10 Best Push-Up Bras For A Fuller, Sexier Figure!

The best push-up bra for you proving to be elusive? Hunt down the best push-up bra with our guide and list right here right now; and unleash your cleavage!

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Big or small, there’s no denying that sometimes, our boobs do need a little help to ensure that they look their best no matter what kind of clothes we’re wearing. But what can we do to make sure that our boobs get into their best shape? By wearing a push-up bra, of course! 😍

Most of you will have heard of push-up bras, but how well do you actually know what they do, or how they work, besides the common conception that it makes your boobs look bigger, fuller, and creates a more enhanced cleavage? Let’s learn more about push-up bras today, before selecting the best push-up bra for yourself! 🙂


What Is A Push-Up Bra?

A push-up bra is essentially a bra that helps create the appearance of increased cleavage and a fuller bust. Push-up bras aren’t limited to a single type; the push-up features can be incorporated into just about any bra type. However, push-up bras are usually demi-cup bras. Push-up bras can add a subtle lift to your breasts, or increase your cup size up to two sizes! Furthermore, push-up bras not only have a maximizing effect; they also have sculpting and lifting effects, and also provide more support, security and comfort. 😊

How Does A Push-Up Bra Work?

Push-up bras usually, but not always, contain padding on the inside of the cups to help lift up breast tissue and to increase volume. The padding can be made up of anything from a pocket of air to silicone gel to foam, and the cups are usually angled. The combination of angled cups and padding pushes the breasts inwards and upwards, recentering the breasts in the middle of the chest. The result is a fuller bust especially at the top, and an increased cleavage. 😍

Fun Fact: The First Push-Up Bra Ever

Did you know that the push-up bra isn’t exactly a recent invention, and that it has been around since the 60s? Louise Poirier, a Canadian, was the first person to design and invent the push-up bra for a Canadian lingerie company, and that item was the Wonderbra. Created in 1964, the Wonderbra was the forerunner of all push-up bras. Today, we enjoy push-up bras in a wide range of styles and colors, each suited for different individuals. 👍

Push-Up Bra Levels

Not all push-up bras were made equal, just like no two boobs are exactly the same. Depending on your breast size and/or shape, there are three different kinds of push-up bras you can choose from. If you choose the wrong push-up level, it can do more harm than good, so make sure you understand these three levels properly! 😊

Push-Up Level 1

This is the subtle version of a push-up; it merely gives your breasts a gentle lift. Only one-third of the bra is padded, and this type of push-up bra usually adds a half-cup size to your breasts. Best for women who already have full or semi-full breasts, this push-up level will sculpt your breasts into a rounder look, and bring out your cleavage just enough.

Push-Up Level 2

For those needing a little more oomph, go for this push-up level. Level 2 lifts your breasts even more, in which padding ends just below the nipple. Best for women with slightly smaller breasts and/or wide-set breasts, this level of push-up bra will recentre your breasts and create a full, molded look. This push-up level adds up to one cup size to your breasts!

Push-Up Level 3

Last but not least, we have the double push-up level, which increases your cup size up to two sizes! Itty-bitty girls or those with shallow breasts won’t need to worry when wearing low-cut tops or dresses any longer, not with a double push-up bra. Sometimes, it is also known as the “explosive” push-up bra, in which its name speaks for itself. A word of caution: women who already have full breasts should steer clear of this level as it adds on uncomfortable volume.

Push-Up Bra Effects: Before And After

To show you the wonders of a push-up bra, we’ve prepared some before and after photos. We won’t need to do much explaining here as the pictures will speak for themselves! 😮

Push Up Bra: Before and AfterPhoto Credit: 24 Media Tumblr

Cleavage - Before and AfterPhoto Credit: YouTube/ infinitelycindy

Boobs Hacks - Before and AfterPhoto Credit: YouTube/ Dona Camaj

Push-Up Bra Reviews: What Are The Best Push-Up Bras?

Wondering what’s the best push-up bra for yourself? We’ve rounded up 10 of the best push-up bras we could find, so you don’t have to do the work at all. Simply read through the list, and you’ll be able to find the best push-up bra most suitable for you in no time! 😘💕

1. Maidenform Women’s Casual Comfort Wirefree Push-Up Bralette

Wait, what? This isn’t a push-up bra, but a push-up bralette instead? Yes, who said that bralettes couldn’t be push-up items as well? Probably the most comfortable push-up bra around due to it being wirefree, this bralette fits anyone from an A cup to a D cup. Looking for all day comfort with a sexy edge? This is the best push-up bra for you! With an adjustable closure, you don’t have to worry about the band not fitting either!

Editor’s Rating:4/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Adjustable hook and eye closure, wireless, breathable and lightweight
Best For:Comfort without compromising sexy vibes


💜 Editor’s Note: Sometimes, we’re all torn between wanting to lounge around in comfort yet wanting to look our best. This push-up bralette is the solution!

2. SEA BBOT Women Wireless Push-Up Bra

Is this the best wireless push-up bra? Possibly, as this item is an “Amazon’s Choice” item! Plus, the padding in this push-up bra is different for each size: A cup sizes features thicker padding, whereas B and C cup sizes has thinner padding to avoid too much bulk. Need it to go strapless? No problem at all! Simply remove the straps to transform it into a strapless push-up bra. Easy!

Editor’s Rating:4.3/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Adjustable and removable straps, wireless, padding differs with cup sizes
Best For:Women with smaller breasts and those who do not like/require underwire in their bra


💜 Editor’s Note: We can’t get over how smooth this push-up bra looks, and its plunge design will show off cleavage perfectly! Not to mention that it can go strapless too!

