12 Beautiful Places You Should Visit In Kundasang Sabah

Chill with Mother Nature, feed some cows, pluck strawberries, stargaze... There's so much to do at Kundasang, Sabah! With this list, you'll never be bored!4 min

12 Places You Should Visit In Kundasang Sabah

Did you know that Sabah is a little slice of heaven on earth? 😍

You don’t have to jet around the world in search of paradise; not when you can experience it right here in Sabah. Most of the time, when Sabah is mentioned, people usually think of Pulau Sipadan or its surrounding islands, but today it’s all about Kundasang, a town in Ranau. The nearest town to Mount Kinabalu and the highest settlement in Malaysia at an elevation of almost 1,900 metres, Kundasang has plenty of places to visit and things to do. 😄

1. Kundasang Market

Kundasang MarketPhoto Credit: Traveloka Blog

First off the list of Kundasang attractions is the Kundasang Market! The Kundasang Market has an array of fresh fruits and veggies (some of them direct from the farms!), and is the place to observe and soak in the local culture. Check out stall after stall of local goods, and maybe even buy some back home to share! Conveniently located by the road, you won’t miss it even if you try. 😊


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2. Sungai Moroli Fish Spa

Sungai Moroli Fish SpaPhoto Credit: Kerabu Jantung

Okay so this fish spa isn’t exactly in Kundasang, but it’s still quite easily accessible. A 45-minute drive away from the Kundasang town, the fish spa is conducted au naturel. Instead of a glass aquarium where tiny fish nibble daintily at your feet while relaxing music plays in the background, you charge right into the river here, and let the wild fishes feast on your dead skin. Some fishes are rumoured to be pretty big, but they won’t bite your toes off! 😂


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3. Sosodikon Hill

Sosodikon HillPhoto Credit: Sini Kaki Facebook

Also known as “Pyramid” Hill due to its pyramid-shaped hills, Sosodikon Hill is an easy and short hike. No experience, no problem! Once you reach the peak, you’ll get an amazing view of the Kundasang Valley, and Mount Kinabalu as a backdrop for your photos. Sunrise views are said to be breathtaking here, and since it’s only 5 km away from the town of Kundasang, you don’t have an excuse to not visit! 😄

4. Desa Cattle Dairy Farm (“Little New Zealand” in Kundasang Sabah)

Desa Cattle Dairy FarmPhoto Credit: Traveloka Blog

Dubbed the “Little New Zealand of Sabah”, Desa Cattle Dairy Farm is perhaps the most well-known Kundasang attraction of all. Mount Kinabalu looms in the background as cows roam freely on the green pastures. Combined with cool weather and homemade ice-cream, you will really ask yourself, “Eh, I’m in New Zealand ah?” You can feed the cows, but their greatest attraction is the ice-cream. Made right there on the farm, some even say it’s better than Baskin Robbins and Haagen Daaz! 😍

5. Strawberry And Rose Garden

Strawberry And Rose GardenPhoto Credit: Urang Sabah

If you’re more of a plant person, we’ve got you covered as well. Check out the strawberry and rose garden of Kundasang Sabah, which is only 15 km away from town and right opposite SMK Kundasang. Besides roses and strawberries, there are also cacti and other types of flowers for your viewing pleasure. Tired after that? Take a break by enjoying one of their many strawberry-themed products! ❤

6. Ranau Paragliding Park

Ranau Paragliding ParkPhoto Credit: Jue Tapah

Admit it, at some point in your life, you’ve wanted to find out what would it be like to fly like a bird. Why not make your dreams come true at Ranau Paragliding Park? Offering splendid views of the scenery, experience what’s it like to glide through cool, open air. Don’t know how to paraglide? Not courageous enough to paraglide on your own? No worries, because experienced trainers will be on hand to take you paragliding with them. You are safe in their hands! 👍


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7. Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata

Photo Credit: Sunrise Odyssey

“Via Ferrata” means iron road in Italian, and incidentally, Mount Kinabalu’s via ferrata is the highest in the world, and the first in Asia. According to the Mount Kinabalu website, a via ferrata is “a protected mountain pathway consisting of a series of rungs, rails, cables and bridges embracing the rock face”. That means that even without any mountain-climbing experience, you’ll still be able to climb up and down the mountain like a pro! That’s right, taking the via ferrata is basically Mountaineering 101; everyone can do it! (As long as you’ve above 10 years old and have a minimum height of 1.3 metres.) 😄

8. Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu ParkPhoto Credit: Sabah Booking

Kinabalu Park was one of Malaysia’s earliest national parks, established in 1964. It is also Malaysia’s first World UNESCO Heritage Sites, starting from December 2000. A must-visit for nature lovers, experience the tropical rainforest in cool weather, then unwind and relax at Poring Hot Spring. Mount Kinabalu, standing proudly at 4,095 metres, is within this park, so if you’re adventurous enough, you can attempt to scale this majestic mountain! 😎

9. Kundasang War Memorial

Kundasang War MemorialPhoto Credit: Traveloka Blog

Another must-visit attraction in Kundasang Sabah, the war memorial is dedicated to British and Australian soldiers who died in the Sandakan POW camp. Not only that, but this memorial is also erected in remembrance of the suffering and sacrifice of native Sabahans. The area of the memorial is divided into four gardens: the Australian Garden, English Rose Garden, Borneo Garden, and Contemplation Garden. 😇

10. Mesilau Nature Park

Mesilau Nature ParkPhoto Credit: Sepanjang Perjalanan Dalam Kehidupan

Can’t get enough of nature? Then visit Mesilau Nature Park to fix your nature cravings! There are several hiking trails here, and is different from tropical forests. Here, you’ll be able to see pitcher plants, as well as an impressive range of bird species. Located at the southeast corner of Mount Kinabalu, this park also serves as an alternative starting point to climb Mount Kinabalu. 😊


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11. Cabbage Roundabout

Cabbage RoundaboutPhoto Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever seen a roundabout with a cabbage statue in the middle of it? No, I didn’t think so too. Well, at Kundasang, you can find one! It is a nod to Kundasang’s status of the largest cabbage producer in Sabah, as well as a representative for the fresh vegetables there. So if you visit Kundasang and get lost there, you can always use the cabbage roundabout as a meet-up point! 😮

12. Kudat

KudatPhoto Credit: Star 2

Okay, so it isn’t remotely near Kundasang, being a three-hour drive away, but we decided that it should make this list because of its stargazing view! Bet you didn’t know that you could stargaze right here in Malaysia, eh? Due to low light pollution, Sabah actually has many excellent stargazing spots. You’re going outdoors for this, and for a very long period of time, so do make sure you have torchlights, insect repellent, and everything you need for a pleasant experience stargazing. 😍


Kundasang Sabah - happy girlPhoto Credit: GIPHY
And Kudat wraps up the 12 places to visit in Kundasang! ❤ Are you a native in Kundasang, or have you visited Kundasang multiple times before? What are the other hidden gems in Kundasang?

Share them with us! 😄


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