37 Meaningful Friendship Goals For You And Your Best Friend

What are friendship goals, and why do you even need them? If you have a best friend, these goals are for you to help maintain your friendship!12 min

Friendship Goals For You And Your Best Friend!

Everyone has some friends. You may have only a few friends that you keep really close to you and have little to no interest in having a big group of people constantly milling about, or you could be a social butterfly that thrives on being with different people all the time. Most likely, you will have a few groups of people that you categorise into groups: primary school friends, high school friends, work friends, football friends, gaming friends, clubbing friends, the BFF squad… and of course, you might have had your fair share of falling out with some friends, or somehow, you simply just drifted apart. 💕

Friendships, no matter how easily the both of you click with each other, require a certain amount of work to keep it going. What? Did you think having a best friend is easier than having a boyfriend/girlfriend? It might actually be tougher, to be honest! But don’t worry, this is what the article is about: to help maintain and nourish your friendship! ❤


What Is The Meaning Of Friendship?

What Is The Meaning Of Friendship?

Loosely defined, “friendship” is a relationship of mutual affection between people, and a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. Throughout your life, you will meet so many different people. Some come and go, whereas some stay. Even for those who stay, which of them are really your friends? Remember, just because you see them or interact with them on a regular basis does not automatically make you friends. 😊

Friends are those who possibly share a common interest with you, or common values. And even if you don’t have lots of things in common, they respect that; respect you. Friends are people who genuinely care for you without expecting anything in return, and do not measure friendship by your actions. They are there for the happy times, but they are also there to help you through your bad times. They provide a shoulder to lean on, and help you out when you require it. Perhaps it’s easiest to think of friends as your “chosen family”; people who you love and care for deeply, and they feel the same for you. 😀


What Are Friendship Goals?

What Are Friendship Goals?

Friendship goals refers to ideals, values, or experiences to aim for, or general guidelines on the interaction, dynamics, and behaviour between two or more friends. You may think that you know how to be a good friend since you’ve had friends since a young age, but we all could use some reminders once in a while, and you may pick up new pointers as well! We would like to stress that friendship goals aren’t rules, but rather guides that will help your friendship as alive as the time you first started cementing your bond! 😍


Why Are Friendship Goals Important?

Why Are Friendship Goals Important?

First of all, friendship goals will help to nurture and improve your friendship by providing your friendship with a direction. You set goals for everything you do, such as aiming for a certain mark in an exam, or wanting to achieve a certain job promotion within a set time frame; so why not set goals for your friendship as well? 😊

Okay, we know, we know. You’re probably thinking that “but I’ve with friends with Lacey since forever, and we don’t do this whole friendship goals thing!” Well, think about it carefully. We’re pretty sure you’ve made plans out loud with each other, and shared your hopes and dreams for the future, possibly even helping each other get there. That’s a prime example of friendship goals: planning and actively doing to achieve! Plus, your friends influence the way you think and act, and affect your overall well-being, so you really want to make sure you and your best friend are on the same page. Therefore, friendship goals are a place for you to keep preparing for your long road of friendship ahead! 👍


How Do I Set Friendship Goals?

How Do I Set Friendship Goals?

Before you run headlong into drawing up elaborate lists, charts, and mind maps with your best friend, you’ve got to know yourself first. Consider these questions: What do you want in your friendship, and why? Also, what sort of emotions are tied to these wants? Are you creating these wants based on past experiences? After you’ve determined all that, then you can sit down and talk to your friend. 😊

Set friendship goals that are measurable, specific, actionable, realistic, and then attach a deadline. With a deadline, you’ll be more inclined to be more proactive about the goal. You can also categorise your goals into weekly, monthly, or yearly goals if you prefer it that way. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this meticulous or strategic all the time. You can take it easy have a casual chit-chat, and then just jot down whatever comes to you guys at the time. It really doesn’t have to be like a formal meeting. Also, just be careful that you don’t go overboard with the number of goals you set at a given time to avoid feeling overwhelmed! Last but not least, put your goals up somewhere where you can see them easily – they will act as a reminder for you. ❤

Friendship Goals For High School Friends

Friendship Goals For High School Friends

We all know that in high school, there could be so much drama and peer pressure. However, that’s not all, as many long-lasting friendships begin in high school. High school is the time where personalities start to really be set in stone, and it could also be a confusing time as you try to figure out so many things at once. What makes it better is that there is something by your side to go through it all. In order to maintain a solid friendship, here are some friendship goals for high school friends! 💕

