Meet Dr. Laura Miranda: Founder of Strong Healthy Woman

Dr. Laura Miranda
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Dr. Laura Miranda DPT, MSPT, CSCS
(Founder, Strong Healthy Woman)

Dr. Laura Miranda is probably the epitome of her company: Strong Healthy Woman. There’s nothing like a simple yet empowering term to get women started on their very own lifestyle change for the better and healthier! Strong Healthy Woman is a kind of fitness concept that provides outdoor fitness Boot Camps in New York City, as well as exclusive in-home training in New York City and Long Island.

Dr. Miranda is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, as well as an educational and motivational speaker. Combining her two main skills, it’s only natural for her to set up fitness/training programs to help women be fit and be healthy. The company motto of Strong Healthy Woman is “Become The Best Possible Version of Yourself”, which incidentally is her personal mission through fitness and physical therapy! As for how did she decide to make this her life’s work… when Dr. Miranda was very young she had a coach who believed in her when no one else did, but also opened her eyes to her own potential in athletics, academics and her personal drive for success.

So now, through her business, she looks at it as a chance to “pay it forward”, to empower women and to unlock their potential, helping them see just what is possible within themselves. As for her own greatest achievement so far, it was backpacking alone through ten different countries in Europe and the Middle East when she was 25 years old. Travelling alone sometimes could be a challenge, especially if you have language barriers and whatnot, but it could also be an incredibly liberating experience. She managed to conquer every single of her personal insecurities and self-imposed, learning along the way that she could handle just about anything thrown in her way!

As for her motto in life, it is how she strives to live each day, as well as how she signs off on all of her blog posts: “Stay determined, focused, and addicted to improving yourself.” Dr. Miranda starts her day really early at 4:30 a.m. each day, and she goes to bed at around 8:30 p.m. To wind down, she takes her dog, Wolf, for a walk up the Hudson River. For her, there is just something about the water that puts her in a meditative state, and slows her down enough to just “be”. Dr. Miranda also has a real-life hero: Oprah Winfrey! Oprah has made self-care and self-improvement a mainstream topic, and has been through so many hardships and used them to her advantage.

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