You’re Not BFFs If You Don’t Do These 12 Things Together!

Think you're BFFs? Think again! Not everyone can call themselves BFFs; the title has to be earned! With this list, test out your BFF-ness with each other!4 min

You're Not BFFs If You Don't Do These 12 Things Together!

Not everyone can get the honour of being your BFF; it’s not a title you give to just anyone! Your BFF is your soul sister, your sister from another mister; she’s the one who knows your deepest, darkest secrets, the one who lends you her shoulders to cry on during bad times, and the one who laughs with you during good times. But before you excitedly call yourselves BFFs, you must have done these 12 things together, or else you can’t call yourselves BFFs! ❤

Okay, at least 10 of the things on this list. Check it! 😊


Talk About Your Crushes

Talk about Your Crushes

This is practically the no. 1 unofficial rule for BFFs! All the gushing about how cute your crushes are, the obsessive stalking on social media, figuring out how to get your crushes to notice you, getting your hearts crushed when your crushes crush on someone else… If you haven’t done this, are you really BFFs? 😊


Travel/Go On Vacation Together

Travel/Go On Vacation TogetherGirls trip! Nothing beats the feeling of having your BFF together with you on vacation, whether it’s a full day of doing nothing on the beach, or exploring hidden gems of a certain place all day! Two is better than one, especially if you go somewhere foreign, misread the map, get lost, and can’t speak the local language. At least you’re together. 💕


Shout Your Lungs Out At A Concert

Shout Your Lungs Out At A ConcertPhoto Credit: Pinterest

As BFFs, you may have similar taste in music, and probably worship the same musicians. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to belt it out at a concert, like how you rehearsed so many times in the car, over and over again! The adrenaline rush of being at a live concert coupled with the company of your BFF is spectacular! 😎




Also an unofficial rule of BFFs, how can you not have sleepovers?! Okay, the word “sleepover” is largely misleading because you won’t be sleeping much, to be honest. It’ll be hours of talking, movies, karaoke, stalking (as mentioned in the first point), and frequent mentions of “we should go to sleep” but never doing it anyway. 😂


Be Each Other’s Personal Photographer

Be Each Other’s Personal Photographer

You know you’ve done it before! In order to get that perfect shot for your BFF, you must be willing to get into weird positions as the photographer, whether it’s squatting down on the floor, and climbing up chairs, or anything else, really. You must also be ready and willing for when your BFF goes “candid!”, and she starts casually voguing while you snap away. 😍


Adopt Each Other’s “Slang”


Each person actually has a certain way of talking, or a phrase that is constantly being used. After spending so much time together, it’s only normal to pick up on each other’s speech patterns, and pretty soon you’re giving the exact same response to a certain matter. It’s kind of like mind-reading, don’t you think? 😄


Co-ordinate Outfits

Co-ordinate Outfits

“Eh, what are you wearing? Dress? What colour?” “Okay okay, we wear together ah!” How many times have you had this conversation with your BFF, especially when you have a fancy event to attend together? Sometimes you just need some reassurance on what you wear, and there’s nothing better than turning up with your BFF in an identical outfit. #slaytogether 😆


Spa & Massage

Spa & MassagePhoto Credit: Pinterest

The ultimate de-stress experience for city girls! Enjoy a full day (or at least a few hours) of being blissfully pampered by other people, with the extra bonus of having your BFF for company. After all, if you’re going to get pampered, why not do it together? ❤




Honestly, if you didn’t see this coming, you’ve failed the BFF test. It doesn’t matter if you shop at your favourite mall, or scroll through items online; it’s extra fun when you both squeal in delight on getting a good deal, or find an exceptionally cute piece of clothing! When you’re indecisive, your BFF can weigh in on her opinion as well. Total win! 😮


Been There For Each Other’s Ugly Cry Moments

Been There For Each Other’s Ugly Cry Moments

Life’s not all smooth-sailing, but you can always count on you BFF when you fall and cry. Literally. And I’m not talking about those little sniffing sobs; I’m talking about full-on snot, bawling-like-a-baby, maybe even screaming kind of cry. That’s probably as real and as ugly as it can get, and if you’ve been there for each other during those times; your BFF status is solidly cemented. ❤


Liking Each And Every Picture On Their ‘Gram

Liking Each And Every Picture On Their ‘Gram

Nothing shows how supportive you are of your BFF than liking every single photo on her Instagram, because that’s what your fabulous BFF deserves! Comments such as “bomb af”, inserting the fire emoji, “#slay”, the heart-eyes emoji, or “gurlllll” among others will also give your BFF a confidence boost! 😍


Sharing Your Food With Each Other

Sharing Your Food With Each Other

Last but not least, are you really BFFs if you don’t share your food with each other, or steal food off each other’s plates? Good things are meant to be shared, and good food is at the very top of the list! How many friendships were made while snacking on nuggets and fries, or going through an entire bar of chocolate all at once? #friendswhoeattogetherstaytogether 

Pocky Share HappinessPhoto Credit: Pocky MY Facebook
With that line of thinking, why not grab a box (or several boxes) of Pocky to share with your BFFs? Pocky is all about sharing happiness, be it with your friends, family, or anyone, really!

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Conveniently packed and made so that it won’t be messy, you can enjoy Pocky on-the-go, anywhere and anytime. There are enough sticks in a box for you to share out with your BFFs, so make sure you don’t hog the whole box! 😂

PockyPhoto Credit: Pocky MY Facebook

Besides that, they are also great for parties and events, especially if you mix different flavours together. Easy to handle and easy to eat, Pocky is coated with chocolate (original flavour) for most of the biscuit, but the “handle” is left as it is, so you won’t be left with a sticky mess.

With 5 flavours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice: Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Choco Banana, Matcha Green Tea, and Strawberry! 😍

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Alright ladies, how many of these things have you done with your BFFs?

If you haven’t completed them all, tag your friends and check them off one by one!

Best Friend ForeverPhoto Credit: Instagram @guoqingqing666
If you have proudly done everything on this list, share this post and tag your BFFs in your post so that you can be everyone’s #friendshipgoals. Here’s to #friendshipforever with your BFFs! 😍❤

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