Spend Lunch Time Together

Especially if you’re not in the same classes, you’ll want to get together during your break in the middle of a school day! There’s nothing better than sharing a meal with your best friend, and exchange some mid-day stories, whether it’s about that cute guy/girl you’ve been eyeing forever, that annoying teacher, or that high mark you just got back on a test. 😃

Get Involved In A Club Together

Uh, no. Not those clubs. A sports club, language club, chess club… you know. Not only is it a great way to cultivate your interests, but you also get more time to bond with each other. Bonus if you guys get to work on a project together; you’ll have something to call your own, and will always look back on this “my best friend and I worked on this project together” memory fondly! ❤

Help Each Other Out With School Work/Projects

This is practically the number 1 rule of being best friends in school, letting your best friend know that “I gotchu” when it comes to school work or projects, even if you don’t really know what you’re doing as well. Two brains are going to be better than one, right? 💑


Ah, the ultimate high school activity. You can’t be best friends if you’ve never at least had a sleepover at one of your houses? At least once! It’s where all the deep, dark secrets are exchanged, possibly cementing a lifetime of friendship. And what about those movies and popcorn, truth or dare, video games, pillow fights… you don’t grow up without these! 😄

Discover Each Other’s Hobbies/Interests

And yes, that includes crushes on cute celebrities! A common appreciation can take your friendship a long way! Meanwhile, crushes aside, what does your best friend like? Is he/she into gaming, sports, animals, drawing, or music? What do the both of you have in common, or how can your different interests complement each other? Who knows, you might even partner up to start a company showcasing both your interests in the future! 🤩

Friendship Goals For College/University Friends

Friendship Goals For College/University Friends

Ah, college/university. The first step to “adulting”. Where you (kind of) break free from home and parents, and learn independence. There’s a Chinese saying that goes “one depends on his/her parents when one is at home, and one depends on his/her friends when one is away from home”. Therefore, get yourself a friend when you waltz off to uni, and here are some friendship goals for college/university friends! 😍

Laugh With Each Other, Laugh At Each Other

College/University is the time and place where you learn how to “adult”, kind of. And trust us, on the way to “true adulthood”, you’ll be making plenty of mistakes! But it’s okay, as long as you have someone to laugh at those mistakes with you, or at you! We all need someone with a good sense of humour, and that sense of humour will help you get through those embarrassing moments. 😂

Go Exploring

Okay, so at college/uni, you could be meeting totally new people, or maybe someone from your high school (or maybe even your best friend because you’re just that inseparable) is there with you. Whichever it is, it’s time to explore the town/city! If you’re studying locally, nothing better than showing an out-of-towner all the best places! The opposite can happen too if you’re studying elsewhere, but the best combo in our opinion? If both of you are completely new to the area. There’s nothing that says “best friends forever” faster than getting lost together! 😊

Go Travelling

Not to be confused with the above, this one involves going to further places, such as visiting another city, state, or even another country. If finances permit, you should definitely go on a travel trip with your college/uni bestie during your semester break. Take all the Instashots you can, and discover the delights a strange place has to offer. Another one to add to your lifelong memories! 😊

Eat Your Way Through The Whole Town

It’s been proven that people do in fact, bond over food. Once a week, month, or any other time frame as you guys see fit, try out a new place! Whether the food is good or bad is secondary; what’s important is that you’re in it together to try! 😃

Be Drinking Buddies

Not alcohol, coffee. Ok alcohol too, because once in a while, you’re meant to let your hair down. Anyway, back to coffee. All those late nights and/over all-nighters staying up to complete those assignments, oh yeah, you’re going to loads of coffee, and someone to get it for you as you stay focused on your task. Just remember to return the favour when your best friend needs you too! 👍

Be Study Buddies

Especially if you guys are coursemates, it’s a given that you have to be study buddies to keep each other afloat through lectures, tutorials, assignments, projects, and exams. Plus, you’d be great motivation for each other to do your best, and to aim high. Best friend goals much to succeed together? We think yes! ❤

Be A Responsible Group Mate

Closely related to the above item, if you and your best friend happen to work on the same group project/assignment, do be a responsible group mate, and do your part. Nobody likes someone who is lazy and refuses to contribute, or someone who only sees fit to do something at the very last minute. Be careful, for being in the same group assignment can make or break your friendship. Happy group mates, happy friends! 💕

