Relationship Goals: An Essential To Keep Your Relationship Going Strong!

Relationship goals are essential to improve your relationship! Find out what sort of goals you should have, and how to set them accordingly!21 min

Relationship Goals

If you are currently/have ever been in a relationship, then you’ll know just how much work it takes for the relationship to be healthy. From an “I” to a “we” isn’t exactly an easy transition, and suddenly you have another person to think about and take care of! A relationship isn’t a dead thing; it’s constantly evolving along with how the both of you change, and if you stop putting in effort to make the relationship work, the relationship won’t work. ❤

Think about it this way: if you water a plant, the plant grows. If the plant doesn’t get any water, it dies. The easiest way to keep a relationship flourishing is by setting relationship goals (and then actually accomplishing them, of course!). No, not those kinds of bucket list goals; we’re referring to goals that you set and actively do something about to achieve them. (👉 Click Here if you are looking for Couple Goals Bucket List)


What Are Relationship Goals?

What Are Relationship Goals

Relationship goals are ideals, values, or experiences to aim for, or general guidelines on how best to give and receive love in your relationship. You may think that loving someone or being loved is an innate quality, but not everyone loves the same way, and relationship goals are a good place to discover how you and your partner give and receive love. Relationship goals are not meant to be a restrictive set of rules to be followed rigidly, but rather tools to help your relationship flourish! 😊

Why Are Relationship Goals Important?

Why Are Relationship Goals Important

First of all, relationship goals will help to nurture and improve your relationship by providing the relationship with a direction. You set goals for everything you do, such as aiming for a certain mark in an exam, or wanting to achieve a certain job promotion within a set time frame; so why not set goals for your relationship as well? ☺

After being in a relationship for a while, it’s so easy to take it all for granted that you forget to nourish your relationship. That being said, it’s a landmark for you to work on your relationship. We all know maintaining relationships require work, but maybe we don’t always know where to start. Setting relationship goals can help with that. Also, you can set all the relationship goals you want, but if one/both of you aren’t making any/enough effort to accomplish those goals, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship. So you see, relationship goals are pretty important in a relationship. 💕

Oh, we all know the feeling of being drunk in love during the early stages of a relationship, but what happens when it all calms down? You’ll find that having relationship goals will aid you in a healthy check and balance! 😃

How Do I Set Relationship Goals?

How Do I Set Relationship Goals?

Before you run headlong into drawing up elaborate lists, charts, and mind maps with your partner, you’ve got to know yourself first. Consider these questions: What do you want in a relationship, and why? Also, what sort of emotions are tied to these wants? Are you creating these wants based on past experiences? After you’ve done that, then you can sit down and talk to your partner. 👍

Set relationship goals that are measurable, specific, actionable, realistic, and then attach a deadline. An example will be to divide the year into 4 quarters, then set goals for each quarter. With a deadline, you’ll be more inclined to be more proactive about the goal. You can also categorise your goals into weekly, monthly, or yearly goals if you prefer it that way. Some of your relationship goals may be separate, so make sure to communicate openly with your partner about both separate and common goals, and how you can work together to achieve them. 😄

Setting relationship goals are a good idea, until you go overboard with the number of goals. Don’t bite off more than you can chew; 5 is a reasonable enough number of goals. Also, it’s a good idea to establish a routine to review your goals (both separate and common) regularly: are you making progress with the goals, should the goals be changed, what new goals should be set, and so on. Last but not least, put your goals up somewhere where you can see them easily – they will act as a reminder for you. ❤

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Short-Term Relationship Goals

Short-Term Relationship Goals

Generally, a short-term relationship goal is one that you can achieve within a year. It can be done today, tomorrow, within a week, within a few months… As long as it doesn’t take more than a year. Many people tend to skip ahead to long-term goals, not realising that short-term goals are just as important. If you can’t even achieve a short-term goal, how are you going to achieve a long-term goal? Here are some short-term relationship goals examples to get you started. 😊

1. Maintain Good Health

Some people (save for sporty couples) tend to let themselves go after they’ve gotten into a relationship. Yeah, we all know a few people like that, don’t we? However, it’s important to keep fit and healthy not for image, but for, well, health. You could sign up for weekly gym sessions, go for a marathon once a year, have home-cooked meals twice a week… You should both be healthy together!

