10 Best Blue Black Hair Dye Colors For That Mysterious Shade

Looking for the best blue black hair dye? We have 10 of them! This cool, mysterious shade is perfect for all occasions, and gives off a sultry vibe!

best blue black hair dye
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Probably one of the best things about living in the 21st century is how much freedom we have when it comes to grooming ourselves. Fashion and trends are always changing and evolving, some past fads make a comeback, and then there are the timeless classics. What makes things so exciting is that we can also mix and match it up, from our hair color, accessories, outfits, skin color… and today we’re going to be looking at your crowning glory, or rather, the color of it. 😄

Naturally, we get blondes, brunettes, gingers. Enter the multitude of hair dye colors, including those that aren’t natural hair colors. From purple, green, orange, blue, or a mixture, there’s plenty to choose from. Different colors speak of different personalities and vibes, including the subtle yet alluring blue black color, especially when a flick of head allows the blue black strands to catch the light…😍


What Is Blue Black Color?

The blue black color is also known as midnight blue, or dark midnight blue. From here, it’s pretty easy to guess why it was named blue black, or midnight blue. This shade is named after the color of the sky illuminated by a full moon – the night sky is dark and inky, with the barest hints of blue bleeding through, only visible when there is light.

We don’t know about you, but at this point we feel that the blue black color has just firmly placed itself under the adjective of “romantic 💙“. (Maybe we’re thinking about The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss The Girl”. Anyway.)

Is Blue Black Hair A Natural Hair Color?

Well, no. It may occur as a natural phenomenon, but hair doesn’t usually sprout out blue black. In some people, their hair is so black that it may give off iridescent purple, green or blue hues under light at certain angles, which is said to resemble a raven’s wing. Oh you know those girls with a sheet of ridiculously shiny, shimmery black hair that seems to dance with the light and that hair product companies should be bidding for them to be their model. Yeah, now you get the idea.

The bottom line is, blue black hair does not naturally occur in human hair pigmentation, and if you’re one of those lucky enough to have hair so darkly shiny, we beseech you to not do anything with it! (But you know, your choice. We’re cool.) 😉

Blue Black Hair Dye Reviews: What Are The Best Blue Black Hair Dye Colors?

We’ve got you, haven’t we? Thinking about what it’s like to have a head full of that lovely, blue black color? Well, dive into our product recommendations and reviews to find the best blue black hair dye colors that suit you most! We have no doubt after you’ve dyed your hair blue black, you’ll be left admiring your glossy hair and would want to always flick, flick, flick everywhere you go! Check out these blue black hair dye reviews now! 😄

1. L’Oréal Blue Black Hair Dye, 2BL Black Sapphire

L’Oréal is a well-known, household brand of the beauty sector, and you can be assured that theirs is a professional blue black hair dye. Infused with Care Supreme Conditioner with Shine Serum, your new blue black hair will prove to be vibrant and glossy! As a permanent blue black hair dye, the color will remain up to eight weeks depending on individual and care. 👍

Editor’s Rating:4.5/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Fade-defying, infused with Shine Serum, easy one-time application


💜 Editor’s Note: As a well-known brand, there’s no doubt that L’Oréal would be a great choice to get your blue black hair dye from!

2. Garnier Blue Black Hair Dye: Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme 22 – Intense Blue Black

Garnier takes care of your hair well! More than just a blue black hair dye, Garnier also packs in a fruit oil (grapeseed) ampoule which is easily opened and added into the dye mix, which acts as a nourishing creme for your hair. With this fruit oil concentrate, hair is nourished and conditioned, allowing it to take in color better, and to lock it in as well. This blue black hair dye is also a permanent one, and has a long-lasting effect depending on individual and care. ☺

Editor’s Rating:4.7/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Infused with avocado, olive and shea oils, easy one-time application


💜 Editor’s Note: We love a product that also takes care of you while doing its job!