Friendship Goals For Colleagues

Friendship Goals For Colleagues

The workplace can be a tough place to navigate, especially if it’s very competitive between co-workers. However, with a work bestie, everything will be easier for the both of you. It might not be that easy to find someone immediately, but once you do, here are some friendship goals for colleagues to maintain your friendship at work! 😊

Go For After-Work Drinks

This is probably the easiest thing to do if you’re colleagues! Once office hours are over, all you have to do is meet your friend/colleague at your usual spot (yes, you need one of those) for some drinks, and you can talk about your fruitful/non-productive work day. If you’ve had a tough time you can even complain, and your friend won’t judge you! 😀

Have Each Other’s Backs At Work

Whether you’re sitting side by side or working in totally different departments, it’s nice to know that someone will be looking out for you. If your work involves the both of you, help each other check for mistakes, and talk about how to make sure that work will proceed smoothly. 👍

Help Each Other Set Work Goals

Let’s face it, sometimes at work it’s easy to feel sluggish and non-productive. All you could think of is your comfy bed at home, and how nice it would be to snuggle up and do nothing all day long. Your work buddy can help you remedy that, and help kickstart your work engine by setting goals together, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or other sorts of goals. 😊

Listen To Each Other’s Work Problems

It’s such a bonus to have someone who will totally understand your work problems! Other friends will of course listen and try to understand, but no one will get it better than your work bestie, because he/she knows the situation just like you do. Make sure you return the favour to them whenever they’re facing work problems too! 💕

Motivate Each Other To Do Better And Aim Higher

Fact: friends help each other be the best versions of themselves. If you’re lucky enough to have found a work bestie, then you should encourage and motivate each other to aim higher in life, and to do better in what they’re doing. Friends who succeed together, stay together! 😃

Best Friend Goals For Friends With A Common Interest

Best Friend Goals For Friends With A Common Interest

Ooh, there’s nothing better than having a friend to talk about or do something about your common interest all day long! There are so many things in the world, so to have a common interest with someone who is also a friend is a wonderful thing indeed! For some best friend goals for friends with a common interest, read on! 😍

Participate In Your Common Interest Together

Whether it’s a skill or celebrity crush that is your interest, make sure you rope each other in to do these activities together. Spend an afternoon comparing info on your celebrity crush, or practice those killer dance moves with each other! Especially if it’s a skill, you can give each other tips and feedback! 👍

Update Each Other On The Latest Happenings

Whichever your area of interest, there will always be news about it, and it’s only natural for you to follow the news as someone who is interested. However, as vigilant as you may be, some may slip through your ever-watchful eyes. And that is where your bestie comes in – to make sure the both of you always gets the scoop! 😃

Practice And Improve Together

Maybe not so much for the stalking skills, but singing, drawing, swimming, cooking… practicing and improving at your favourite activity together with your favourite person? Now there’s a feeling of satisfaction that is difficult to top! 😊

Best Friend Goals For Long-Distance Friendship

Best Friend Goals For Long-Distance Friendship

Don’t let distance take away your friendship! Plus, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, so always remember that you have someone who’s waiting for you, no matter how far you may be. To ensure that your friendship will stay strong, here are some best friend goals for long-distance friendship! 😍

Update Each Other Regularly On Local Happenings

You and your best friend may be cities apart, states apart, countries apart, or continents apart. Which is why it’s important to keep each other updated on your local happenings, so they know what’s going on with you. It can be that new restaurant that just opened, or a performance that you watched over the weekend. 😊

Video Call

This is where technology is actually helpful! Now, you and your best friend can see each other through the distance! We’re not saying that you have to do this every single day, but once in a while it would be nice to see your best friend’s face, isn’t it? ❤

Send Each Other Letters

Go old-school! Letters are better than texts or emails. If you don’t have the soul of a writer to write regularly, at least do it during festive seasons! Trust us, getting a Christmas card in the mail is the most heartwarming thing on earth! 👍

Meet Up Whenever Possible

And you’re not best friends if you don’t do it super dramatically, a la running all the way across the space to each other and wrapping your legs around your best friend. Then you can cry, hug, squeal, scream… and realise that your best friend is right in front of you – in the flesh! 😀

Travel To Each Other’s Location

Not to be confused with the above, you’ve definitely got to visit your best friend at his/her new lodging spot, or get him/her to visit you if you’re the one who’s away. If both of you are away from home, well! More travel opportunities isn’t it? This way, you can take turns to be tour guides and show each other around your new “home”. 😄

