Unleash Your Inner Kid At This Unicorn Inflatable Island!

Appearing in several stories, the unicorn is no stranger to us, and has been a trend ever since. Now, there's even a unicorn-themed inflatable island!2 min

Unleash Your Inner Kid At This Unicorn Inflatable Island!

What’s that? You thought your eyes deceived you? A unicorn inflatable island? 🦄😍 That can’t be right. Except that it is! The unicorn trend ain’t over, ladies. In fact, it’s here to stay, and expanding in the form of a huge floating playground in the Philippines! Forget just lounging around on a unicorn float; not when you can do so much more on a bigger inflatable! 😮


The Biggest Floating Playground! 🦄

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Spanning more than 44,132 square feet, of course it’s big! 😮 To help you imagine the size of it, think 8 basketball courts put together side by side. Unicorn Island is basically a floating obstacle course, conveniently divided into different challenge levels, so you can just go at your own pace. The attractions include inflatable slides, towers, bridges, human launchers (we have no idea what this actually means but we assume this device launches you into the air and then the water), and swings among others. Also, you can play with Climby the Seaunicorn (yes, seaunicorns now exist), as well as something called Wavy Dinosaur. 😍


A Little R&R On The Side 🏖

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After running around on wobbly surfaces, you’re going to be dead on your feet. Luckily, the Inflatable Island has something called the Pink Bali Lounge as well, which allows you to sink into comfy bean bags under umbrellas to shield you from the sun. ❤ You can even get some food and drinks here to recharge if you plan on continuing your playtime afterwards. Did we mention that the Pink Bali Lounge is fully decked out in pastel pink and purple hues? It’s sweet without being too sickly, and the pastel shades are soothing to the eye, making it a perfect relaxing spot, and absolutely Instagrammable too! 😍


Before You Go, You Need To Know 👀

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To make your trip easier, here are a few things to help you better understand the do’s and don’ts of Inflatable Island: ☺

  1. Participants must arrive 30 minutes before the starting time to prepare and for an orientation.
  2. Participants must at least be 3 feet tall, and although there is no age limit, young children need to be accompanied by an adult at all times with a 1:1 adult-child ratio.
  3. Participants must wear the life vests at all times, which will be provided as long as you are engaging in the play activities. Outside of the play area at the swim beach, life vests will not be provided.
  4. Outside food and drinks are strictly not allowed.
  5. Beach passes are obtainable, but only for senior citizens and/or 30% of your party i.e. if you go in a party of three, one of you can get the beach pass (only) if you do not wish to play on the island. Please take note that beach passes may be sold out anytime as well.
  6. The water surrounding the play area is 4-15 deep, which is why life vests are always required. Lifeguards will be on duty as well.
  7. If you go in a party of more than 30 people, you are eligible for a discount.
  8. The area is a non-smoking one, but smokers are welcome to smoke at the parking lot.
  9. Participants may use whatever gadget they want, including monopods, phones, cameras etc.
  10. There are lockers available for rent.


Packages And Prices 💕

PackagePhoto Credit: Inflatable Island

PricePhoto Credit: Inflatable Island


📞 Phone Number: 0917 150 1103 | 0917 835 2665

💻 Email Address: play@theinflatableisland.com

📍 Address: Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines

🌐 Website: https://www.theinflatableisland.com/

📲 Instagram: @inflatableisland

Inflatable IslandPhoto Credit: Inflatable Island Instagram

Inflatable Island 7Photo Credit: Inflatable Island Instagram

This should totally be your next girls’ trip destination! 😍 You can have fun in the sun, enjoy some R&R in between, and help each other take those perfect Instagram shots at Pink Bali Lounge! It’s time, girls! 

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