10 Best Pubic Hair Trimmers For Painless Pubic Hair Removal

The best pubic hair trimmer need not remain elusive anymore with our guide and list! Get rid of your pubic hair painlessly, and thank us later! Welcome!

best pubic hair trimmer
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Ladies, we feel you. The ever-ongoing battle of your hair vs. you, and not the hair on your head. For the girls who love a hairless look, as if it wasn’t enough to thread your brows, shave your legs and wax your armpits, now you also have to take care of hair down there? Sure, most of the time it’s covered up, but pubic hair is a highly personal preference, whether you like it clean and hairless at all times, wild and overgrown, styled into your favorite designs, or only do a clean-up when you’ve something going on, like going to the beach and you needed the hair gone yesterday. ☺

Just like hair on all the other body parts, there are several methods of removing pubic hair. The easiest, quickest way is to wax, we suppose. But if you don’t feel like spreading your legs and having hot wax spread over your privates and then letting out a headache-inducing scream a la murder and cursing at the top of your lungs, you could try pubic hair trimmers. Portable, convenient, do-it-yourself, and most importantly… painless. YAS. πŸ™Œβ€


What Is A Pubic Hair Trimmer?

Before we go into detail, yes, we know. Why are there so many tools that look like they all do the same thing anyway? Razors, shavers, clippers, trimmers… is there a point in differentiating, if they all function to cut hair? πŸ™‚ Well, we didn’t come up with these categories, but we’d sure like to know as well! However, today, we’re just going to introduce this little thing called a trimmer to you.

As you’ve probably guesses, the trimmer trims your hair. So does a clipper. Before you execute a spectacular table flip and unleash your inner Hulk, there is one very big difference between the two. Clippers are used for longer, coarser hair, and they don’t trim your hair too close to the skin. In other words, it makes your long hair shorter. On the other hand, a trimmer has the ability to trim already-short hair even shorter, achieving a cleaner, neater look in general. ☺

A pubic hair trimmer is simply a trimmer designed for pubic hair removal. As we all know, space is kind of limited down there, and pubic hair trimmers are designed to be compact and to fit the contours of your lady parts well. Put it this way if you still don’t get it: if you use a clipper on your privates, you’d probably end up with a “crew cut” down there, which we assume will be… prickly and even more uncomfortable? Use a trimmer ladies, always use a trimmer. πŸ˜„

How Does A Pubic Hair Trimmer Work?

Trimmers actually consist of two or more sliding blades, which are used to well, trim the hair. When hair is passed through the blades, they are simply cut off. To make it easy to understand, it’s just like many pairs of teeny tiny scissors that automatically cut your hair whenever you pass the device over your hair.

As aforementioned, pubic hair trimmers are designed to be small, and they also have a small cutting width, making them accurate cutting devices. Therefore, it won’t be a jungle down there anymore; not with pubic hair trimmers. πŸ˜‡

Should I Trim My Pubic Hair?

Girl, don’t let anyone tell you what to do. We’ve said it and we’ll said it again. Pubic hair is a highly personal preference, so it’s really up to you regarding what you want to do with your pubic hair, and how you want to get it done. Of course, studies have claimed that it’s more hygienic to get rid of your pubic hair, but since hair naturally grows there, it serves a purpose, so we’d say take it with a pinch of salt.

We only say “yes, do it”, if you are making this choice whole-heartedly on your own, and we’re introducing trimmers as a painless alternative to waxing. Don’t let anyone else tell you what to do with your body, hair included; so if you feel like you want to rock a full bush, do it! πŸ‘

Pubic Hair Trimmer Reviews: What Are The Best Pubic Hair Trimmers?

Now that you have a better understanding of pubic hair and pubic hair trimmers, it’s time to get one of your own! Luckily for you, we have rounded up 10 of the best pubic hair trimmers for you so that you won’t have to go searching high and low for it. Are you ready to find the best pubic hair trimmer? Let’s go! ❀

1. Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Pubic Hair Trimmer For Women

Whether you’re just looking to tidy things up, or achieve a silky-smooth hairless feel, this female pubic hair trimmer can do it all! Doubling up as a razor besides being a trimmer, this pubic hair trimmer has five curve-sensing blades, getting as close to your skin as possible. Not only that, but the trimmer is waterproof as well, so you can trim your hair in or out of the shower.

