Meet Ali Galgano: Founder of Serpentine Jewels

Ali Galgano
Image Credit: Serpentine Jewels

Ali Galgano
(Founder, Serpentine Jewels)

We wonder what made Ali Galgano pursue gemology in the first place: was it the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? A certified gemologist and a lover of jewels, no wonder Galgano decided to be a jeweler, founding Serpentine Jewels. At Serpentine Jewels, Galgano puts together the whole works herself; from her knowledge of precious stones, metalsmithing, craftsmanship, and design – just to bring you fine jewelry.

Today, Galgano has been in the industry as a custom jeweler, design consultant, and gemologist for more than a decade, and she has created countless exceptional bespoke jewelry pieces for many satisfied customers. What really got her into Serpentine Jewels though, was this story. As she was a gemology graduate, many friends turned to her for jewelry advice, especially those who were buying engagement rings. Galgano frequently accompanied friends to retail stores or to NYC’s Diamond District, checking out the jewelry with her friends. However, what she found out was that consumers were overpaying for high-end products, or else being ripped off by merchants who provided low-grade stones and workmanship. This then spurred Galgano to start her own jewelry consultancy, which would provide luxury products with reasonable pricing.

With a long list of qualifications such as a B.A. from Cornell University, a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.), diplomas in Diamond Grading, Colored Stone Grading and Identification, and Jewelry Design from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), there was no problem at all for Galgano to launch Serpentine Jewels. Furthermore, Galgano had also previously founded Charm & Chain, another jewelry company, so she had the experience needed for Serpentine Jewels. At Serpentine Jewels, jewelry pieces and are handmade, and they tailor their work to each customer’s preferred communication methods, time constraints and budget.

Last but not least, Galgano also has a piece of gifting/shopping advice to share with you: make a wish list on You will be able to put anything on it from any website, and Galgano personally uses it all year to keep track of the items she might want to buy. During the holiday season, she shares it with her loved ones. That way, no one has to crack their head of Christmas gifts, and she receives what she really wants too! Smart move!

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