Sona, Gasparian writes about beauty and fashion tips, recommendations, tutorials, relatable girl talk and female empowerment just to name a few! As such, her platform is now an inspiring community, where like-minded individuals can leave comments and get a glimpse of what goes on in Gasparian’s daily life. She also takes great pleasure in engaging with her community, and she takes all feedback, enquiries or comments into consideration as she creates content for her YouTube channel or blog; even when she’s thinking of ideas for Pérsona Cosmetics’ product development!

Pérsona Cosmetics was a dream come true for Gasparian, and what made her take the leap was a strong, supportive community that believed in her and what she was doing. The latest product from Pérsona Cosmetics is the Identity Two Palette, which is now available on her website and For the ultimate power look, Gasparian throws together her favorite Levis 501 skinny jeans, a basic tee and a blazer. As for her #1 beauty tip? Masking! For healthier-looking skin, mask all you can – clay masks, sheet masks, hydrating overnight masks and any other masks!

Expert Industry: Beauty & Fashion
Follow Her If: You’re into beauty & fashion, you’re looking for makeup and beauty tips, you’re looking for cruelty-free makeup products, you’re a (budding) makeup artist
Achievements: Founder of Pérsona Cosmetics, professional makeup artist, has collaborated with brands such as Vogue and Elle
Website: &
Facebook: @simplysona
Instagram: @sonagasparian
YouTube: @simplysona

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