Steps To Redeem FREE PhotoBook

Free Simple BooksHere Are The Steps To Redeem FREE PhotoBook:

  1. Download the Photobook app
  2. Select “6 x 6 Simple Book” from the list of products
  3. Upload 20 photos of your choice
  4. Enter your email address and other details
  5. Enter the code [Redemption Code: LACEYBUNNYPB]
  6. Click “Order Now”
  7. Enter card details to pay for shipping

Redemption Steps 1

Redemption Steps 2

Redemption Steps 3

Redemption Steps 4Redemption Steps 5Please take note that the code will expire on 31st September 2018, so redeem yours ASAP! Remember that each person can redeem up to 10 books! You really don’t want to miss out of this great opportunity, so hurry up and redeem them before they all run out! Delivery will not take more than 7 working days.

P.s. Once you receive your Photobooks, it is the time to put down your phone, and enjoy your Photobook together with your loved ones! Don’t miss out on potential magical moments just because you’re glued to your phone 24/7!