Tradition Meets Innovation At Encore Melaka!

Encore Melaka is the latest attraction in Malacca, promising audience an immersive performance! Learn about Malacca's history through this show now!1 min

Tradition Meets Innovation At Encore Melaka!

No more boring Sejarah textbooks for you to learn about the history of Malacca! 😄 There’s a far easier and more interesting to learn about Malacca, and that is through Encore Melaka. A performance brought to you by Impression Wonders Arts Development Co. Ltd. from China, the “Encore” series is among their most well-known, and they have decided to tap into the rich history of Malacca. 😮


From China To Malacca

From China To MalaccaPhoto Credit: Female Mag

Encore MelakaPhoto Credit: Encore Melaka Facebook

The Impression Wonders company was founded by renowned Chinese directors Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge, and Fan Yue. Together, they developed a new genre and an innovative art production, which consisted of live performances in natural settings. It isn’t just any performance as well, as audience as treated to a spectacular show of visual and auditory sensations including dances, light shows, acrobatic feats, and the such. Of course, by bringing the show to Malaysia, the show adapted locally, but is still directed by Wang Chaoge.

Encore Melaka

Encore MelakaPhoto Credit: Female Mag

Encore MelakaPhoto Credit: Encore Melaka Facebook

ncore Melaka stages the retelling of Malacca’s history dating back six centuries. Witness how Malacca was founded, and how it developed; expressed through 200 local performers. According to Encore Melaka’s official website, the show is “a performance that reflects a society that embraces diversity and inclusiveness”. Not only will you refresh your memory of Malacca’s origins at the show, but you’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of daily Malacca lives, as the show is also inspired by local real-life stories.

The Set-Up

The Set UpPhoto Credit: The Star 2

Members of the audience are in for a big treat, as the auditorium rotates – 360 degrees! That means that the very platform you sit on will physically move, allowing you to view the show from various angles. This is the first rotating auditorium in Southeast Asia, so if you want to be one of the first people to experience it, here’s another reason for you to catch Encore Melaka! As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the stage itself is also multi-layered and -leveled, resulting in a more 3D experience. Simply put, Encore Melaka combines state of the art technology, contemporary choreography, and artful delivery to bring you an unforgettable performance!

Show Time

Mondays to Saturdays: 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm

Sundays: 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm

Each show is 70 minutes, and you can get your tickets here!


We expect Malacca to be even more popular now, so if you take a trip to Malacca, be sure to catch this show! After that, do let us know what you think about it! 😄

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