10 Best Bras For Back Fat That Guarantee You A Smooth Back!

Find the best bra for back fat that is perfect for you with our guide and recommendation right here and say bye bye to all the unsightly bulges!

best bra for back fat
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Getting the perfect fit of a bra is no easy task. You’ve got to get the size right, a design that appeals to you, and also the ensure that you’re all streamlined so that your clothes would fit just right on you. It’s hard to get a bra that checks all your boxes, and then there’s the common, pesky problem of having back fat when you put on a bra. 😟

The bra may be of the right size, but perhaps the material or how the bra is designed can cause flesh to bulge at certain areas, therefore unintentionally creating back fat. Exasperating, we know, but there are actually back smoothing bras that can help solve your back fat problem. 😁 Together, let’s see what the best bras for back fat are made up of!


What Are Back Smoothing Bras/ Back Fat Bras?

Just when you thought you’ve got the hang of bras, there’s always more to learn. In simple terms, a back smoothing bra is probably the best bra for back fat that you can get. Back smoothing bras are designed to smooth over your back fat, back bulges, back rolls, overhang – whatever you call it, the bra smooths it! 👏

Usually featuring a seamless edge, wide back wings, a deeper back and sides, and a consistent material across the back, back smoothing bras are the best thing to put on for when you want to wear those body-hugging, tight-fitting garments. It just wouldn’t do for a little bulge to ruin your outfit at the back! 😊

What Causes Back Fat?

When the area around the part of the band that sits on your back does not lie smoothly against your back, bulges form. Most commonly, bras with elastic on the top and bottom of the band cause back fat, so you might want to give those bras a wide berth. 😑

Furthermore, the make up of your back is a factor itself; if you’re on the heavier side, you will tend to have back fat more easily. Also, as everyone’s body is different, materials of the bra and the design of the back of the bra itself may affect the formation of back fat as well.

Bra For Back Fat: Before & After

Doubting that a single piece of clothing actually possesses the ability to smoothen lumps and bumps? We’ll let these before-and-after pictures do the talking and showcase the wonders of bras for back fat!

Bra For Back FatPhoto Credit: Shapeez
Back Smoothing BraPhoto Credit: Shapeez
Back Smoothing Bra ReviewsPhoto Credit: Shapeez

😏 We told you! Where did all those bulges go? 🤔 All the “after” pictures look so smooth and seamless, even we ourselves almost can’t believe it!

Back Smoothing Bra Reviews: What Are The Best Bras For Back Fat?

Now that we’ve got a better understanding of back smoothing bras and back fat, it’s time to select the best bra for back fat for yourself! And of course one bra can’t fit all, so we’ve rounded up ten best bras for back fat, so that you can take your pick! 😍

1. Warner’s Women’s Cloud Full Coverage Back Fat Bra

First off the bat, we have a full coverage back smoothing bra! Dubbed as a “seriously soft back smoother”, this bra is underwired, has full coverage cups, and back smoothing panels – all to prevent spillover and to create a totally seamless look underneath your top! Never worry about unsightly bumps anymore with this bra that hides back fat perfectly!

Editor’s Rating:4.6/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Front-adjustable straps, back-smoothing panels


💜 Editor’s Note: Besides its back smoothing panels as an add-on feature, it seems like a pretty normal bra. However, with its average high rating, we’re pretty sure it’s comfy and provides good support!

2. Playtex Women’s Seamless Full Coverage Back Smoothing Bra

With a whopping more than 3,000 reviews, you can’t go wrong with this bra, which is one of the best bras for back fat! Being 1.5 inches high and 5 inches wide, not only is this a back smoothing bra, but it is also a side smoothing bra. Furthermore, its cups are seamless and 2-ply, with a moisture-wicking feature, keeping you dry and comfortable all day long!

Editor’s Rating:4.1/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Comfort straps, easy care machine wash, back and side smoothing


💜 Editor’s Note: We love that this bra comes with a 4-way support system: frame, cups, straps and back – all carefully put together to ensure a supportive, seamless condition!

3. Vanity Fair Women’s Full Figure Wirefree Back Fat Bra

Have we found the best bra for back fat, ever? 1 inch high, 9 inches wide, and wireless?! We almost couldn’t believe our eyes either! Possessing the ability to shape and smooth any bumps and bulges, this bra also provides full coverage, especially for women with larger breasts. All in all, it is the perfect bra for shaping your body into a sleek silhouette!

Editor’s Rating:4.4/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Can come in packs of 2 and 3, wireless, adjustable straps


💜 Editor’s Note: Simply because it’s a wireless, back smoothing bra, and you really shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity!

4. Bali Women’s All Around Smoothing Underwire Bra

A bra that hides back fat, and a bra that uplifts your front! What more could you want in a bra? Furthermore, it is microfiber, and the cup overlays, sides, and back are in one piece without pesky stitching, so it’s super easy to achieve that seamless look with this bra. Last but not least, the one sentence that sealed the deal for us was this: “back-smoothing ripple prevention”!