3. Wingslove Women’s Everyday Basic Comfort Push-Up Bra

This is one sexy push-up bra! The crystal embellishment in the centre of the bra adds a little sparkle to an otherwise plain bra, and as it’s a T-shirt bra as well, you can wear it even under the tightest of tightest tops, and your bra won’t show. Think of all the low-cut tops and dresses you can now rock with confidence! Did we mention? This push-up bra adds a full cup size!

Editor’s Rating:4.1/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:T-shirt bra (which means it’s seamless), adds a full cup size, subtle crystal embellishment
Best For:Tight-fitting and low-cut tops/dresses


💜 Editor’s Note: A push-up bra that’s also seamless is almost too good to be true!

4. Calvin Klein Women’s Naked Glamour Strapless Push-Up Bra

Every woman needs a strapless push-up bra to securely hold her gals in place when she’s out and about partying in a strapless top/dress! Featuring a modest sweetheart neckline and a no-slip grip at the sides, you can be sure that this push-up bra will keep in place even if you wear it all day long. After all, this is Calvin Klein’s best-selling strapless bra, so you can be assured of its function and quality!

Editor’s Rating:4.2/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Easy care machine wash, CK’s best-selling strapless bra, no-slip grip, slight push-up to prevent from bulking
Best For:Strapless tops/dresses, no matter the occasion


💜 Editor’s Note: Honestly, we’re getting at least two of these – fits perfectly under our strapless items!

5. Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Push-Up Bra

Touted as the best push-up bra by many sites, this push-up bra not only enhances your cleavage, but it also smoothens your sides at the same time, making for a perfect, streamlined silhouette. To add a sexy edge, its side panels are made of lace, which isn’t brazen, but sensual enough. Turn heads wearing this bra under your favourite low-cut top/dress, and feel on top of the world!

Editor’s Rating:4.2/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Multiple colors, side smoothing, adjustable and convertible straps, lace panels at sides
Best For:Everyday wearing


💜 Editor’s Note: Love the multiple colors and the small criss-cross detail right in the centre of the bra!

6. FallSweet Push-Up Bra

The best push-up bra for A cup to C cup, this bra allows you to decide just how much cleavage you desire with its string network in the middle of the bra. Tighten and loosen as you wish for different amounts of cleavage! As an extreme push-up bra, this push-up bra adds 2 cup sizes! Best of all, this bra is also seamless, so you can wear it under any tight-fitting clothing!

Editor’s Rating:3.8/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Adjustable amount of cleavage with string network in the centre, seamless, adds 2 cup sizes
Best For:A cup to C cup sizes


💜 Editor’s Note: Seamless with adjustable cleavage? Why the hell not?

7. Ekouaer Women’s Perfectly Fit Push-Up Bra

Probably the best bra for cleavage around, this push-up bra is also a T-shirt bra, and you know that means it’s seamless! This padded push-up bra is soft enough for comfort while lifting and molding your boobs into a fuller, rounder shape and that deep, deep cleavage. Furthermore, the straps are convertible, so you can transform this bra into different styles to fit your outfit!

Editor’s Rating:3.9/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:T-shirt bra, convertible straps, adds up to one cup size
Best For:Wearing under tight-fitting clothing, or just for everyday wear if you’d like to show off your cleavage


💜 Editor’s Note: We love, love, love the variety of colors available, and we love how good the gals look in this bra!

8. Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Embellished Push-Up Bra

There’s nothing more sexy than a sexy push-up bra embellished with lace! Featuring plush padding and suede-touch fabric, this will be the most comfortable push-up bra you’ll ever wear despite it being a one with underwire. While the bra does all the work and lifts your breasts, all you have to do is to admire yourself wearing this lacy unmentionable and feel good about yourself!

Editor’s Rating:4/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Suede-touch fabric, lace embellishment, plunge neckline
Best For:Feeling sexy!


💜 Editor’s Note: We got lost in the sea of colors, but we love the feminine lace!

9. Calvin Klein Women’s Icon Push-Up Bra

Understated yet uplifting – that’s what a good push-up bra should be, and this is what it is! This push-up bra looks just like a regular bra, but it does its work well as a push-up bra. Not all days do you want to look like you’re trying too hard to achieve and figure, so this subtle push-up bra will lift your gals at just the right amount. With a simple design, this push-up bra is perfect for everyday wear!

Editor’s Rating:4.2/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Simple design, convertible and adjustable straps, padded cups
Best For:Everyday wear without looking like you tried too hard


💜 Editor’s Note: We were sold the moment we laid eyes on this sleek design, and we’d get one in each color – perfect for sheer- to dark-colored outfits!

10. VASSARETTE Women’s Push-Up Bra

The best push-up bra for small chest size, this bra adds a full cup size without taking away comfort. The padded cups are super comfy, while the bra straps are split – modern but they stay in place. The fabric is stretchy to accommodate your movements, while a hint of lace at the neckline adds a touch of femininity and sensuality to your look! Look no further than this for a push-up bra that works well!

Editor’s Rating:4.2/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Adds a full cup size, split straps, comes in packs of twos and threes
Best For:Women with small chest size


💜 Editor’s Note: BRB, getting the three-pack right now!


😀😉 And that concludes our push-up bra reviews, with 10 of the best push-up bras around! Have you tried any of them, and which of them is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! 💕

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