10 Best Pumping Bras To Conveniently Pump Milk!

Is the best pumping bra for you proving elusive to find? We've rounded up 10 of the best pumping bras, so you can easily make a selection here!

best pumping bra

There comes a time where it’s impossible to feed your baby directly from the nipple, as your baby can’t be attached to your hip forever. The next-best way to ensure that your baby gets a constant, regular supply of breast milk is, of course, to pump your milk and store it so that your baby will be able to feed regardless of whether you’re at home.

However, pumping your breast milk can be pretty tiring, especially if you do it on your own. Manually. Luckily, there’s a little something called a pumping bra to help you pump your milk more conveniently. You’ve never heard of this nifty little invention before? No worries; let us introduce you to the pumping bra life! 😊


What Is A Pumping Bra?

A pumping bra is a bra designed to hold your pump parts in place without using your hands, having slits in the fabric over the nipples that are designed to hold the breast shields of your breast pump securely.

A pumping bra is also just a bra, and does not include any pumping equipment. It also doesn’t help you pump faster, or to produce more milk; its sole purpose is to actually provide you with the convenience of multi-tasking while you pump your milk, because it hold the pumping equipment for you. πŸ‘

Do I Need A Pumping Bra?

It actually depends on your lifestyle. How regularly do you pump, do you find it very tiring to hold the pump equipment yourself, and do you find a pumping bra comfortable are just a few questions that you want to consider before using a pumping bra regularly. For instance, moms who only pump occasionally may find that holding the pump by themselves is no big deal, or some women find it troublesome to put on/take off pumping bras.

We’d just like to emphasise again that pumping bras provide stability, and does not affect milk production or speed of pumping, so you could try one out, and see if it’s more convenient for you. If the opposite happens, perhaps you might want to forgo a pumping bra altogether! 😊

What Should I Look For In A Pumping Bra?

The main thing you want to look for is actually if it’s accommodating to various sizes. Your breasts may undergo several changes during this time (after pregnancy), and throughout the pumping period it’s likely that your breasts will not remain the same size. Getting a pumping bra that can accommodate your changing breast size will save you time and money from getting new ones all the time. 😁

The next thing to look for is stability. As we’ve mentioned, the pumping bra’s sole purpose is to hold the bottles and pump parts for you, and if the parts are wobbly, loose, or the bottles are prone to spilling, you’ve gotten a bad bra, and will end up doing more work instead. Last but not least, remember that your bra has to be comfortable! The bra should be snug but not overly so to prevent blocking the milk ducts, and the material should not irritate your breasts, which can be sensitive at this time.

Pumping Bra Reviews: What Are The Best Pumping Bras?

It’s hard to select the best pumping bra from so many options out there, which is why we’ve narrowed down to ten of the best pumping bras we could find! Without further ado, let’s discover the best pumping bras! πŸ™Œ

1. Rumina Essential Relaxed Pump & Nurse Pumping Bra

A nursing and pumping bra all in one, this bra is perfect for women who are alternating between breastfeeding directly and pumping. As a hands free pumping bra, you can go about your daily routine after baby has dozed off while pumping milk to prepare for future feeding. What’s more, you can let your baby feed from one breast, and pump from the other – talk about convenience!

Editor’s Rating:4/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Nursing and pumping bra in one!


πŸ’œ Editor’s Note: Would absolutely get these when we have new moms on our team!

2. The Dairy Fairy Ayla Lace Underwire Pumping Bra

Sometimes, the aesthetics are compromised for functionality. But not for this one! An underwire pumping bra, this bra still looks like a regular bra, but with all its functions packed into one. Just like the item above, you can pump and nurse simultaneously, and when you’re not using it (and just wearing it), it looks just like your everyday lace bra!

Editor’s Rating:4.1/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Beauty and function rolled up into one!


πŸ’œ Editor’s Note: We love a bra that is all-rounded!

3. Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra

We heard the praises of this one miles away! One of the best hands free bra for pumping, this pumping bra is adjustable up to 10 inches in the back, and allows for maximum comfort while pumping. Furthermore, straps are convertible, so you can wear it strapless, halter, racerback… anything you like, really.

Editor’s Rating:4.4/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Convertible straps, adjustable back


πŸ’œ Editor’s Note: With more than 7,400 reviewers and all giving it such high ratings, we would be fools to disagree!