2. Have A Sustainable Financial Plan

This sort of financial plan is more towards immediate usage, such as how much money should you be saving in a month, how much money to allocate for groceries the next month, or how much money you will need for your vacation. Nothing as serious as paying off a car loan or mortgage yet, so definitely an achievable goal.

3. Keep A Sense Of Wonder

Don’t turn into fossils so quickly, and refuse to do anything else while just wearing PJs at home! We’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy some quiet time with your partner doing nothing, but it’s just as important to keep learning and exploring, so that you will always have a sense of wonder for each other. You could always pick up a new hobby together, such as dancing, photography, arts and craft, or a sport! All you have to do is make sure you do regularly, say once a week. Okay, once a month if you’re the really busy sort.

4. Rest & Relax Together

Yes, we know you’re thinking longingly of that sofa at home and ordering some pizza for a night in, but we had different thoughts. We’re thinking more towards nature as recreational activities. Once a week, you could go for a walk in the park hand in hand, or perhaps cycling. Once a month, you could go hiking, or a picnic at a waterfall/lake/garden. Once a year, travel and leave everything behind. A little R&R goes a long way not just for you, but your relationship as well!

5. Build Religious Faith

For the religious, perhaps you could establish some sort of routine, whether it’s going to church every week, visiting the temple on Wesak Day, or any other arrangement in between. For the believers, God is ultimate, so a relationship based on God should be fundamental anyway. If you’re both of different religions, do remember to keep an open mind, and approach and learn about each other’s religions.

6. Take An Interest In Each Other’s Interests

This seems like it doesn’t need to be said, but it does. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in what we are working on at the moment that we forget our other half has interests too. Besides that, interests may change from time to time, and it’s good to know what new thing has just captured the interest of your partner. Interests, no matter changing or not, are a great topic to talk and learn more about, especially if this is the first time you’re being introduced to it.

Long-Term Relationship Goals

Long-Term Relationship Goals

On the other hand, long-term relationship goals are goals that require more time, commitment, effort and sometimes money to achieve. In order to achieve a long-term goal, usually a series of short-term goals are set and accomplished first. Even though long-term relationship goals can’t be accomplished overnight, they still serve as an important part of relationships, especially if you and your partner are in it for the long haul. 😊

1. Family Planning

Do you want your own kids or adopt them? How many do you want? When do you want them? All these questions are best tackled as soon as you decide to get physical with each other, lest a passionate night ends up with a life you’re both not ready to be responsible for yet. Even if you don’t want kids at all, you will have to take the next steps to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and both of you have got to be sure about it. A little family planning goes a long way!

2. Buy A Property

Well, you don’t need us to tell you that property usually doesn’t come cheap, and investing in property together signifies that you both are committed enough to bear this burden together for years to come. It may be a property for investment purposes, or it could be your home! Whichever it is, buying a property is definitely one of the long-term relationship goals should you decide to live together in a home of your own creation.

3. Get Married

This also seems like a no-brainer, right? Marriage may be the societal norm, but not everyone might want to get married in today’s modern world. Should both of you want to be married to each other, your wedding is a long-term relationship goal which you will look forward to achieving! What sort of wedding do you want? Band or DJ? Simple or lavish? Outdoors or indoors? So many things to decide on!

4. Have A Sustainable Financial Plan

We’ve covered this as a short-term relationship goal, but you still need a long-term financial plan. If you’re planning on getting married, a house, kids, 5 dogs, the whole package, you’ll need to consider your finances carefully so that you can get by comfortably. How much should you have before you get married? How much does the property you’re eyeing cost? How much will you need to raise a baby?

5. Discuss The Children

And then, of course, the eternal worry of all parents everywhere: their children. You and your partner would have learnt different lessons and values growing up, and which do you want to impart to your children? Do you agree on a few basic values? How do you want your children to be brought up? Which school should they go to? How much should you control your children? These aren’t questions that can be answered just like that.

6. Maintain Open Communication & Show Affection

Maybe you’re thinking that you will never stop showing affection for your partner, but it does happen sometimes. Life just takes over, and what with work, children, overwhelming exhaustion, or anything else, somehow your relationship takes a back seat. But remember that you always have your partner to talk to, and it’s crucial that you maintain open communication with each other, especially about things that bother you. And the littlest things, such as holding hands at mall, really do matter, so keep it up guys!

7. Death Planning

We’re not trying to be morbid here, but death is part and parcel of life, and you should be able to talk about it with your partner instead of sweeping it under the carpet. What happens next if either one of you leaves suddenly? How will you break it to your children, if you have any? What will your funeral plans be like? Perhaps some methods could be discussed about the transition for those who are living. It shouldn’t be a taboo topic, and committed couples should address this issue.

