Expand Your Ong This CNY With Sifu Lao Shu At Sunway Lagoon!

Sunway Lagoon is the place for you to expand your "ong" this CNY with Sifu Lao Shu! Head over to Sunway Lagoon to experience excellent CNY vibes now!2 min

It’s that time of the year again where all things red are being brought out: Chinese New Year! To celebrate the year of the Rat, Sunway Lagoon has prepared a slew of experiences, activities and performances to usher in the new year and to ensure good fortune and prosperity. Come celebrate together at Sunway Lagoon with all these exciting, “RAT-ical” CNY activities! 🐭❤

1) New Zambezi River

Photo Credit: Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Photo Credit: Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

The Zambezi River has just gotten an upgrade! Hear the song of the African drums, check out the illuminated neon painted walls and get soaked by the geyser water sprays and tipping buckets! The perfect way to escape from the scorching heat this CNY by hopping on a tube float and gliding along the all-new Zambezi River! 🤩

2) CNY Fortune Activities/Photo-Op

Photo Credit: Sunway Lagoon Malaysia Facebook

Photo Credit: Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Invite all the heng, ong and huat into your year by paying a visit to the Rat Zodiac Statue at the main entrance for best luck ahead. In the Heavenly Gates Race, the rat won and came out #1, and you too can be the same by touching the zodiac statue. 🐭 Next, head up to the Huat Cheese Mountain and toss a into the mountain’s cheese hole for good fortune. For every coin thrown, you will receive one gold chocolate bar – what an auspicious sign! For the singles out there hoping for love to come their way, why not visit the Wishing Love Pond? Make a wish for ‘Good Relationships’ in 2020 by holding the orange and throwing it into the pond. May it come true! ❤

Wondering what the future might bring you? Get your ‘Fortune’ forecast at the Fortune Chest! Simply choose a number from the bowl of fate and open the matched numbered chest to see what lies ahead! Last but not least, stop by the Lucky Tree. For a ‘Prosperous’ New Year, pluck an Ang Pau packet from the Lucky Tree to receive a gift! Psst, attractive gifts such as Huawei Merchandise are available! 😍

3) E&E Activities

Sunway Lagoon Photo Credit: Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Have little ones in tow? Head on over to the Surf Beach area, where there is no shortage of fun-filled activities for visitors, especially for the little ones. Look forward to the Rat Race Animal Kingdom, CNY Chapteh, as well as CNY Sand Art. Besides that, visitors can expect a myriad of initiatives and festivities such as Insta-sational Meet & Greet sessions with Captain Quack & Friends in Chinese New Year kung fu overlays and much more! You and your family will be enthralled by these activities! 👍

4) F&B

Of course, with so much going on, one must not forget to stop, rest and refuel. Quench your thirst with an exotic variety of sugar cane drinks: original Delight Cane, Karimbu Juice or Sugar Cane Mojito and fill your tummy with Sunway Lagoon Caterer’s Prosperity Combo Meal. Those planning to host a reunion or gathering session are not forgotten either: simply head down to Beach Bistro Restaurant for their exclusive Chinese New Year menu special deal ranging from RM388 onwards! Huat ah!

5) Performances

Photo Credit: Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Photo Credit: Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Those who visit Sunway Lagoon on the first 2 days of Chinese New Year (25th and 26th January) are in luck, for the God of Prosperity will be there as well, greeting you with exclusive Captain Quack and Friends CNY Ang Pau’s and mandarin oranges. That’s not all, for there will also be exhilarating show performances, such as Chinese New Year Lion Dance & Seasons Drums and “A Mouse’s Tale” by Captain Quack & Friends and Sifu Lao Shu. 😄🌟

Sunway Lagoon Tickets Giveaway!

Photo Credit: GIPHY

Ong ong ong for LaceyBunny readers, for in conjunction with this auspicious season, Sunway Lagoon is holding a contest and giving away forty (40) tickets to ten (10) lucky winners! Each winner will receive four (4) tickets, and here’s how you can win:

  1. Like LaceyBunny Malaysia on Facebook.
  2. Snapshot and catch “Captain Quack” and his friends in the file attached in LaceyBunny’s Facebook Page.
  3. Post the image of your snapshot in the Facebook comments and tag three (3) friends you want to go to Sunway Lagoon with.
  4. Share the Facebook post, and make sure the post is public so we can see it!

Winners will be chosen at random based on clarity of the image of “Captain Quack” and friends captured. The contest ends on 18th January 2020 at 11:59pm, so get snapping now! The winners will be announced on 19th January 2020. The tickets will be valid from 23rd January to 6th February 2020. Good luck, have fun & Gong Xi Fa Cai! 😄💕


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