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5
Price: 🌞 Check Here
Special Features: Dispenses hypoallergenic serum as you shave, adjustable comb with four different settings, Amazon’s Choice


πŸ’œEditor’s Note: Schick is a well-know razor/shaver brand, and this has long been touted as one the best pubic hair trimmers for ladies! You can hardly go wrong with Schick!

2. Philips Norelco OneBlade Electric Pubic Hair Trimmer

Okay so we know that this is actually a product made for the men, but if it works, it works, right? For the men, it comes with two different blades, one for the face and another for the body. However, for the ladies, it doesn’t matter either way. Just pick the blade for the body, and hold the surface of the blade flat against your skin for a safe and comfortable experience!

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5
Price: 🌞 Check Here
Special Features: Amazon’s Choice, suitable to use on any hair length, includes skin guard for sensitive areas (so please use it)


πŸ’œEditor’s Note: Just be careful with the handle because the plastic is a little flimsy. And as we’ve mentioned, it’s originally a men’s product, so do click on the guard when you’re trimming your lady parts, alright?

3. Philips HP6378/10 Women’s Pubic Hair Trimmer

Now this is what we could call the best pubic hair trimmer for ladies! Not only is its design compact enough, but it also comes with six different attachments to suit all your hair removal needs! From the Precision Trimmer to the Eyebrow Comb and the Micro Shaver, all your grooming needs are taken care of from top to toe. For your pubic hair, use the Precision Trimmer and the Precision Comb attachments.

Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5
Price: 🌞 Check Here
Special Features: Six different attachments, could be used wet or dry, decreases ingrown hair and irritation


πŸ’œEditor’s Note: Whether you want to pluck, shave, or trim; and whether it’s your brows or your privates, this trimmer can do it all. No hesitation here; get it!

4. Braun Silk-Γ©pil FG1100 Pubic Hair Trimmer For Ladies

A women’s pubic hair trimmer, this trimmer comes with a High Precision head – just so you could style your bush into exactly what you want it to be. Length, design… you name it. It also comes with a Slim Bikini Shaping head, which is actually a shaver but has the ability produce precise lines, shapes, and contours as you wish. Last but not least, this trimmer also has two trimmer combs with lengths of 5 or 8 mm, so you could trim your hair into a uniform length.

Editor’s Rating: 4/5
Price: 🌞 Check Here
Special Features: Comes with different attachments that allow precise styles and lengths, designed to be held like a pen for maximum productivity, comes with rounded tips for extra protection


πŸ’œEditor’s Note: Okay this one here looks delicate enough for our lady parts, and we feel safe even just by looking at it. Oh, and did we mention? The High Precision head also works on the eyebrows. Score!

5. Gillette Venus Pubic Hair Trimmer

If you’ve long been in the world of female hair removal, Gillette Venus would be no stranger to you. With a specially-designed handle, this pubic hair trimmer allows maximum control, and trims your hair neatly and evenly as you guide it over your hair. It even comes with a protective comb for an even trim all around safely. As this product urges you to “reveal the Goddess in you”, how could you not want to give it a try?

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5
Price: 🌞 Check Here
Special Features: Comes with protective comb, single pivoting blade, specially-designed handle for great control


πŸ’œEditor’s Note: You don’t need fancy knick-knacks when you get the job well done without a fuss.

6. Panasonic ES2207P Electric Pubic Hair Trimmer For Women

Alright, so this one’s here essentially a shaver first, and trimmer second, but it works either way. Best of all, you could use it on any part of your body to get rid of hair: armpits, legs and of course your privates. Its blades are hypoallergenic, so no worries for those with sensitive skin. Therefore, whether you’re looking for a neat ‘do or a close shave, this pubic hair trimmer for women will do the job for you!

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5
Price: 🌞 Check Here
Special Features: Hypoallergenic blades, also works as a shaver, trimmer is “pop-up” (which is cool for finding those random stray longer hairs), #1 on Amazon for Women’s Foil Shavers


πŸ’œEditor’s Note: The perfect one-conquers-all hair-removing device from the neck-down.