3. L’Oréal Excellence Hicolor Blue Black Hair Dye

For those who have a dark hair base and have tried to dye their hair before, you know the struggles. Sometimes the hair just doesn’t absorb the color, even after multiple bleaches (why?!). Well, now this is possible the best blue black hair dye for dark hair, because it’s made specially so! This hair dye mix doesn’t require any bleaching of any sort, and it’s all mixed properly in a pack. Ready, set, dye! 💙

Editor’s Rating:3.8/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:For dark hair bases, easy one-time application


💜 Editor’s Note: Since it’s for dark hair, those with lighter hair colors won’t be able to use this one. Again, effectiveness depends on individual.

4. Ion Intensive Shine 1NA Blue Black Hair Dye

This semi-permanent blue black hair dye is for those who are not yet ready to change up their hair color for a long time at once. (We’ll cover the difference between semi-permanent dye and permanent dye later on.) With intense conditioning from all its botanical ingredients, hair is nourished from the inside, while the color is only applied to the surface. It is also fade-resistant! 😄

Editor’s Rating:4/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:PPD-free, ammonia-free, semi-permanent, contains botanically-derived ingredients, requires separate developer


💜 Editor’s Note: We’re a little torn between this because you might need frequent application to keep the color if you like it a lot. Also, you have to get a developer separately, as it is not included in the pack.

5. Vidal Sassoon London Luxe Blue Black Hair Dye

Take one look at the name, and you know that this could possibly be the best blue black hair dye brand, being Vidal Sassoon! Despite being a semi-permanent blue black hair dye, the color will still remain vibrant up to as many as forty washes, depending on individual and care. It also comes with a color preserving conditioner, all the better to lock down the color! 😁

Editor’s Rating:4.2/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Easy one-time application


💜 Editor’s Note: This blue black hair dye seems more “blue” than the others, so we say go for this!

6. SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Blue Black Hair Dye

Did you know? SoftSheen-Carson has been around for about a century, and they have provided beauty products to consumers of African descent. Not to say that non-Africans will find this product unsuitable though; that’s just part of their history. The color mix is designed to be nourishing yet vibrant, and it will also keep hair shiny and silky after dyeing it. ☺

Editor’s Rating:4.6/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Fade-resistant, Moisture Seal technology


💜 Editor’s Note: Be prepared to embrace your new look with this permanent blue black hair dye!

7. Goldwell Topchic Blue Black Hair Dye: 2a Blue Black

With hydrolyzed wheat protein and pantheon, this blue black hair dye adds strength and shine to the hair. Its Patented Penetration System also ensures even pigment distribution from scalp to ends and provides total coverage. A permanent blue black hair dye, the color will last for at least 3-4 weeks, depending on individual and care. For best results, use color stay products after dyeing! ☺

Editor’s Rating:4.6/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein and pantheon, Color Link patented technology


💜 Editor’s Note: Dyeing your hair has never been easier with this easy-to-squeeze tube!

8. Schwarzkopf Blue Black Hair Dye 90 Cosmic Blue

Schwarzkopf is another well-known hair care brand, which makes this a professional blue black hair dye. It penetrates deep enough for maximum color depth and radiance, a stunning shine and also prevents fading. It also has a built-in vibrancy serum to ensure that the blue black color will turn out nicely. As a permanent blue black hair dye, you won’t always have to touch up your hair color either! 🙌

Editor’s Rating:4.2/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Built-in vibrancy serum with vitamins and oils


💜 Editor’s Note: Sometimes simple is best – this blue black hair dye will do what it’s supposed to do!

9. John Frieda Precision Blue Black Hair Dye: Blue Black 2A

This permanent blue black hair dye will penetrate deep enough into your hair strands to ensure maximum color saturation and complete coverage. It even comes with a nourishing conditioner to lock in the color of the hair to ensure long-lasting results. With this hair dye, you will achieve shiny, natural-looking blue black hair that you thought you could only get at the salon! ☺

Editor’s Rating:4.6/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:All-in-one pack including developer and gloves, easy one-time application


💜 Editor’s Note: Since it already comes with everything, there’s no reason to try this blue black hair dye out!

