16 Stupid Things Couples Fight About – We Feel You! 😂

There are so many stupid things couples fight about... how many of these arguments are you guilty of? Find out now with our list! 6 min

16 Stupid Things Couples Fight About - We Feel You!

Every couple fights, argues, or “discusses”. Whatever you call it, there are some things you just cannot see eye to eye on, and not all of them are (for lack of a better term) “serious”. In fact, most of them are trivial, trivial things. Maybe you don’t approve of the fact that he never switches off the TV when he leaves the house, wasting electricity; while he can’t get over the fact that you chop an onion like that. 🤦

As one half of a relationship, you’ll be interested to find out what else other couples fight about, and find out how many of these ridiculous arguments happen in your own relationship. 😆😂


1. “I’m The Better Driver”

I’m The Better DriverPhoto Credit: Meme.Xyz

It’s no secret that you think that you have better driving skills than your S.O.

“Eh, put signal, later people don’t know you want to turn.”

“Why you drive so slow today?”


“Where you learn driving one? You kopi o license ah?”

The list could go on, but I think you get it. 🤦

2. Who Said What In The Past

Woman and the PastPhoto Credit: Piximus

Gentlemen, if you ever say “I got say meh?” and that was what you said during an argument, you are practically digging your own grave. You know 80% of her brain capacity is used to store past conversations, and very rarely she will be wrong.

Once you utter those sentences, her eyes will widen and she will slowly nod her head at you and prove that “yeah, you got say”. If you argued via text, I’ll keep you in my prayers because you know she’s got that screenshot to prove it. 🙏

3. Which Side Of The Bed To Sleep On

Which Side Of The Bed To Sleep OnPhoto Credit: Whisper

Let’s face it, you have a favourite side of the bed to sleep on. If you both like different sides of the bed, that’s cool because argument (and probable eventual fight) averted. If you both want to lay your body on the same side, you have a problem. Who’s going to give in? Do you come up with a roster to follow? What happens? Will you ever get any sleep? 😅

4. The Position Of The Toilet Seat

The Position Of The Toilet SeatPhoto Credit: Imgur

Oh you know you’ve been through this before. Chop, sign, confirm. He likes it up, you like it down. He never puts it down, and you never lift it up. A never-ending cycle about a place where you only sit or stand for minutes at a time, which is kind of crazy when you think about it that way, but it happens. If he’s a sweetheart who always puts the seat down for you, hold on to him, girl. The rest of you can continue to train your man. 😎

5. Giving Directions

Giving DirectionsPhoto Credit: ATLChris

You: “Yeah correct turn right here.”

*enters some deserted road without street lights*

Him: “Are you sure?”

You: “No, it’s 300 metres away actually…”

Him: “Walao see Waze also can see wrong? Plus got voice to guide you already.” *shakes head*

You: “Sorry lo you so clever you see yourself lo.”

This happened at least once. You know it did. 😂

6. “Are You Listening To Me?”

Photo Credit: Amy Kay Twitter

Probably the second most-asked question in a relationship. Especially when he’s on his phone or playing games, you’ll never be able to get more than “Yeah?”, “okay”, or “mmhmm” out of him. And when you show him say your new hairstyle or new outfit, he probably just responds with a “yeah you look good babe” rather than the overexcited response you were hoping for. If he didn’t even notice, it’s your cue to ask “do you even look at me?” 😠

7. How To Pronounce

How To PronouncePhoto Credit: Bored Panda

Everyone has their own way to pronounce words, but the greatest debate of them all is probably how to pronounce “GIF” and “meme”. “Gift” or “jif”? “Meem” or “me me”? If you pronounce it any other way, we would desperately like to know as well. Maybe you’ve also argued about how to pronounce “Chatime” and “Tealive” too? So many words to argue about, am I right? 😆

8. “You Watched That Without Me?!”

Stupid Things Couple Fight AboutPhoto Credit: Bored Panda

You’ve both agreed to watch it together, but sometimes the suspense is just too much to handle, and someone caves in to temptation. Whether it’s you or him, it happens to the best of us, but that means there’s one less activity to do on date night. The party that was “cheated on” will probably remember this for years to come, and use this as an excuse to watch other stuff without the “cheater” as well, sparking more fights. 😏

9. “You Sound Like A Tractor When You Sleep”

Stupid Things Couple Fight AboutPhoto Credit: Pinterest

For those ladies whose men do not snore, lucky you. The rest of us are wondering how can a single human being produce so much noise when he’s asleep. You’re having sweet dreams when what sounds like a thousand foghorns rudely jerk you awake. Or maybe, the snores keep you from falling asleep. What makes it worse is that he will always deny it. “I don’t snore, you snore la.” Excuse me? 😒

10. “Which One Should I Buy Ah?”