Relationship Goals For High-School Couples

Relationship Goals For High-School Couples

You never know when you’re going to meet your soulmate, so it’s always best to be prepared! High school sweethearts seem especially sweet, when you’re just getting to know what love feels like, and just how much you would do to see the other person smile. We’re going to go basic with these examples of relationship goals for high-school couples since it may be your first relationship, but even if it isn’t or you’re not even a high-school couple anymore, read on! You could definitely use a reminder. 😄

1. Learn That A Relationship Is A Partnership

“We’re all in this together”, you know? “We” being you and your partner, and that means trying not to be selfish. We’re not saying always put the other person first to the point where you don’t have time for yourself or your needs are pushed aside, but just be considerate and mindful of the other person. After all, since you chose to be a “we”, you now have to learn to be a “we”. Always talk to each other, and remind each other that you’re a team: it’s you against the world!

2. Develop Listening Skills

Hearing and listening are two very different things. You could hear everything they say without taking notice of a single thing, or you could listen to one sentence and find meaning within that sentence. Whenever your partner speaks, listen with an open heart and mind, and pay attention. More importantly, listen to understand, not to respond. Many times, people speak not because they seek counsel or advice, but just a pair of ears to listen. That’s it, it’s that simple!

3. Hang Out With Each Other’s Friends Too

Yeah lovebirds, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a whole lifetime together, so don’t get too wrapped up in each other too quickly too much okay? You really don’t want to be labelled as “that couple who gave up on all their friends once they got together”, so make an effort to hang out with each other’s friends too! Plan a movie outing, a supper outing, or just hang out at a party together, so your partner’s friends will see how awesome you are!

4. Learn To Handle Tough Times

Relationships aren’t going to be a bed of roses no matter how much you think you’re in love with your partner right now; you’ll definitely go through some tough times. The question is, are you going to let them make you, or break you? Think of it as problem-solving 101: have an issue? What can you do to solve it? If it’s a recurring problem, how do you minimise the chance of it cropping up again? Do your methods work? Whatever else that needs to be solved, remember that it’s you guys vs. the problem, and not you vs. your partner.

5. Help Each Other Out With Homework

You guys may probably excel at different subjects, which is great, so you can then tutor each other. It’s a great way to learn and spend time together, so why not? You’ll even have a legit excuse to hang out together when you tell your parents “no mum, we’re going to be studying, not going to the movies”, and holding your textbook up. If you both happen to be good and bad at the same things… At least you’ll get bad grades together.

6. “Visit” Each Other During Recess

This is for those couples who hang out with different groups of friends. You don’t have to ditch your friends! All you have to do is excuse yourself for a few minutes, drop by and say hi to your girl or boy, and that’s it! You’ve made your day! It’s a friendly reminder for them that you remember them even in the middle of a busy school day, and nothing will warm their heart up faster than that!

7. Spend Some Time Before/After School Together

Depending on what time school actually starts or ends, perhaps you can find your own quiet spot to have a few minutes’ of time together. We know that a mini-date (in school?!) isn’t really romantic at all, but it’s got to be better than nothing. After-school dates are probably the best because just in case either of you are having a bad day, you’ll have each other to look forward to!

8. Ask Them To School Events

We’re talking prom, homecoming, and all the other fancy events where you get to dress up! We know it’s the 21st century now and male and female are born equal, but girls still kind of like being asked to these events rather than asking you. Of course there will be sassy, bold, confident girls who wouldn’t think twice about asking a boy, but from a girl’s point of view, it’s nice to be asked! Not to mention how gorgeous both of you will look together in a gown and suit, and all the adorable pictures you’ll take!

Relationship Goals For College/University Student Couples

Relationship Goals For College/University Student Couples

College/University is the place where you’ll meet so many different people, and you can kind of pick and choose. To improve your relationship further, do check out these examples of relationship goals for college/university student couples! At the college/uni stage, you’re both learning how to “adult” and there’s nothing better if you get to see each other keep unleashing their potential, preferably till you’re old and grey. ☺

1. Do Your Assignments/Study Together

Couples who study together, stay together. Remember why you came to college/uni in the first place? That’s right, to further your education. Now, with your partner, you can do it together! Regardless of whether you’re in the same course or not, head to the library to finish off those pesky assignments, and motivate each other to study during exam period. After that, you can play hard too!

