This Is The Only Place In Malaysia Where You Can Customise And Name Your Own Lipstick Shade!

Have you ever customised your own lipstick shade before, and even named it? This is the only place in Malaysia where you can do so, so check it out now!6 min

Customise Lipstick Malaysia

Lipsticks are like the final piece of your makeup puzzle. Brows on fleek, check. Winged liner, success. Eyeshadow, perfectly blended. Lashes, curled and sky-high. Highlighter, glowing. What should your lipstick colour be? Pink for a hint of femininity and sweetness, nude for a barely-there look,or red because you’re feelin’ fierce? 🤔

There’s no denying that there are plenty of lipstick shades to choose from in the market anyway, but have you ever thought about creating your very own bespoke lipstick? Forget about lipstick engravings; this is even better because you will get to decide exactly how you want your lipstick to be like, from its shade, finish and yes, even its name. How cool would it be to name a lipstick of your creation? 😍

Welcome to The Lip Lab, where you can fully customise your lipstick and name it as well! ❤

Living Out Your Lipstick Dreams 💄

How well do you know lipsticks, and do you know which shades look good on you? If you have a little lipstick knowledge, it’s great because you probably have an idea of what you want. If not, no worries. Your personal “makeup magician” will be on hand to guide you. 🤩

Customade Lipstick MalaysiaPhoto Credit: The Lip Lab Malaysia

To start off, The Lip Lab offers five different types of lipstick bases, which are matte, creme, butter, vegan and liquid matte. Your first step would be to choose your base, and then you can start exploring colours. Before the colour blending actually begins, you would also start off with a mini lip care session first. Once you decide on a colour you want, your consultant will start blending it for you. After the blending is done, you can then apply the colour on your lips to see if you like it. Based on your feedback, your consultant will either make amendments to the colour, or move on to the next step. With each amendment, you get to try it on again to make sure it’s the exact shade you want. The next step is most interesting – the add-ons! 😍

Customade Lipstick MalaysiaPhoto Credit: The Lip Lab Malaysia

Why settle for a plain coloured lipstick when you can add in so many other things? The Lip Lab offers a whole range of heavenly scents to add into your lipstick, so it really will be one-of-a-kind. Some of their scents include citrus, Parisian rose, exotic spices, cinnamon and cappucino just to name a few. These scents are not overwhelming, and only you will be able to get a whiff of it once you put it on. 💕

Photo Credit: The Lip Lab Malaysia

Not a fan of scents? No problem. Why not add on some lip care? You can choose to add in an extra dose of moisturiser, lip sunscreen, or even a lip plumper! Last but not least, you could also shake in a little glitter if you prefer things sparkly. ✨ Besides lipsticks, you could also custom-make your own lip gloss, get a ready-made lip pencil to complement your new shade, or purchase a lip care product.

What’s Special: Their lip primer, or as they call it, a lip fix. Not many brands have rolled out lip primer, but The Lip Lab has them. Not only does it allow your lipstick be to longer-lasting, but it also acts as a barrier for your lips and the lipstick. Pigments of the lipstick could be intense, so the lip fix will reduce staining of the lips. 👏

Find Your Perfect Foundation Match

Trying to find your perfect foundation match can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know how to describe your skin tone other than “fair” or “dark”. Warm undertones what? Cool undertones who? At The Lip Lab, sit back and let the professionals concoct the true perfect foundation for you! 😁

Customade Foundation MalaysiaPhoto Credit: The Lip Lab Malaysia

Just like the lipsticks, there are different bases to choose from, which include mineral moisture tint, oil free, enriched and matte. You will also be given a straightforward form to fill up, mostly describing your skin condition. Armed with the knowledge of your skin condition and preferred base, as well as by looking at your skin tone, the consultant will then start to pick out shades that will suit your skin tone. Swatches will be made on your jawline to determine which is the best for you, and if necessary, the colour blending process starts again, in which there are several different colour toners to help the process along. And yes, just like the lipsticks, the foundation includes add-ons too! 😀

Photo Credit: The Lip Lab Malaysia

We’ve mentioned the colour toners, but those are more for colour blending anyway. For a sheen a la Korean stars, you can opt for the “pearl” add-on, which literally sparkles. The “white pearl” brightens and gives off a stronger sparkle, whereas the “bronze pearl” acts like a shiny version of bronzer, giving you a vibe that goes “I just came back from the beach”. 😊

Photo Credit: The Lip Lab Malaysia

Other add-ons include sunscreen and primer, which would make your foundation a convenient, all-in-one product where you don’t have to layer on everything separately. And of course, we all know that foundation and concealer are inseparable, and you don’t want a concealer that doesn’t match your new custom-made foundation and your skin tone, do you? You could even customise your concealer to make sure you’ve got everything! Yay! 🙌

Our Experience At The Lip Lab!

