Singapore Zoo Lights Up With Rainforest Lumina!

Take a walk through Rainforest Lumina, a multimedia, interactive trail, exclusively at Singapore Zoo! Explore a different side of the zoo, at night!2 min

Rainforest Lumina

Singapore Zoo is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year! In conjunction with this joyous occasion, Wildlife Reserves Singapore has collaborated with Moment Factory to bring you an attraction called Rainforest Lumina, which will be on display at the Singapore Zoo starting from the 1st of July. (Don’t worry if you don’t know who Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Moment Factory are; we’ll provide more info on them below.) Are you ready? Join us on an adventure through this limited-time only night walk! 😍

Rainforest Lumina

A one-kilometre-long trail, Rainforest Lumina is “a multimedia night walk on the wild side”, according to its official website. This illuminated forest will have several interactive features, and these features will aim to create more awareness and empathy for Mother Nature. The animals of Singapore Zoo will not be part of Rainforest Lumina, but visitors can also visit the Night Safari if they wish to see nocturnal animals in action. As Singapore Zoo houses many animals, the creators took care to make sure that this set up would be of minimal disturbance to the animals. Check out their pathway below:


[Photo Credit: Rainforest Lumina]

[Photo Credit: Comelah]

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Creature Crew

The Creature Crew will help visitors navigate the trail, and are described as “a quirky group of unlikely heroes”. They also have a motto, which is “We Are One”. The motto is about the belief that each and every species, including human beings, have the ability to give back to the rainforest. “We Are One” is also a popular Lion King 2 song, and we’re not sure if that’s where they got their inspiration from, but it kind of has the same underlying meaning. Based on the silhouette picture on Rainforest Lumina’s website,  we can roughly guess that this cute animal team will include a gorilla, a bat, a toucan, and a chameleon.

[Photo Credit: Weekendgowhere]

Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The Wildlife Reserves Singapore Group runs Singapore Zoo, and the Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, and River Safari along with it. With “People, Wildlife and Community – One is no greater than the other” as their motto, it’s no wonder they run majority of the zoos in Singapore! It also “aims to inspire people to value and conserve biodiversity by providing meaningful and memorable wildlife experiences”, and Rainforest Lumina will clearly be one of those experiences!

[Photo Credit: Heidy Uy]

Moment Factory

Moment Factory is a multimedia studio with full production expertise, which combines video, lighting, sound and special effects. Even though Rainforest Lumina is their first night walk in Singapore, they have set up night walks in Japan and Canada before. Before they create a night walk, they look to the local culture and the event site first, so that they can project messages to a wide range of audience in a universal manner.

[Photo Credit: Lumina Borealis]

Admission Details

Since it’s a night walk, you will only be able to visit Rainforest Lumina from 7:30 pm to 12 midnight. There will be seven entry timings daily, and the last entry will be at 10:30 pm. Rainforest Lumina tickets are priced at SGD22 for adults, and SGD16 for children aged 3-12. Also, do take note that admission to Rainforest Lumina is separate from admission to the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari.

[Photo Credit: Comelah]


Are you prepared to be enchanted by this interactive, multimedia rainforest? I know I am! Once you make a visit, share your experience with us! 😁

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