2. Take An Interest In Each Other’s Courses

And if you’re both from different courses, do take time to find out what their course is all about. Their course may just be their life career, and you don’t want to end up not knowing a single thing about it. You get to share what your course is all about as well, so there’s plenty of communication opportunities! Perhaps you can even come up with ways to merge your qualifications some day, and create something truly spectacular!

3. Try To Have Common Academic Goals

Have a discussion about what you’re doing academically, and if it’s enough for advancement. We get that college/uni is a time for enjoyment, and you should enjoy, but that doesn’t mean that you want to fail the same subject three times, or keep getting deferred, right? You could come up with goals like “study on every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday”, or “grades should improve from 3.2 to 3.5 this semester”.

4. Meet Up For Meals Before/In Between/After Classes

To be honest, most couples end up eating. A lot. It’s the easiest, most fun activity if you ask us. And all that studying is sure to make you starve! Whenever your timetable permits, why not grab a quick bite together? It’s a good way to have a quick date, and catch each other up on daily happenings. (And then you refer to short-term relationship goals again, where you should absolutely stay healthy together.)

5. Get Them A Coffee

It’s a fact that college/uni students operate on coffee. Be a dear and get your partner a coffee especially if they’re struggling with a particularly difficult assignment, or turning into a zombie due to the endless studying. A coffee, and then some cuddles. And then you guys can hustle together. Exam’s not over yet, after all.

6. Challenge Each Other To Step Out Of Comfort Zones

Every time a person steps out of their comfort zone, it’s a breakthrough. Just bear in mind that we’re not asking you to push your partner off a bungee jump platform when they are clearly afraid of heights. We mean have a discussion, and then agree on doing something that you’ve never done before. It could be one of you, or both of you. If it something both of you have never done before, all the better. At least your partner knows that they won’t be alone trying out whatever new thing you’ve just agreed on. By stepping out of your comfort zones, you’ll be more eager to embrace adventure, and learn to be fearless, which is good when you’re trying to face the unknown future.

Relationship Goals For Working Adult Couples

Relationship Goals For Working Adult Couples

When you’re both thrust into the world of work, your relationship may get pushed aside as work takes the front seat. It’s great that you have such a drive to succeed and prove yourself, but what becomes of your relationship? To avoid from letting your relationship fizzle out completely, refer to these examples of relationship goals for working adult couples, which will help bring your relationship back into balance. ❤

1. Take An Interest In Each Other’s Separate Goals/Interests & Provide Motivation

Even if you’re both working in the same sector, you may have different goals. Take some time out and listen to each other about what they plan to achieve, and how they plan to achieve it. If they’re stuck, you could provide some ideas. Remember to be each other’s head cheerleader, and always encourage them! When you see them succeed, your heart will burst with pride too!

2. Discover Each Other On A Deeper Level

This is more than just “what’s your favourite colour” and things like that. Discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and how you can complement each other. What do both of you think about the afterlife? Or the purpose of life? Since these are “deep” questions that require lots of in-dept thinking and self-discovery as well, maybe you could make it a weekly or monthly routine.

3. Set Common Goals

As aforementioned, you’re a team, and a team needs to set team goals as well. Once you have figured out where you guys actually want to go in the relationship, it’s then time to set some goals to help you get there. You could consider the clichéd “where do we want to be in 5 years’ time” question, and plan accordingly from there. For example, if you plan on getting married within 5 years, then you’ll have to set goals such as putting aside money for the wedding, and navigate around that.

4. Learn About Each Other’s “Operations”

We’re all different, and what makes us tick is what makes us unique. However, you must have noticed that you can’t stand certain behaviours. These are individual habits, and it’s up to you to notice them, and decide if you can accept them, or decide what are you going to do about them. Perhaps your partner likes to wake up early every morning, and that wouldn’t be a problem except that they like to open the curtains with a swish, letting the sunlight in when you clearly still want to sleep in. What can both of you do to reach a win-win situation?

5. Respect Each Other’s Space

A healthy relationship does require some separate “me” time, so don’t be all wrapped around your partner like conjoined twins. That’s not exactly the kind of “inseparable” that you want. It’s good to take some time to enjoy some solitary activities that you enjoy, whether it’s going out for a run by yourself, or just doing some painting by the window. Once you both come back from doing your own thing, you’ can then talk about what you just did!