The Ultimate Best Friend Goals

The Ultimate Best Friend Goals

For the BFFs who know each other inside out, you may think you know it all, because you’ve been friends forever. However, a little reminder may be helpful anyway in helping you keep your friendship as solid as ever. For the ultimate best friend goals for you and your bestie, read the following! 💕

Don’t Take Each Other For Granted, Ever

An extremely common phrase, you’ve probably heard this a million times before: don’t take anything or anyone for granted. You know it, but it’s actually easier said than done. When someone (or something) has been there for a long enough time, you think they’ll be around forever, and that you’re entitled to them. This sense of entitlement is very dangerous, because you can easily cross over the line into taking advantage of them. And, don’t assume that assistance from them is what they owe you. ❤

Spend Quality Time With Each Other

This also goes without saying! In order to bond and maintain a lasting friendship, you’ve definitely got to spend time together. Whether it’s something as simple as having a quick coffee because you’re both short on time, or going all out watching movie marathons all night, any time spent together will contribute to your bond! 💕

Meanwhile, Also Give Them Space

Ah, the delicate balance between being together, and being alone. Spending time together doesn’t mean you always have to be joined at the hip. You’re two separate people, and you ought to have lives outside of each other. How much space you should give other should be determined by your personalities, and how much you require your “me” time. 😊

Be Non-Judgemental As Much As Possible

Okay, so you and your best friend(s) probably joke-judge people sometimes, but when it gets real between you and your best friend(s), it’s best to not judge them. Surely everything they do has a reason, even if you don’t understand it. And even if they’ve done something wrong and/or horrible, extend your empathy first, and the rest can come later. 👍

Trust And Support Them

Trust is one of the key factors in any kind of relationship, be it between family members, couples or friends. If you don’t trust them, why even be friends with them? Also, be supportive in any decision they make, even if it’s a really dumb one. You can say “I told you so” later, but give them the support first. Many times sharing is done is search of support, not advice. 😀

Never Measure/Compare What You Do For Each Other

We happen to know of some people who argue over this, yes, really! “I did this, this, and even THIS for you, which cost me this much time, and this much effort. Why can’t you do the same for me? I’m your friend!” Whoa, there. Is this any way to treat someone you call a friend? If you’re guilty of this, you might want to change your behaviour. If you have someone who does this to you, you might want to try to tell them that this isn’t really “friendship”, otherwise it might be a good idea to keep some distance. 🤩

Always Be Honest With Each Other

You do want to trust in each other, right? So the easiest way to build your trust is to always, always be honest! Honesty is honestly the best policy, so make sure you do not lie to each other, not even a white lie. But we’ll make exceptions for birthday surprises! ❤

Most Common Friendship Goals

Most Common Friendship Goals

And also, no matter who you’re friends with, these are just some very common things that you should keep in mind. For a healthy, solid friendship, check out these most common friendship goals! 👍

Always Be Understanding & Empathetic

If they wanted anything else, they wouldn’t have come to you. The number 1 rule of any friendship is to be empathetic. How would you feel if you are in their shoes? Try to see things from their point of view. Even if you don’t totally get what they’re going through, just knowing that you are there for them with an open heart will be a great comfort! 😃

Listen, Listen, Listen

Listen to understand, not to respond. Many times people just need to express their feelings, instead of really seeking counsel. Therefore, if they did not explicitly ask you, don’t offer advice, no matter how much you think they need it. Unsolicited advice is one of the worst things on earth, because nobody really wants it. 😊

Don’t Criticise Each Other… Too Much

Constructive criticism is helpful once in a while, but nobody likes somebody who keeps raining on their parade. People deserve praise, motivation and encouragement as well, so remember to offer them nice words as well. Nobody is perfect! ❤

Always Be Kind

There could be a long list of things you need to be, but one commonly overlooked one is to be kind. Everything else could be efficient enough, such as communication and meeting up and such, and but if you’re not kind towards each other, you’ll lose that affection that once drew you guys together in the first place. 😇

Keep In Touch

You’ve graduated, or changed a new job, or moved towns. Whichever it is, if you cherish your friendship, make an effort to keep in touch. And remember that a one-sided effort is not going to work, so do try your very best to rope your friend in with the whole keeping in touch thing. 💕


The bond between friends is a special one, as they are your “chosen family”. There is no better way to honour your friendship than to keep it loving, healthy and strong, and we hope that these friendship goals will help you do just exactly that! 😍

Which friendship goals will you be setting first, or which have you set before? Tag your best friend to set some goals right now, and to many more years of friendship! ❤

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