Meet Dr. Lara Devgan: Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lara Devgan
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Dr. Lara Devgan
(Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon)

Dr. Lara Devgan is an expert in all things beauty and aesthetics; not only is she a board-certified plastic surgeon, but she is also a beauty enthusiast and founder of the luxury medical-grade skincare line Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty. Besides that, she is also an international surgery lecturer, a well-known expert in plastic surgery and injectables for the face, breasts and body, and a classically trained artist! Dr. Devgan also has a strong interest in anatomy, and she decided to combine both her passion for art and anatomy into the perfect job – a plastic surgeon!

While some of us are happy with what we look like, some aren’t. Dr. Devgan is glad that she is able to help others present the best versions of themselves, and to contribute to the happiness and confidence one can feel. As a plastic surgeon, a lot of responsibility lies with her, since it could literally be a life-altering job for her patients. Her own father was a head and neck surgeon, and has always told her to do the right thing and not the easy thing for her patients. There’s a very simple question she asks herself when needing to make tough decisions: “What would I advise my mother or sister to do?” If it’s not the right thing to do for her family, it’s not the right thing for her patients either.

Dr. Devgan also enjoys being busy, and a typical workday for her could consist of seeing patients for consultations, performing surgeries, recording her podcast, having team meetings, and even doing an interview! Since Dr. Devgan has her own skincare line, she uses her own products religiously to take care of her skin, including Hyaluronic Serum, Eye Repair Complex and Vitamin C just to name a few. One of her lip glosses is also game-changing, which is the Platinum Lip Plump. Just by using this lip gloss that consists of hyaluronic, niacin and ceramides, your lips will be visibly plumped – no filler whatsoever required, which is super convenient for those who have thin lips and are looking for a quick fix anytime!

However, as successful as she is, surgery as a profession is still pretty much male-dominated. As a woman in a male-infused industry, she must remain calm and even, be resilient and sometimes even have thick skin to play their game and play it well. As a detail-oriented, meticulous and compassionate person, Dr. Devgan has traits that suit her profession, leaving all who seek her advice in good hands!

Expert Industry: Beauty & Aesthetics
Follow Her If: You’re a skincare junkie, thinking about or interested in aesthetic procedures, always on the hunt for skincare or beauty knowledge
Achievements: Ranked “#1 female cosmetic surgeon” in New York by RateMDs
Facebook: @lara.devgan
Instagram: @laradevganmd
Twitter: @LaraDevganMD

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