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Naomi Kelman
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Naomi Kelman
(CEO & President Of Willow)

Nursing moms would know. It could be a hassle to bring your breast pumps everywhere you go, and to find a suitable place and time to pump your milk. In fact, for the time you’re nursing, your timetable could likely be scheduled around your pumping times. But what if we told you that you could wear your breast pump right inside your bra, and not have to worry about milk pumping schedules anymore? That’s what Willow is all about, and Naomi Kelman is the woman behind this game-changer in the new-mom industry.

Kelman is a consumer products veteran, and she spent her early years at Clairol before moving on to the health sector. In the health sector, she was President of Vistakon (Acuvue contact lenses) and President of Lifescan (One Touch diabetes monitor). She also has high qualifications, with her BA and MBA from Cornell University. As the oldest of four sisters, she is a strong advocate for women. She sees the unconditional love and commitment of moms, and therefore created Willow so that these moms could continue to achieve their personal goals and go about blazing their own trail even as they care for their babies.

An innovative solution, Willow as a wearable breast pump has truly changed lives for the better – someone even wore Willow in a marathon and pumped milk as she ran! When the Willow company was in its infancy, Kelman had known that they would be targeting mothers. Ideas were tossed back and forth on which area to focus on, and one of the founder’s casual comments soon turned into the foundation of the Willow all-in-one wearable breast pump. Of course, breast pumps had been around for quite some time, and they hadn’t changed much over the years.

When Kelman was developing Willow, it was about keeping it simple and focusing on a few key things that would help and benefit moms the most. Among the top priorities were wearability, to be “unplugged”, mobility and freedom, as well as its fit – if it could fit into the bra, moms wouldn’t have to fully undress nor give up her dignity. A typical work day for Kelman is an early morning, replying emails, getting into engaging conversations with the team and listening to moms. Sometimes, being a mom can feel overwhelming, and Willow is here to provide help and support – Willow believes that motherhood is about letting go of being perfect and allowing the beautiful chaos to flood in!

Expert Industry: Beauty & Health
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Achievements: President of various health-related companies, Division Head of the Global Over-the-Counter (OTC) Division of Novartis, has a private pilot’s license
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