Your Pimples Are Sending You Messages About Your Health Habits!

Do your pimples always occur in the same spot no matter how many products you've used? It's time to look beneath the surface, and find out the root cause!3 min


Pimples. Pimples are considered “the enemy”, as they are basically angry-looking, sometimes-painful bumps that mar one’s appearance. It’s bad enough that they will definitely occur, but it’s worse when they keep cropping up in that one particular area, no matter how many different products you’ve used.

Apparently, pimples that appear on different parts of your face can signify other underlying health problems, or even certain external factors that you may have overlooked! If you currently have a pimple problem, this might just be your solution!


“I need to have bangs so they will cover up my pimples.” Okay, how many times have you heard this statement before? If you haven’t, good. If you believe in this statement, sorry to tell you that this statement is absolutely ridiculous. Your forehead produces oil. Your hair produces oil. Together, they make your forehead extra oily, which may lead to frequent breakouts. If you are a frequent hat- or cap-wearer, friction from the fabric may cause breakouts as well, not to mention they trap sweat and sebum on your forehead. Forehead breakouts may also be due to pore-clogging hair products, so just check that your shampoo and/or conditioner does not contain pore-clogging ingredients, and go easy on the gel or hair spray. If you consume lots of junk food and sugar, you might want to cut back, as forehead breakouts may indicate that your digestive system is struggling to get rid of excessive waste products. Finally, stress, liver problems, or irregular sleeping patterns may also contribute to forehead breakouts.



Your temples are the small spaces between your hairline and your eyes. You may get headaches there sometimes. Temple and ear (although rare) breakouts apparently have one cause and one cause only: dehydration. So make sure you take in plenty of H2O to literally wash away those pesky pimples!

Temples EarsPhoto Credit: Skinpedia



In Between The Eyebrows

It’s all about the food here, ladies. If you have breakouts between your brows, it could be a sign of food allergies. If you’re lactose intolerant, you may also breakout in this area. Last but not least, cut back on heavy eating and heavy drinking. Excessive alcohol has been linked to the brow breakouts, as well as eating food that is difficult to digest. Switch your liquor to water, and eat lighter!

In Between EyebrowsPhoto Credit: The Hunt




You may have noticed that the pores on your nose are larger compared to other areas of your face, which means that they clog more easily. In teenagers and young adults, these painful breakouts are usually attributed to hormonal fluctuations during puberty.

In adults, it may be due to a lack of Vitamin A and bad cosmetics. To avoid nose breakouts, check that your makeup is not expired (eek!), or do not contain any pore-clogging ingredients. Leave the red nose look to Rudolph, ladies.

NosePhoto Credit: Charlies Magazines



Your cheeks make up most of your face, and there’s probably nothing worse than constantly sporting two cheekfuls of pimples. Luckily, most causes of cheek breakouts are external, and you can remedy them easily. First off, change your pillowcase every week, ideally. You spend a lot of time with your face on your pillow, and dirty pillowcases can have bacteria that transfers to your skin. How long has it been since you last washed your makeup brushes? Can’t remember? It’s a good idea to wash your brushes regularly, so that oil, dirt and bacteria don’t stay on your brush, and then on your skin again when you use them. Also, you take your phone into the bathroom with you, especially when you’re doing “big business”, don’t you? And how many of you clean them after? When you lift your phone to your ear, pressed to your cheek, you’re basically pressing all the bacteria right into your skin! It’s really not a good idea to bring your phone into the bathroom, where germs are plenty. Lastly, cheek breakouts are linked to respiratory problems, so if you’re a smoker, it may contribute to those breakouts.

CheekPhoto Credit: Medical News Today



Breakouts on the chin or jawline are usually linked to hormonal imbalances, which means that if you’re on hormonal contraceptives or about to get your period, you may experience chin breakouts. A hormonal imbalance in this case is a result of excess androgens, which overstimulates the oil glands and clogs up the pores. What you eat can affect hormone levels, so in an effort to balance those hormones, try cutting down on sugars, processed food, and dairy products. And you know the golden rule: don’t touch your face for no good reason, especially if your hands are not clean!

Photo Credit: Daily Vanity


Where have you experienced these repetitive breakouts?

What did you do, eat, or apply to try to minimise the breakouts?

We’d love to know, so share your tips with us too!


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