6. Support Each Other At Work Events

Work events can be (dare I say it?) boring, and it will help tremendously if you have someone to go through it with you. You’ll get a chance to meet their co-workers, and get a better understanding of what they actually do. If your partner is involved in the arts sector and has an exhibition/showcase/performance, your presence will mean the world to them!

7. Surprise Them At Work

A familiar face is enough to brighten one’s day, especially if it was a long, tiring day. If they’re working overtime, you could even bring over some food to eat together before letting them continue with their work. Alternatively, you could also arrange for flowers to be sent to them during work. They’ll beam happily at the flowers all day and won’t be able to stop! However, do take note that only do this if your partner is okay with you dropping by or showing affection at work. Some people strictly do not like to mix their professional and personal life together, and if that’s the case, remember to respect that!

8. Listen To Each Other’s Work Stories

Ah, these stories will never end. Whether negative or positive stories, there’s always something happening at work! Your work is an integral part of your life, and whatever you face at work, it’s always great to have someone to share it with, and blow off some steam if necessary. Just be careful that it doesn’t turn into a complete complaining session which repeats everyday; your partner doesn’t deserve all the negative energy!

9. Travel Together At Least Once

Travelling itself can be a hassle, and travelling with other could make it twice as troublesome. Everyone has different ideas of what “travelling” should be, and you at least travel together once to determine if you will drive each other crazy as travel buddies. If you are in perfect harmony, great! If you’ve already driven each other crazy by the time you reach the airport, you need an emergency discussion on how to navigate your travels immediately.

Relationship Goals For Married Couples

Relationship Goals For Married Couples

For most couples, being married to each other is the ultimate goal. Once you’ve achieved the ultimate goal, that’s it, right? Wrong. Getting married is only the first step; and building your lives together officially start at this stage. Never mind that most decisions you make now are tied to legal proceedings, but you actually have to live with this person your whole life (assuming that you both want the marriage to last), and it’s only going to get more and more complicated, what with children getting thrown into the mix, or paying off loans and things like that. Where will your relationship ever find footing in “marriage”? Perhaps you could start with these relationship goals for married couples. ❤

1. Cut Off From Everything Else At Least Once A Year

No kids, no friends, no work, and if you can help it, no communication to the outside world via your smartphones. Just the two of you together, like how it should be. All year round, you’ve been busy taking care of everything else except your relationship, so once a year, just take some time off, travel somewhere, and just enjoy each other’s company.

2. Go On Regular Dates (Yes, Still)

“Dates”? What, just because you’re married, you don’t need to go on dates anymore? A watered-down version of the above goal, sneak some time away to enjoy a romantic dinner, a movie that you both would like, or just a 20-minute walk at the park during the weekend. Regular dates are like going back to the basics; this is how we started, and we will keep doing it. Okay, if you really can’t make time, hold hands while doing grocery shopping. That’s better than nothing.

3. Continue To Show Affection For Each Other

Similar to the point above, don’t stop showing affection for each other just because you’re married now! You don’t have to keep making grand, romantic gestures on a daily basis; just simple things to remind your partner of your love, such as goodnight kisses before going to bed, a hug before leaving for work, or putting your arms around each other while shopping at the mall.

4. Keep Discovering Each Other Sexually

A lot of things can follow a routine, but what shouldn’t always follow a routine is your bedroom activity. Biologically speaking, sex is for procreation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! In fact, sex is an important part in raising intimacy levels of a couple. Always be attuned to what your partner likes or dislikes, and don’t be afraid to voice out. Tell them what you like, ask them if they like what you’re doing, and keep an open mind to trying out completely new things!

5. Provide Support In Times Of Need

Life is made out of peaks and valleys, and as a couple, you’ve got to be there for your partner if they’re down in the dumps. Literally anything can happen in life, whether it’s the death of a family member, news of a terminal illness, or major business setbacks. Even if you can’t actively do something to improve the situation, just being there as a form of unwavering support is crucial. Bit by bit, you’ll help the other person recover, and slowly figure out how to improve the situation together.

6. Looking Past Minor Annoyances

The teabag in the sink, the breadcrumbs on the top of the counter, the undone laundry, the cup in the bedroom… Everyone has these little habits they’re used to, and they don’t think it’s a problem, but maybe you do. Whenever you notice yourself getting annoyed, ask yourself if that soggy teabag is really worth picking a fight over again. Sometimes all it takes is that you take a step back, and all will be well. Meanwhile, just remind them about the teabag again, even if all they say is “sorry, honey!”. You’ll get there some day.