Wondering how we know so much about what goes on? The Lip Lab very kindly invited us to their shop in 1 Utama, where one of writers had an incredible experience creating and naming her own shade, as well as (finally) picking out her perfect foundation match! 😍 Check out her experience right here:

Creating your own lipstick shade is something you didn’t know you needed till you’ve tried it out, especially if you’re a makeup enthusiast and/or an artist. There’s just something about looking at the colours being swirled together, being painted on your lips, and going “yes, that’s what I want”. Major props to my consultant of the day Sharmaine for helping me create my lipstick and foundation shades, and for providing me with lots of helpful information! ❤

Customise Lipstick Malaysia

For my lipstick, I decided to go with a matte finish, and a red. I mean, who can resist the allure of a classic red? Sharmaine glanced at my form, and saw my description which was “matte but not too dry?”, and she told me that I had come to the right place, because their matte formulas aren’t drying like most are. Their formulas are actually infused with coconut oil, which keeps it moisturising enough. 😍

We began with a mini lip care session, where I was provided with a small amount of lip scrub first, then a leave-on lip mask, which actually acts as a moisturiser. Sharmaine then pulled out bottles of pigment and started mixing them. Soon, she had come up with a bright red, which I tried on, after applying a little lip fix first. We both agreed that it was a little too coral; too orangey-red, and she modified the colour blend with different pigments. This time, it was perfect. I loved it, she loved it, all the other staff loved it! ❤ Sharmaine then introduced me to the range of add-ons, and after smelling the scents, I decided to add in “citrus” and leave it at that.

Customade Lipstick MalaysiaPhoto Credit: The Lip Lab Malaysia

If you thought that you decision making ended there, not quite. There were another two more decisions to make: your lipstick casing, and also the lipstick mould itself. The lipstick mould is the shape of your lipstick, and there are two types: classic and signature. The classic mould is the usual one most lipsticks come in, with smooth, rounded sides like a cylinder. The signature mould is an edgy, angled mould and I went for that – I wasn’t about to pass on their signature! 😁

Next up was the casing, which came in a glossy finish or a matte finish. I chose matte again! All their lipstick casings are magnetic, which makes it super convenient! One last thing to do was to name my shade. When asked about what I wanted to name my shade, I thought about it and it came to me within a few minutes. I named my red “Empowerment”. Clearly, everyone at The Lip Lab approved as I was answered with smiles and “yas-es”. 😍

Here’s a video of my lipstick customising process, enjoy! ❤


Next up, I tried their foundation, and I went for the oil free base after discussing with Sharmaine about how often I wanted to use it, what kind of coverage I was looking for, and also my skin type. I had combination skin and decided to go for a medium coverage, so the oil free base was a great choice. Sharmaine selected 3 different shades for me, and swatched them on my jawline, and we waited for a while for it to “sit”. Looking in the mirror, it looked like I only had two swatches on, instead of three. 😊

“We found your match,” announced Sharmaine happily. “If you can’t see it, that’s the one.” 👍

Customise Lipstick Malaysia

Apparently, I was one of the lucky few who didn’t need any kind of further colour blending whatsoever, so we moved straight to the add-ons. I decided to go with a little “bronze pearl”, very subtle, and also went for the sunscreen and primer. What can I say? I love a convenient product! Sharmaine finished laying on my new foundation on my face, and the rest of the staff were equally enthused, saying “yep, that’s her colour” and “is she having any foundation on?” Needless to say, I was very happy because I suck at telling what my skin tone is! 😆

Custom made Lipstick MalaysiaPhoto Credit: The Lip Lab Malaysia

The Lip Lab originated from Australia, and they’ve just landed in Malaysia in early June! The Lip Lab uses premium ingredients formulated in the US, and all their products are vegetarian, cruelty-free and free of parabens. Last but not least, The Lip Lab’s staff are well-trained in the art of blending (creating) cosmetics, and they use state-of-the-art on-site blending equipment to create your cosmetics on the spot, right in front of your eyes! 😍

They currently have an ongoing promotion, which will run until further notice, so make sure you do drop by to take advantage of this promotion. For more information and to book your very own session, visit The Lip Lab’s website now! ❤




Phone Number: 0123880946

Email Address:

Location: 1st Floor, Lot FK105, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, PJ (Opposite Salon du Chocolat)


🎁 Giveaway Time!

Photo Credit: The Lip Lab Malaysia

To celebrate setting foot in Malaysia, The Lip Lab is giving out one (1) session to you and your bestie to customise your own lipstick and lip gloss! In this session, create one (1) lipstick and one (1) lip gloss. You and your bestie will have to decide who wants a lipstick, and who wants a lip gloss, but the best part is that you and your bestie get to go for this custom-made experience – together! 😍

To win this giveaway, follow the steps below:

  1. Like LaceyBunny Malaysia and The Lip Lab Malaysia Facebook pages.
  2. In the comments, type “I want to customise my own lipstick and lip gloss with my bestie!” and tag your bestie.
  3. Share this Facebook post and make sure your settings are changed to public so we can see your post!

Contest ends: 1st August 2019 at 11:59 pm

The lucky winner will be selected at random and notified via Facebook messenger. Good luck!


Ready and excited to create your own shades of lipstick yet? Head over to The Lip Lab now, and tell us what you’ve named your shade too! 😀💕

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