Stupid Things Couple Fight AboutPhoto Credit: GIPHY

Actually, you already have one which you’re inclined to buy. But you also just kind of want to see if he really understands your taste. So you ask him for his opinion. Kind of. Because you’re leaning towards one already. If he chooses the one you’ve got your eye on, it’s all easy-peasy, quick and breezy. You make yours immediately. If he picks the other one, you go “really ah, really meh, this one ah?” till he picks the other. Then he will say, “then you ask me for what?” 😑

11. Eating The Last Of The Snacks/Leftovers

Stupid Things Couple Fight AboutPhoto Credit: Bored Panda

You: “What happened to my fried rice ah? I left it in the fridge yesterday.”

Him: “Oh, I thought no one want already so I ate it just now.”


Or, it could happen the other way round too. Maybe next time before you eat the leftovers or last packet of snacks, check in with your S.O. You’ll avoid a war this way. Really. 😇

12. “How Do I Look In This?”

Stupid Things Couple Fight AboutPhoto Credit: Bored Panda

Such a dangerous question, isn’t it? You want your man to praise you, but you don’t want to feel like he’s lying to you. Especially when you think you’ve gained a few kg, and he says you look good, and you say, “You’re lying to me right? I look fat right? Tell the truth!” If he says you do look a little more… meaty, God help him. Maybe just always tell him to tell you look good. Always. ☺

13. The Great Toilet Paper Debate

Stupid Things Couple Fight AboutPhoto Credit: Bored Panda

If you’re both on the same side of toilet roll, good for you! Otherwise, which way should the flap of the toilet roll be? Over? Under? Don’t fix it, just leave it on top of the cistern? The person who invented toilet paper probably never thought that it would lead to regular arguments in a relationship. 😅

14. “Who Is She?”


Ah, the question asked when you find out that he liked another girl’s photo on Instagram. She was a stranger to you, but now you’ve got to find out her name, age, education history, names of her pets, parents’ occupations, and shoe size. It could also lead to “don’t need to talk to me ma, you got that girl on Instagram already”, with him just sitting helplessly and exasperatedly at the side. 🙂

15. What To Eat?


Him: “What you want to eat?”

You: “I don’t know, you decide la.”

Him: “McDonald’s?”

You: “Don’t want la, unhealthy.”

Him: “Din Tai Fung?”

You: “Expensive eh.”

Him: “Sushi Zanmai?”

You: “Yesterday only eat with my friend though.”

Him: “Then what you want?”

You: “I don’t know, you choose la.”

????? 😑

It’s the stupidest thing ever, because you’re both hungry, but decide to waste time and energy on this pointless argument all the time. 😂

16. “Internet, Please”

Stupid Things Couple Fight AboutPhoto Credit: Eros Now

Finally, you’ve made it to your trip overseas as a couple! YAS! But then, what about the internet? Do you both get a SIM card each? Get one and use the hotspot instead? Don’t get a SIM card and wander around till you find WiFi? What most couples would choose is actually probably the one SIM card option, because it’s the most accessible and affordable option.

…But 🤦🤦‍♂️

You: “Eh, hotspot please.”

Him: “On already what.”

You: “Where got? Cannot detect eh.”

Him: “On and off the WiFi la.”

You: “Already! Still cannot.”

Him: “Walao, troublesome one lo you!” 😤

Are you sure you want to have this argument throughout your whole trip and spoil both your moods? 😒🙄

Well, we’re here to save you from this potential argument, especially if you have an upcoming trip together! How, you ask? By renting a pocket WiFi of course – which will SOLVE all your potential problems! 😏🌞

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Happy Holidays! 😎💕🌞


Alright lovebirds, ‘fess up. How many of these stupid things did you fight about already? 5, 10, all? Maybe there’s even more stupid things you fight about? 😂

TAG your other half and let us know! Don’t worry, just admit it; we won’t laugh at you (that much 😜), because we totally feel you! *Hugs* 😏😘💕

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