7. Remember Why You Married Each Other In The First Place

Especially if you’re going through a rough patch, it’s important to remember why you married each other anyway. Do you remember why you made this decision? Why did you agree to marry them? There must have been several good qualities that resulted in the marriage. Sometimes, it’s good to just have a tiny reminder. That reminder can keep your marriage going of you remember the fundamental reason of why you did it.

8. Take Turns With The Children Occasionally

You and your partner should take turns with the children, so that you’ll get some well-deserved time off from everything and just do whatever it is you want, including sleeping all day. Besides that, it’ll be great for the kids to have a special bonding sesh with each parent, to improve the parent-children relationship individually.

Relationship Goals For Couples With A Big Age Gap

Relationship Goals For Couples With A Big Age GapPhoto Credit: The Indian Express

We can’t tell you what a “big age gap” is; different people have different opinions on what a “big age gap” actually is. If you think you’re in a relationship with someone who has a significant age difference from yours, perhaps these relationship goals for couples with a big age gap can help you navigate the age difference. 😄

1. Talk About Expectations For The Relationship

If both your ages are quite different, you may have different expectations of the relationship, and it’s important for you to talk about your expectations so that you will be on the same page. Perhaps one of you is looking to start a family as soon as possible, whereas the other is looking for financial security first. How are you going to smooth over the differences and achieve a compromise?

2. Discuss If Comments From “Other People” Will Bother You

Relationships with big age gaps are getting more and more common nowadays, but you can’t stop everyone from talking. When you head out to meet new people, you may get comments about your partner being too old or young for you. Is that going to bother you? How would you handle all the comments from “other people”? In order to not let comments affect your relationship, you either need to not give a damn, or figure out a way to handle those comments.

3. Recognise That You May Be In Different Life Stages

With age difference comes a difference in life stages. One of you may be a college/uni student whereas the other has been working for more than 8 years. Your experiences and attitude towards certain things are going to be different, and it’s important to know that. You may not agree on every single thing, but remember to let each other grow, learn and develop at their own pace, while gaining insight from their current life stages. You’ll get the best of both worlds!

4. Recognise That You May Be On Different Levels Of Maturity

Maturity isn’t technically defined by age, but you still could be on different levels of maturity. Instead of calling the other person “immature” even when you really feel like it, seek first to understand their point of view, and share your insight if they’re willing to listen. Even different levels of maturity can find a common ground, so don’t let petty fights about “who’s mature” ruin your relationship. Then you’re both immature.

5. Remember Why You Were Attracted To Each Other In The First Place

There’s a reason why you chose someone who has a significant age difference from you, and you would do well to remember it. Was it their experience, novelty, excitement, maturity? When things hit a rough patch, remind yourself of the attraction before thinking “I made a mistake with someone much older/younger than me”.

6. Discuss Your Morals, Values, And Life Goals

This applies especially if you have a really large age gap, say 15 years and more. Due to upbringing in different timelines, you’re likely to have believed in different morals, values and life goals. Talk about them openly with each other to avoid frequent clash of opinions. A healthy debate now and then is alright, but you really don’t want to be long-term debate partners with each other in a relationship that can turn sour anytime.

7. Avoid Power Play In The Relationship

The older person in the relationship can be a guide, teacher, or mentor. What he or she shouldn’t be is a complete authoritarian. It’s one thing to say “perhaps you can do this…” rather than “do it this way!”. The power play dynamic can also be reversed, especially if the older person is well, old and significantly weaker than the younger person. Always respect each other, and never use the relationship as an outlet to control someone.

8. Focus On The Relationship Rather Than The Age

And of course, the issues that come with age differences should be addressed, but it shouldn’t completely take over. Just like any other couple, you should focus more on how to nurture and nourish your relationship, rather than your age difference. If you wanted to look at numbers all day, there are easier ways to do it!

Relationship Goals For Long-Distance Relationship Couples

Relationship Goals For Long-Distance Relationship Couples

LDRs are a total bummer. You can’t be with each other, see each other, and the physical distance cuts you like a knife. However, there’s a saying that goes “absence makes the heart grow fonder“, and your long-distance relationship may just make your relationship stronger when you guys finally reunite. To help you get through LDR successfully, here are some examples of relationship goals for long-distance relationship couples. ☺

1. Make An Effort To See Each Other

It goes without saying the greatest wish of long-distance relationship couples is the see each other. No matter how far away, you should make an effort to see each other if time and financial status allows you to. And no just one person should be doing all the commuting; both of you should be equally dedicated to travelling up and down the country/world just to see your love!

