Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend And Make Him Glow With Joy!

What are the cute names to call your boyfriend that you use? Is it "babe" or "honey"? You can do better than that! Learn our list and impress your man!5 min

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Most times, it’s the ladies that get pampered with everything; it’s almost an unspoken rule that the gentlemen should pamper the ladies. But we’re all about equality here, and we’re starting with the basics. We have a list of Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend And Make Her Feel Oh-So-Loved, so it’s only fair that we come up with a list for the gentlemen as well! 😁

Ladies, it’s time to brush up on your sweet talk with this list of Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend And Make Him Glow With Joy! And similar to the Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend list, we have it in other languages as well, so let’s start now!  ❤


Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend In English

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend In English 2

Let’s start simple and universal, with English. Sure, we all know the standard “dear”, “darling”, maybe “love” or “baby”; but are the options that limited? Wow your boyfriend with a different name every time you feel like it with these names that you can call your man with! Get ready to expand your vocabulary as you study this list of cute names to call your boyfriend in English, and how to use them! 😍

Darling: Never go wrong with a classic!

Champ: For the champion of your heart

My Man: To let him know that he’s now officially yours and yours only

Stud: A great name to boost his confidence!

Babe/Baby: Perfect if you’re both into cutesy names!

Captain: Because sometimes it’s nice to have him make some decisions

Love: Because you love him

Hot Stuff: If you find him oh-so-irresistible

Handsome: Nothing like calling your man “handsome” and see his face light up!

Hero: “And then a hero comes along, I found the strength to carry on”

Knight (in Shining Armour): You’re no damsel in distress, but he’s there for you if you need him anyway

Honey: “Honey honey, how you thrill me, a-ha honey honey”

Prince: The only match for a princess like you!

Hunk: For your perfectly-muscled man

Hercules: Nothing better than naming him after a God

Romeo: For the hero of your life story

Beau: Because he’s simply beautiful

Lover Boy: The perfect way to get him into a good mood

Superman: When he does everything for you and looks damn good at it

Boss: You don’t really follow his “orders”, but you’d like to give him a title anyway

Boyfriend: Sometimes, the simplest is the most effective

Partner in Crime: When you guys do everything together and laugh at the consequences together

Ride Or Die: It’s him or no one

Rock: He’s been there for you since Day 1, your source of strength and support

Sweets/Sweetie: Because his sweet words melt your heart (and he better mean them or else)

Angel: Is he sent from heaven because he’s just so good

Sunshine: He brightens your day even if your day has been grey skies throughout

Heart Throb: He still makes your heart beat faster every time you see him

Hot Shot: He landed you, so of course he’s a hot shot

Hubby: When you guys are ready to take the next step!

Beloved: Just a loving reminder that you love him

King: Again, he doesn’t rule you, but he’s an equal to your Queen status

Gorgeous: Because he is, and he needs to know

Good-Lookin’: Add a flirty wink when you call him this and watch him melt

(Prince) Charming: If he charms the socks off you

Bae: Before Anyone/Anything Else, need we say more?

Sweetheart: He’s attentive, caring, tender, loving…

Big Boy/Guy: Every guy would love to hear this from his girl

Viking: For a big, strong man who would conquer all to make you happy

Caesar: A variation of king; perfect if you both love the classics

One & Only: There’s no one else but him for you

Soldier: Protective, but not possessive – perfect!

Tough Guy: For your softie at heart but he needs to keep at his manly appearance in public

Ace: Better than a king!

Adonis: Stemming from Greek mythology; a handsome young man – your man

Lovebird: If all your friends always call you lovebirds anyway, why not pick it up?

Rebel: A rule-breaker, and you find that incredibly attractive

Sexy: Forget butterflies, he makes you feel the whole zoo in your stomach when he stares at you

Tarzan: Perfect match to your Jane!

Zeus: Nothing like a major confidence boost when you call him the Ruler of all Olympus!

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend In French

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend In FrenchPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Ooh-la-la! Before you guys embark on a lovely, romantic trip to the city of love, Paris, perhaps you’d like to pick up some basic French, and some French endearments so you can get a more authentic Parisian experience! Who knows, with the romantic language of French in the romantic city of Paris, the planets will align and you’d get proposed to! (OMG?!) You might want to memorise a few of these cute names to call your boyfriend in French, ladies! 🤩

Mon Chéri: My dear, my darling

Mon Amour: My love

Mon Cœur: My heart

Mon trésor: My treasure

Mon ange: My angel

Mon bébé: My baby

L’amour de ma vie: Love of my life

Mon avenir: My future

Mon bonheur: My happiness

Mon rêve: My dream

Mon étoile: My star

Mon beau: My handsome

Mon homme: My man

Ma moitié: My other (better) half

Mon loup: My wolf

Mon nounours: My teddy bear

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend In Spanish

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend In SpanishPhoto Credit: Pinterest