7. Panasonic 5-Position Female Pubic Hair Trimmer

Slim and compact, this is the best pubic hair trimmer for ladies who regularly trim their pubic hair. Not only does it have personalized five-position settings for your desired hair length, but it’s also waterproof, lightweight and portable. Its blades are also hypoallergenic, making this pubic hair trimmer suitable for all skin types.

Editor’s Rating: 4.1/5
Price: 🌞 Check Here
Special Features: Personalized five-position settings, hypoallergenic blades, waterproof


πŸ’œEditor’s Note: We’re really loving the slim and compact design; it doesn’t look like it’ll take out a chunk of our privates in case we *slip*.

8. Braun Silk-Γ©pil 7 7-561 Electric Pubic Hair Trimmer For Women

This sophisticated-looking device here is first and foremost, and epilator, but it comes with several attachments, including a shaver and trimmer as well. (Not sure what an epilator is? Click here to check out our article on epilators instead!) As opposed to trimming, epilators remove hair by the root, but we (and Braun) get that it’s not for everyone, hence the trimmer attachment!

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5
Price: 🌞 Check Here
Special Features: Works as an epilator as well, comes with shaver and trimmer attachments, can be used wet or dry, Amazon’s Choice


πŸ’œEditor’s Note: Three different hair-removal methods with a single device? We’re not complaining!

9. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49 Pubic Hair Trimmer

Just like the previous Philips device, this too, was designed with the men in mind. A two-in-one shaver and trimmers, its 3D pivoting heads follow your body’s contours seamlessly for a perfect close shave, while the trimmer has rounded blades and combs to protect you from nicks and cuts. With the trimmer, you could also choose from five different length settings, making it the best pubic hair trimmer for ladies who have very specific hair lengths in mind!

Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5
Price: 🌞 Check Here
Special Features: 3D pivoting head, two-in-one shaver and trimmer, rounded blades and combs, five different length settings, self-sharpening blades


πŸ’œEditor’s Note: TBH, with it’s black and silver design, it looks like some kind of high-tech weapon more than anything, but most importantly, it gets the job done!

10. Veet Sensitive Precision Electric Pubic Hair Trimmer For Ladies

Veet has long become a household name for ladies who regularly remove their hair as well, and it only makes sense that Veet comes up with a trimmer to remove pubic hair. Just like a few of the other devices on this list, this trimmer is not just for pubic hair, but also for the eyebrows and the armpits. It claims to be a multi-purpose beauty tool with seven accessories, so this is the best pubic hair trimmer for your pubic needs, and more!

Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5
Price: 🌞 Check Here
Special Features: Amazon’s Choice, comes with seven accessories, waterproof and electric, gentle and precise


πŸ’œEditor’s Note: It looks portable and convenient enough, not to mention it takes care of your hairy woes from top to toe.

Why Does It Itch After Trimming Pubic Hair?

There could be several reasons why it itches, but some of the most common reasons are the angle of the cut hair, and the length of the hair. Let’s talk about the angle. Sometimes your hair just isn’t cut at the correct (blunt) angle, leaving the hairs sharp and spiky. As your lady parts are generally more sensitive, these sharp and spiky hairs could cause itchiness. Also, if your hair is at an awkward length, sometimes the hair bends towards your own lady parts, once again causing itch.

How Do I Prevent Itching After Trimming Pubic Hair?

Not too much can be done about the length of the hair, unless you’re a diligent hair remover (hairkeeper?). However, to prevent the hairs from being sharp, you could invest in a good quality first and foremost, so that the blades will cut your hair cleanly. Also, you could try using conditioner before your trim your hair to soften and smoothen the hair first. Last but not least, you could apply hydrating products and/or Vaseline after trimming so that there’s some sort of cushioning against your underwear, causing less friction and therefore less itch! 😊

How Long Does It Take For Pubic Hair To Grow Back?

Hair growth is highly individual, but we’ll say that your hair is constantly growing. Remember that hair is only cut and not removed at the root, so you may see noticeable growth as soon as the second day. For a full bush (1-inch hair) to grow out completely, it will probably take around 2-3 weeks.


πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰ And there we are with the best pubic hair trimmers we’ve rounded up for you! Have you ever tried pubic hair trimmers before? If you have, what’s your choice, and why? If you haven’t, do let us know which one you have in mind! We ladies should definitely help each other out, especially regarding “private” matters!

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