Meet Dr. Dana Stern: Board-Certified Dermatologist & Nail Specialist

Dr. Dana Stern
Image Credit: Dr. Dana Stern

Dr. Dana Stern
(Board-Certified Dermatologist & Nail Specialist)

Have you ever met or even just heard of someone who devotes his or her entire practice to the diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of the nail? Well, Dr. Dana Stern is one of them! In fact, she’s one of the only board-certified dermatologists to do so, making her one of the most trusted and respected nail specialists in the country. As such, she has quite the customer base, and her patients have expressed frustration with the nail treatment choices available on the market. And that was when her eponymous line of nail care/treatment products, Dr. Dana Beauty, was born!

Armed with more than a decade’s worth of nail expertise and in-depth knowledge of product chemistry, Dr. Stern aimed to change the way we care for our nails. After all, our hands are always more or less in the limelight, and healthy, beautiful nails are now more important than ever to create a good first impression, as well as to tick the last box of someone being well-groomed. Also, as we all know, we women can go to great lengths in the name of “beauty”, sometimes unwittingly (or wittingly) putting ourselves at health risks. There’s none of that with Dr. Stern, for she believes that beauty inspires strength and confidence, and should not be achieved with compromise to health.

Dr. Stern is also a problem-solver, and nothing gives her more satisfaction than being able to tackle issues effectively, especially for patients who have suffered for years, or to make a life-saving diagnosis. Nails are oftentimes overlooked besides going for the occasional or regular manicure, but what happens when your nails really do need help beyond that? By creating innovative or problem-correcting nail products and treatments. Dr. Stern is able to help all those in need of nail solutions.

As a busy mother of three boys, Dr. Stern understands just how hectic life can get, and therefore her products are easy to use and provides instant results. Just how busy is she? By 9 a.m. on a “usual” day, her kids are off the school, and she will already be working! With a busy lifestyle, it’s also important to strike a work-life balance, and Dr. Stern achieves that through sports and meditation. Dr. Stern has been pretty athletic all her life, so she sometimes joins her boys for their games, such as football. As for meditation, Dr. Stern practices Transcendental Meditation (TM) twice a day, and it’s been life-changing for her.

Expert Industry: Dermatology & Nail Specialization
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Achievements: Nail expert of choice for the media; “the go-to dermatologist for nail disorders and cosmetic conditions relating to nail disease” by Vogue
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