Editor’s Rating:4.3/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Easy care machine wash, bandless front


💜 Editor’s Note: We love the fact that it can be thrown into the washing machine after a long day, plus it comes in a wide variety of sizes!

5. Hanes Women’s Ultimate Back Smoother Foam Bra

One look at the name of this bra, and it makes you go “is this the best bra for back fat and support”? (You guys know that meme, right?) Its built up back and sides smooth over any bulges, while its soft lining provides comfortable back support! Moreover, its straps are adjustable, which means that you can literally adjust this bra to mould you!

Editor’s Rating:4.5/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Easy care machine wash, back and side smoothing, soft lining


💜 Editor’s Note: For starters, it looks really comfy! However, the slight downside to it is that the sizes aren’t really varied.

6. Olga Women’s No Side Effects Underwire Contour Bra

A full-coverage contour bra with underwire, this back smoothing bra features enhanced side coverage and elastic-free sides and back for a streamlined silhouette. Plus, its name “no side effects” means that this bra will effectively eliminate underarm bulges, really ensuring that you’ll be evenly all-rounded without any bumps!

Editor’s Rating:4.1/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Front adjustable straps, full coverage, enhanced side coverage


💜 Editor’s Note: We’re actually pretty lazy when it comes to hand washing our garments, so we’re not keen on getting this for ourselves, but on the other hand we also really love the enhanced side coverage!

7. SPANX Bra-llelujah Full-Coverage Back Fat Bra

Bra-llelujah indeed, for this back smoothing bra not only smooths your back, but also takes the clasp to the front, so your back is totally all fabric, and making it super convenient to wear! Its cups mold naturally to the breasts, and it also comes with built-in nipple coverage, eliminating any possibility of accidental spotlights.

Editor’s Rating:4/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in one color only
Special Features:Front clasp, full coverage, seamless foam lined cups


💜 Editor’s Note: We’re not entirely sure why there are only two sizes left, but we’re hoping that there will be an explanation or restock soon! Otherwise, it makes for a pretty basic bra that’s suitable to wear for any occasion!

8. Vanity Fair Women’s Back Minimizer Underwire Bra

Previously, we’ve looked at Vanity Fair’s wireless back smoothing bra. However, if you need or prefer one with underwire, you can consider this one instead! It practically has the same smoothing properties as the wireless one, but this just comes with an underwire. It also doubles up as a minimizer bra, minimizing the bustling up to 1.5 inches.

Editor’s Rating:4.3/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Adjustable straps, doubles up as a minimizer bra


💜 Editor’s Note: As a dual-function bra, this definitely comes highly recommended!

9. Intimate Portal Women’s Back Smoothing Bra

This back smoothing bra effectively hides back fat, while coming in a gorgeous v-line back adorned with lace! Furthermore, its extra wide wings smooth out underarm bulges, creating a sleek back silhouette. Its foam-lined cups are light, and also shape the body beautifully, prepping your body for any sort of clothing, clinging or not!

Editor’s Rating:4.1/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:V-line back, lace adornment, seamless, adjustable straps


💜 Editor’s Note: The v-line back and lace feature are highlights of this bra, but the sizes are on the small side.

10. Lilyette by Bali Women’s Lift and Smooth Racerback Bra

Coming in as a racerback design, this bra that hides back fat is a unique one indeed! An underwire bra just like any other, this one however clasps in front, which makes for convenient wearing. Its racerback straps are adjustable, and features two inner side slings for lifting and smoothing. Cups are 2-ply, and super soft!

Editor’s Rating:4/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Color Options:Available in other colors
Special Features:Front clasping, lifting and smoothing, racerback design, adjustable straps


💜 Editor’s Note: Although it only comes in two colors, its lifting and smoothing properties have us become fans!

Tips To Hide & Minimize Back Fat

Still not convinced?🤔 Let’s follow up with a few tips to further minimize your back fat, just in case a bra for back fat really isn’t enough for you. Before spending your entire savings on back smoothing bras, make sure you get measured first. Buying a bra in the correct size is vital, as the wrong size would likely cause even more bulges. 🤦

Next, opt for looser, flexible fabric. We’re not saying don’t wear fitting clothes, but the key word here is “fit”. Fitting clothes are good, but make sure they do fit just nice and proper, instead of you having to stuff yourself into that ridiculous scrap of cloth trying to pass as a shirt. Choosing heavy textures and/or patterns will also help draw attention to the garment itself, instead of allowing the focus to fall onto your body. Also, v-shaped back clothing will help elongate your back, helping it look long and lean! One last tip: get bras that have more coverage, and avoid super thin straps and bands! 😊


😉😁 Now that we’re done with our guide and recommendation, we’d love to know: which is the best bra for back fat in your opinion? If you’ve tried any of these before, or have worn others which aren’t on this list, let us know! 💕

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