Meet Dr. Roshini Raj: Co-Founder of TULA Probiotic Skincare

Dr. Roshini Raj
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Dr. Roshini Raj
(Co-Founder, TULA Probiotic Skincare & Associate Professor of Medicine, NYU Medical Center/Tisch Hospital)

How often have you heard of probiotic skincare? We’ll admit that we haven’t heard of probiotic skincare till now, actually! TULA, which is co-founded by Dr. Roshini Raj, is a skincare brand that employs the goodness of probiotics for topical skincare benefits. TULA has a whole range of products from cleansers, serums, targeted treatments and masks just to name a few!

As Dr. Raj is trained in the field of medicine, skincare is not all she focuses on, for she also places emphasis on health and well-being in general. She has been on popular talk shows such as TODAY and Good Morning America, where she talks about leading healthy and more balanced lives. Indeed, city living is becoming so stressful that we could all benefit from these tips and tricks from the experts to ensure that we live and operate optimally. Despite holding multiple roles – from co-founder to an associate professor to a medicine practitioner – Dr. Raj finds the greatest joy in her work as she is able to help people become healthier.

Health is wealth, for without health we won’t be able accomplish much, if anything at all. Dr. Raj has certainly come a long way, working hard to getting where she is today, and she has a piece of advice to her 18-year-old self: “Believe in yourself and ignore the naysayers“. We think that we could all benefit from this kind of advice once in a while, not just our past selves, for there will always be someone commenting on what you do, and it’s more important to keep your head high, your feet firmly on the ground, and take solid, steady steps to accomplish your goals! Her advice to her past self is also befitting to her motto in life, which is to “focus on the positive!

Ever wonder how Dr. Raj unwinds from her busy schedule? It’s very simple: she simply reads a British mystery novel in bed, and that’s about it! Some other little fun facts to know about Dr. Raj are that her preferred choice of midnight snack is air-popped popcorn with a hint of olive oil, and that her dream dinner party guest would be Chris Rock, because he is hilarious! With all that said and done, Dr. Raj’s greatest achievements are not those of her work. Instead, she says that her greatest achievements are her two sweet, smart, funny boys. A mother’s love truly knows no bounds!

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Achievements: Board-certified gastroenterologist and internist; appeared on shows like TODAY, Good Morning America, The View, Access Hollywood
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