8 Apps That Will Definitely Make Your Insta Stories Outstanding!

Insta Stories is probably the most popular "story" around today, so how do you make yours stand out? Why, with these 8 apps, of course!2 min

Insta Story Apps

Everybody uses Insta Stories for various purposes nowadays, whether it’s a simple update on “having brunch with besties”, or a full-out promotion on their brand, let’s say “attain clear skin with X Beauty Brand now!”. With so many Insta Stories, yours may just get swiped through without anyone really paying attention to it if it’s not interesting enough. 

The editing options on Instagram itself are limited and available to all users, so it’s time to get serious if you want people to sit up and notice your Insta Stories. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of eight apps that will definitely allow your stories to shine and grab the attention of your followers! 😍



Canva is versatile in the sense that you can either use it on your computer, or on its mobile app. It’s simple to use, and has ready-made Insta Story templates. You can create photo collages, insert fun fonts, and add stickers and icons using Canva. If you’re just getting started in the editing world, this can be your very first app; kind of like “Insta Story Editing For Dummies”!

Canva 1Photo Credit: The Preview App


Unfold features clean layouts and polaroid frames, so if you’re going for the minimalist look, this could be for you! Photo collages are one thing, but Unfold allows you to insert both photos and videos on the same collage, so it’s one way to keep things interesting. Let your creativity unfold now with the Unfold app!

UnfoldPhoto Credit: Oh My News

Adobe Spark

You know you’re on the right track when you have an “Adobe” app. Adobe Spark allows you to convert your photos into videos by adding animated texts and effects on a photo. Doesn’t it sound like the moving photos in Harry Potter? There are resizing tools and layout templates for collages (a must!), but what’s really cool is that they also suggest colour palettes for you based on the hues of your photo!

Adobe SparkPhoto Credit: Katie’s Bliss


InShot allows you to edit both photos and videos, but before you begin, make sure your items are scaled to the correct ratio, which is 9:16 for Insta Stories. There’s the usual pre-made templates for collages, but in InShot you can use another photo as a background for your “main photo”. For video editing, you can string clips together, and adjust the speed of your videos. Last but not least, customise your story with text, music, artwork, filters, and/or voice overs!

Inshot 2Photo Credit: Katie’s Bliss

Hype Type

Hype Type is all about the animated text, baby. Especially useful for video editing and Boomerangs, Hype Type lets you add animated text over them. Although it’s not very customisable with limited options, but it’s a sure-fire way of making sure your followers notice your story. Your clip should be between 5-15 seconds, and you can add music and crop your clip to your preferred dimensions!

hype typePhoto Credit: Katie’s Bliss


If you like playing around with fonts and texts, this is the app for you! Typorama offers a variety of styled text with different layouts, so if you’ve got a bomb caption for your story, use this! But that’s not all, because besides your caption, your photo needs to slay as well. Typorama also has cropping tools and fun filters to make sure your picture is perfect! As an added bonus, it lets you upload your own branded watermark too!

typorama 2Photo Credit: Katie’s Bliss

Font Candy

Its name tells you that it’s mainly a font app, but it’s much more than that! Font Candy has helpful crop presets that make sure your final masterpiece is of the correct dimensions, and it has a selection of fun fonts and artwork. If you’re using Insta Stories to promote your brand, this is definitely for you, because it actually allows you to import your own fonts and artwork, making your stories consistent with your brand!

Font CandyPhoto Credit: Oh My News


I probably can’t handle Over, because I’m lazy to figure out the full potential of this app. Dubbed as an “advanced” app, Over has a multitude of options from backgrounds, stickers, and fonts just to name a few. Of course, you can use one of their templates, but if you’re an artist at heart, you can create your own story from nothing, using a blank background. With this app, you have free rein; there’s hardly any restrictions, so the sky’s the limit for you!

over 1Photo Credit: The Preview App

Are you an Insta Story junkie who needs these apps and more, or are you happy with what Instagram has to offer? If you’ve tried any of the apps or have more to introduce, share them with us! 💕

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