10. Satin Ultra Vivid Fashion Colors Blue Black Hair Dye: 1BB Blue Black

This blue black hair dye features a built-in reconstructor which is a unique blend of proteins that leave your hair healthy and shiny. Furthermore, it also contains micro color molecules, which penetrate deeper into the hair shaft for creating a deeper, richer, more fade-resistant hair color. Best of all, you could use this hair dye more than once – this tube is enough for two or more full applications! 😄

Editor’s Rating:4.4/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Under 1% ammonia, built-in reconstructor, micro color molecules


💜 Editor’s Note: The good thing about this blue black hair dye is that you can use it more than once, perfect for touch ups when you require so!

Now that we’ve gone through all these blue black hair dyes, let’s get round to understand the other stuff about dyeing your hair blue black.

What Is The Difference Between Permanent And Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

Basically, semi-permanent hair dye colors the surface of the hair, while permanent hair dye penetrates the hair shaft for a longer-lasting effect or a permanent change in hair color. Semi-permanent hair dye is also called hair gloss and adds shine to hair, and is mostly used to refresh or change hair tones, not color. It does not alter your hair color or structure permanently, and is most definitely not designed for gray coverage. On the other hand, permanent hair dye changes the structure of the hair to make color changes, and it can lighten and darken hair colors completely. A permanent hair dye can last up to eight weeks, depending on individual and care. 😄

Is Blue Black Hair Hard To Maintain?

It actually depends on your natural hair color, as well as a combination of other factors such as hair care products, chemical exposure and sun exposure among other things. If you have dark hair to begin with, the blue black hair will probably be easier to maintain for you, as long as you’re using color stay products. Even when your roots grow out, they probably won’t be that different. ☺

However, if you have light-colored hair, you may need to work harder at maintaining its intensity, and also be diligent about touching up your roots every once in a while. Try to not to use too much heat when styling your hair, and rinse with cold to lukewarm water when washing your hair. These may just help to prolong the color a little more! 👍

How Long Does The Blue Black Color Last?

With each product and individual, it varies. Typically, permanent hair dyes will last up to eight weeks, especially if hair is cared for properly. For semi-permanent hair dyes, they last for about three to four weeks. Sometimes it’s a trial-and-error situation; you have to try it yourself before you find out because your hair may react to the product differently. ☺

Are There Any Permanent Blue Black Hair Dyes?

It depends on your definition of “permanent”, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for a product that will do the job once and for all, we’re afraid we’re going to have to disappoint you. After all, the hair dye can only color the hair that has grown, so the hair that grows later will still be your natural hair color, and therefore you will have to keep coloring it. The best bet is to use permanent blue black hair dyes on the market, whose results can last up to eight weeks as aforementioned. 😄

How Long Do I Have To Wait Before Washing My Hair After Dyeing It Blue Black?

To be safe, wait a minimum of 72 hours before your give your hair its first shampoo. (The rinsing off of the color does not count.) Also, prior to dyeing your hair, it’s a good idea to make sure you get color stay products, which will greatly help in maintaining your new hair color. 😁

How Do I Take Care Of Dyed Blue Black Hair?

These are just tips for dyed hair of any color, actually.

  • Wait a minimum of 72 hours before washing your hair
  • Use color stay products, such as shampoo, conditioner and treatments
  • Rinse hair using cool or lukewarm water
  • Avoid too much heat when styling hair
  • Avoid the sun if possible to prevent color from wearing off quickly
  • Use a treatment once a week to protect your hair

And that’s all for blue black hair dyes today! We totally love this mysterious hair color with shine, do you? Let us know if you’re keen to try out a blue black hair dye, and which it is! If you’ve dyed your hair blue black before, let us know which was the best blue black hair dye for you! 😄💕

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