4. PumpEase Hands Free Pumping Bra

As hands free pumping bras come, this is probably one of the more uncommon ones. For convenience and adjustability, this one clasps in front instead of the back, and it also features bold, colorful patterns, supposedly aiding in the visual development of your baby. Multitask or simply relax while you pump; the choice is yours with this pumping bra!

Editor’s Rating:3.9/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Bold, colorful patterns, front clasping


πŸ’œ Editor’s Note: We’re not that fond of the patterns, but that’s just us. For those who love patterns, this one’s for you – convenient and colorful!

5. Rumina Seamless Pump & Nurse Pumping Bra

This seamless bra comes with removable padding, so you can insert them as you see fit – perfect for contouring and all-day wearing especially if you’re already back to work, making it the best pumping bra for work. Versatile and seamless, this pumping bra is definitely for women who are always on the go!

Editor’s Rating:3.9/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Removable padding, seamless


πŸ’œ Editor’s Note: This bra has so many functions that we can’t even – a definite must-buy!

6. Medela Easy Expression Bustier Hands Free Pumping Bra

If you’re using Medela products, this pumping bra is for you. However, it will not be compatible with other brands, so make sure you know your brand before getting this bra! With a zipper in front, this pumping bra is definitely easy to wear, and it will not slip off. Furthermore, the bra is Oeko-Tex certified, which means that it is safe from harmful chemicals!

Editor’s Rating:4/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Zips up in front, easy care machine wash


πŸ’œ Editor’s Note: We love a convenient zipper for super easy wearing and taking off!

7. Pump Strap Hands Free Pumping Bra

Honestly, if you’re looking for the best hands free bra for pumping, it looks like you’ve found it in this one. Sure, it may not look like it even remotely resembles a bra, but if functionality is all you’re looking for, this is it! Straps are included if you need more support for your breasts, and this bra is even lactation-specailist-recommended!

Editor’s Rating:4.5/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Can be worn strapless or with straps, lactation-specialist-recommended, easy care machine wash


πŸ’œ Editor’s Note: We’d gladly forgo style for functionality and comfort for this pumping bra!

8. The Dairy Fairy Arden Hands Free Pumping Bra

Probably one of the best pumping bras around, this pumping bra comes with five different settings of tightness to adjust according to your breast size. Furthermore, this pumping bra also double ups as a nursing bra, which means that you can feed your baby and pump simultaneously if need be. Straps are also convertible, so you can make it a racerback option if you like!

Editor’s Rating:3.8/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Convertible straps, all-in-one nursing and pumping bra, wide adjustability settings


πŸ’œ Editor’s Note: At this point, all we want is comfort, and this looks like we could lounge around in it all day, pumping or not!

9. Momcozy Hands Free Pumping Bra

We really, really love a bra that’s convenient to put on and take off, and this is it! Featuring a Velcro back as well as a front zipper, you don’t have to complicate life with hooks or struggle to pull on/off your bra! Furthermore, straps are detachable and adjustable, so you can make your pumping bra fit your OOTD!

Editor’s Rating:3.7/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in one color only
Special Features:Detachable and adjustable straps, convenient Velcro and zipper


πŸ’œ Editor’s Note: Taking care of a baby is no easy task, and ain’t nobody got time to fiddle with a bra anymore; just give us the easiest option!

10. Rumina Classic Pump & Nurse Hands Free Pumping Bra

Rumina has quite the selection of the best pumping bras, and how can the classic one be excluded? A hook-and-eye bra, its design is also crossover, which gives your breasts some added support and security. As with most pumping bras, this one is also a nursing bra, so you can feed and pump at the same time, which helps you save time!

Editor’s Rating:4/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Crossover, the only patented “no-hole” hands free pumping design


πŸ’œ Editor’s Note: Comfort, support, functionality… we didn’t know we needed this till it was put right in front of us!

How Do I Use A Pumping Bra?

For your reference, we have included a video on how to use a pumping bra. Watch and learn!

[Video Credit: YouTube]
πŸ’‘ Note: This is an example of a Simple Wishes pumping bra, but the rest of the pumping bras will not differ much!


πŸ˜πŸ˜‰Β Pumping bras are a lifesaver, we think! Now new moms can go about their daily routines while feeding baby and/or pumping milk, and it’s a huge relief to all tired moms. Hang in there, moms, you’re the best!

If you’ve been through a few pumping bras, share your best pumping bra choice with us in the comments below, so other moms can try them out too!Β πŸ’•

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