Bubble Hotel Bali: Experience Living In A Literal Bubble In Bali!

Your dream of floating in a bubble, looking out to the world, is finally coming true! Visit the Bubble Hotel Bali to find out what's the bubble life like!2 min

Bubble Hotel Bali

What if I told you that you can now live in your own bubble? Whether you’re looking to enjoy the great outdoors in solitude, or looking for somewhere truly unique to visit with your partner, the Bubble Hotel in Bali is a place you definitely have to visit.

The Bubble Hotel management are fans of romance, and they invite you to “share these experiences with your hungry soulmate and make love under (the) Big Dipper”. I’m still trying to figure out why they think your soulmate would be hungry, but you’ve got to admit that the prospect of living in a bubble is an enticing one. 😁


Livin’ The Bubble Life

Bubble Hotel Bali 5Photo Credit: Bubble Hotel Bali FB
Bubble Hotel Bali FBPhoto Credit: Bubble Hotel Bali FB

Situated on Nyang Nyang beach at Uluwatu, these transparent tents are kept in shape by a generator which pumps in constant flow of air. Just a word of caution: whenever you enter or exit, be sure to keep both doors closed, or else your bubble will deflate.😂

Within each bubble, there will be a bed, and the bubble is air-conditioned. Plug points will be available as well, so you smartphone addicts won’t have to worry about your phones running out of battery and not being able to capture the perfect Instagram moment. The showers and toilet however, are located outdoors a little distance away, protected by a privacy screen. Ah, a true back-to-nature experience.


Uninhibited Views Of The Sea And The Sky

Bubble Hotel Bali FB 1Photo Credit: Bubble Hotel Bali FB
Bubble Hotel Bali 11Photo Credit: Bubble Hotel Bali FB

The bubbles are on the beach itself, so basically you get a clear 24/7 view of the Indian Ocean. At night, if it isn’t cloudy, you can watch the stars twinkling above you, while the soothing sounds of the gentle waves lull you to sleep. (Or you know, enhance your love-making experience as told by Bubble Hotel’s management.) There are shared BBQ and campfire facilities on site if you wish to use them; otherwise breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided at set times throughout the day. 💕


Wait… Did You Say Transparent?

Bubble Hotel BaliPhoto Credit: Sportourism
Bubble Hotel BaliPhoto Credit: Agoda

Yeah, I did. And I know you’re worried about privacy and security, aren’t you? Calm down, because even though your bubble is transparent, each bubble is a considerable distance from the next, and there are trees all around each bubble for extra privacy. Visitors who have been to these bubbles all say they feel like they’re the only people on the beach, so you’ll be fine. 😇

Most of your stuff will be kept at the reception with hotel staff, but they will also provide you with a security box for the valuables that you need to keep with you. Oh, and to reach these bubble tents, you will need to walk for about 20-30 minutes on a nature trail, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking when you first arrive!


Are you tempted to spend your days in a bubble yet? Nature-lovers should definitely give it a try, and if you have a “hungry soulmate”, bring him! What do you think of this?

Would you live in transparency, or you prefer solid walls, thank you very much? 😂 

Let us know your opinions! ❤

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