Why Are People Willing To Pay RM 1889 For A Hair Dryer?

What are the things you would buy with RM 1889? Would you buy a hair dryer? Find out why people are buying the Dyson Supersonic at such a steep price!3 min

Dyson Hairdryer

Dyson is a brand best known for its vacuums and hand dryers. Not too long ago, they released a new product: a hair dryer. Not that surprising, considering the fact that they have been producing electronic products and hand dryers. But there’s one thing about the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that immediately makes people go “what?!”, and that is its hefty price tag at RM 1889. A hair dryer at this price is absolutely ridiculous, because RM 1889 can pay for a lot things. However, more and more people have joined the “Dyson hair dryer fan club”, putting it on a pedestal, and actually purchasing it. Just good is this hair dryer exactly, that people are willing to pay so much for it? Let’s find out together!


Fast-Drying Process

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is capable of emitting a powerful airflow, allowing hair to dry very quickly, as it is the only hair dryer that is manufactured with the Air Multiplier™ technology. This technology projects a jet of high-velocity air which is angled at 20°, which allows the jet to draw in surrounding air and sweep the air along its flow, multiplying the airflow by as much as three times, yet keeping the jet smooth and controlled at the same time. It can produce a 41-litre-per-second airflow, thanks to its 13 impeller blades that propels 13 litres of air to the amplifier every second. Furthermore, the Dyson Supersonic uses the Dyson digital motor V9, which is their fastest yet. On average, it rotates six times faster than other hair dryer motors, making for super fast drying!

Fast Drying ProcessPhoto Credit: Wired


Intelligent Heat Controlling

Almost everyone knows that excessive heat can severely damage the hair, which is why experts recommend heat-protective products to use on your hair. With the Dyson Supersonic, damage to hair due to heat is significantly reduced, because it has an extremely smart way of controlling the temperature. Every second, a thermal sensor measures the temperature of the exiting air flow 20 times. The sensor then transmits this data to the dryer’s microprocessor, which intelligently controls the heat, real-time. By keeping the temperature under control, your hair retains more of its shine. What’s more, the temperature never exceeds 150°C. The “powerful airflow and controlled heat” combo makes up the core features of the Dyson Supersonic, and is the main reason people are gushing over, and buying home the hair dryer.

Intelligent Heat ControllingPhoto Credit: Wired


Styling Accessories

If you thought the Dyson Supersonic could only dry your hair, you thought wrong. It comes with three extra attachments, each for a different styling purpose. The attachments are also conveniently magnetic, so it pops on and off the hair dryer easily. Also, the attachments are equipped with the Heat Shield technology, so the surfaces stay cool even during close-up styling.

Styling AccessoriesPhoto Credit: Gizmodo

The Dyson Smoothing Nozzle

For hair that is smooth and silky, and falls in a shiny, unbroken sheet, use this attachment. The nozzle gently dries your hair using smooth, wide air, ensuring that your hair will be soft and shiny. You don’t even need a round comb for this; you can just gently comb your hair with your fingers and your hair will turn out perfect.

The Dyson Styling Concentrator

To shape and style one section of hair at a time, use this attachment. This concentrator directs the airflow narrowly, so it has a more pinpoint focus. With a round comb, you can create soft waves using this concentrator! The best part is that when you’re styling on a particular section, the rest of your hair will remain undisturbed!

The Dyson Diffuser

For quicker yet more natural drying, use this attachment. This diffuser, as its name suggests, diffuses the air evenly around the hair, so it actually dries a larger portion of hair at one time. Suggested for curls, the diffuser will help reduce frizz and improve definition at the same time. If you don’t have curls, that doesn’t mean it will be useless. You can still use it for more natural-looking hair!


Convenient & Compact

With dimensions of 248 x 78 x 97mm (H x W x D), it is noticeably more compact than the hair dryers we’re used to. It also weighs a mere 659 grams, so it’s reasonably light! With such a size and weight, it’s about six times smaller and three times lighter than the average hair dryer. That means that you can pack it into your luggage conveniently for your travels, and if you have to hold it for a long time styling your hair, you arms won’t get tired that easily!

Convenient & CompactPhoto Credit: The Shopping Network

Other Features

The Dyson Supersonic has 3 speed settings and 4 heat settings, namely fast drying, regular drying, and styling; 100°C (fast drying and styling), 80°C (regular drying), 60°C (gentle drying), and 28°C (constant cold). The motor is placed in the handle itself, which rebalances the dryer’s weight and shape. The motor is also quieter than other hair dryer motors, and the Dyson Supersonic has a 2.7 metre salon-length cable for convenience. Furthermore, the hair dryer releases negative ions, which helps reduce static.


Other FeaturesPhoto Credit: Wired


What do you think of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer?

After reading all its features, would you buy this hair dryer, or you wouldn’t pay RM 1899 for a hair dryer, no matter how good it is?

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