2. Send Love Letters/Care Packages The Old-Fashioned Way

Why send love letters when you can simply send a text, or better yet, FaceTime? Simply because traditional lettter-sending/care-packaging is much more romantic and heartfelt. While we acknowledge the fact that digital communication makes keeping in touch so much easier, there’s something rustic about receiving a handwritten letter or a package hand packed by your partner!

3. Compromise Over Time Differences

If you and your partner stay on opposite ends of the world, you’re likely to have a very big time difference. What will you do about the time difference? Does that mean you won’t ever be awake at the same time, hence no talking to each other at all? Things aren’t so serious! All you have to do is sacrifice a little time at the beginning/ending of your day. It doesn’t even have to be a daily thing, it could be weekly video call sessions!

4. Observe Your Own Behaviour

Once you don’t see them, your brain goes into overdrive. “Oh, I bet he’s hanging out with that girl again.” “I wonder who she’s watching the movie with.” A lot of times, your brain likes to make up scenarios that are just that: made up. Before you get all jealous and possessive and start a long-distance fight, calm down. Are you sure your partner is seeing someone behind your back? Is it worth it to get all jealous and fight over video, when you can clearly have a loving conversation? Keep observing yourself to avoid unnecessary jealousy.

5. Discuss If Not Seeing Each Other Often Will Be A Problem

First things first: long-distance relationships mean that you won’t be seeing each other a lot. How are the both of you going to cope with that? If this keeps getting brought up, it will be a problem in your relationship. It’s better to figure out how it won’t cause a problem in the relationship as soon as possible.

Most Common Relationship Goals Examples

Most Common Relationship Goals

Last but not least, we have a standard set of relationship goals that all couples should set and aim to achieve regardless of age. Tried and tested by time, if you can do all of this, your relationship is likely to be healthier and happier. Here are some of the most common relationship goals examples that you should aim for. 💕

1. Trust Each Other

It goes without saying that you should trust your partner. We’ve heard of people who say they can’t ever trust their partners completely, but at least have some basic trust. Furthermore, if you can’t even trust your partner, why be in a relationship with them. You’re not being fair to yourself or them. If you can’t trust, perhaps it’s better to not get into a relationship. With trust comes honesty, and you should never ever lie to your partner. Just be honest with what you have to tell them.

2. Communicate With Kindness

Everyone knows that communication is key, but what most people forget is that you should always communicate with kindness. Sure, yelling is still a form of communication, and if we’re not careful with our words, we’ll say things that we can never take back. Always aim to speak with kindness to your partner; the world is a cruel place enough without any of your harsh words adding on to it.

3. Establish A Daily Connection

Try to maintain basic communication with each other everyday. A simple good morning text, or how was your day? text at the end of the day could be beneficial for your relationship, as it forms a connection between the both of you. Even if you can’t spend long hours talking on the phone, just leave messages for them every once in a while. It’ll make them smile!

4. Develop A Routine For “We” Time & “Me” Time

Nobody can survive by themselves, which means that we’re always going to get caught up with other things and people of daily life. It can all get overwhelming real quick, but make sure that you still reserve some time for yourselves, and then yourself. Regular dates will go under the category of “we” time, and then also make sure you remember to pamper yourself with some “me” time as well. To avoid being haphazard and sudden, it’s best if you can develop a weekly or at least a monthly routine.

5. Compliment Each Other

Everyone likes to hear nice things, but especially when they come from a loved one. We should say compliment them and mean it, don’t just say things for the sake of saying them. Little things like “nice haircut”, or “that cologne smells great” will instantly lift both your spirits!

6. Spend Quality Time Together

Yes, all couples want to spend time together, but what do you spend that time doing? Nothing, sulking, fighting, talking? Instead of just spending time together, make sure the time you spend together is of quality, and beneficial to your relationship. It could be very standard things like watching a movie or cuddling up in bed doing nothing, or more adventurous activities such as diving or cave exploring. Find your own activities!


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With all those relationship goals, we hope that we will help your relationship improve! How long have you been in a relationship for, and do you set any relationship goals?

If you do, share them with us and how they’ve helped you! We’d love to know! 😍💕

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