We only know “hola!”, but we’re about to change that. Spanish is considered an exotic, seductive language, and it would be a shame if you didn’t pick a few of these terms up! Once in a while, unleash your seductive, Spanish side (think tango, think red, think rose-in-your-mouth), and your amor will be wrapped around your little finger, utterly mesmerised. Check out these cute names to call your boyfriend in Spanish! 👍

(Mi) Alma: (My) Soul

Cariño: Dear/Darling

Príncipe: Prince

(Mi) Vida: (My) Life

(Mi) Rey: (My) King

Amado: Beloved

Amante: Lover

(Mi) Amor: (My) Love

(Mi) Corazón: (My) Heart

Querido: Beloved

(Mi) Sol: (My) Sun

(Mi) Hombre: (My) Man

(Mi) Tesoro: (My) Treasure

Osito: Little bear

Guapo: Handsome

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend In Italian

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend In ItalianPhoto Credit: Pinterest

The city of Florence is extremely romantic, and if you desperately want to visit, impress your man with these Italian terms of endearment and as a reason to visit Italy. (Don’t waste the Italian, are we right?) Here are some cute names to call your boyfriend in Italian, and just remember to not accidentally call your bowl of pasta instead of your man bambino! (But pasta for life, really.) 😁

Caro: Dear

Carissimo: Dearest (Because sometimes “dear” just isn’t enough)

Amore: Love

Bello: Handsome

Bambino: Baby

Ciccino: Darling

Cuore Mio: My heart

Vita Mia: My life

Polpetto: Meatball

Anima gemella: “Twin soul”; soulmate

Luce dei miei occhi: Light of my eyes

Tesoro: Treasure

Biscottino: Little biscuit

Cute Names For Boyfriend In German

Cute Names For Boyfriend In GermanPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Next up, we have cute names for boyfriend in German! German is a rather unpopular choice as a “romantic language” due to its harsh pronunciation, but this is where they win. They’re creative, and unabashedly romantic by coining their own words to express their love. Have you ever called your man “honey-cake-horse”? I thought not. You can never have too many choices in which to call your man, so let’s explore the list together! 😁

Schatz: Treasure

Libeling: Darling/Dear

(Mein) Herz: (My) heart

Honigkuchenpferd: Honey-cake-horse

Schnuckiputzi: Sweetie pie/Cutie pie

Engel: Angel

(Mein) Herzallerliebster: (My) Heart’s favourite

Bärchen: Little bear

Kekskrümelchen: Little cookie crumbs

Geliebter: Beloved

Dickerchen: Dumpling

Liebchen: Sweetheart

Hasenfürzchen: Bunny fart

Knutschkugel: Smooch ball

Süßer: Sweetie

Knuddelbärchen: Cuddle bear

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend In Chinese

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend In ChinesePhoto Credit: Pinterest

Ah, if all the European languages are not really your cup of tea, perhaps you can explore the Oriental. Considered by some Westerners as clear and refined, the Chinese language is also full of romantic, sometimes playful names in which you can call your boyfriend with. With this list of cute nicknames for boyfriend in Chinese, your man will swoon at the delicateness of the Chinese language! 😆

宝贝 Bao bei: Baby

亲爱的 Qin ai de: Beloved, my dear

老公 Lao gong: Husband (Hubby)

傻瓜/笨蛋 Sha gua/Ben dan: (Literal translation: Silly melon/Stupid egg) Usually means dumb/stupid, but used by Chinese girls as a form of endearment so you can use it too

小可爱 Xiao ke ai: Little cutie

我的男人 Wo de nan ren: My man

小心肝 Xiao xin gan: Little heart and liver; basically means your vital organs and you can’t live without him

皇上/陛下 Huang shang/Bi xia: Emperor/King

老板 Lao ban: Boss

甜心 Tian xin: Sweetheart

猪头 Zhu tou: Pig head

亲 Qin: (Closest translation) Bae

老头 Lao tou: “Old head”, old man

王子 Wang zi: Prince

男神 Nan shen: God

爱人/情人 Ai ren/Qing ren: Lover

太阳/阳光 Tai yang/Yang guang: Sun, sunshine

Tips For Choosing Cute Names For Your Boyfriend

Tips For Choosing Cute Names For Your BoyfriendPhoto Credit: Pinterest

When it comes to cute names for your boyfriend, you must first have an understanding of your man’s personality. Is he more touchy-feely, or more of a macho man that would absolutely refuse overly-sweet names, especially in public? Also, you can create your very own name for him, whether based on his looks, personality, hobbies, or maybe something he/both of you like! 😍

After all, there’s nothing more that tells him how much you love him by coming up with a personalised name for him! Otherwise, you’ll have plenty to choose from the list anyway. The time that you’ve been in a relationship counts, so don’t go too far too soon and call him my Zeus on the second date. That’s just… no. 😆


cute nicknames for boyfriendPhoto Credit: GIPHY
So ladies, after going through this list, are you ready to impress your man with 6 different love languages? Try it out now, and let us know which ones you picked, and which ones your man love or hate!

Happy communicating, lovebirds! 😍😊

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