Bird’s Nest Is Hard to Cook? Not Anymore!

Always thought that bird's nest is too difficult to cook? Well, not anymore! With prepacked ingredients that come in a box, cooking bird's nest is easy!4 min

Bird’s nest to many women especially is practically the elixir of life. Not only does it help with beauty, but it also has numerous health properties. With so much goodness, it’s no wonder that bird’s nest is highly sought after. We mean, who wouldn’t want a bowl of nutritious bird’s nest to help them glow in the pink of health? 😄

However, we also know that preparing a bowl of this nutritious goodness would take some knowledge and time, and you’d have to know what other ingredients to go along with the bird’s nest at the very least. And if you get bird’s nest “traditionally”, you would even have to clean and pick out impurities from the nest itself, which let us tell you, can be extremely time-consuming. 😓

Of course, there are the canned ones, which are conveniently packed into serving sizes and can be consumed straight from the bottle. Canned bird’s nest is also normally cooked under very high temperature, which may destroy the sialic acid in bird’s nest, and may also contain other preservatives. But what if you want a traditionally prepared bird’s nest without all the hassle and preservatives? Enter 8 Nests, which provides you with a simple solution to preparing your own bird’s nest! 👍


About 8 Nests

With so many of those ready-to-consume bird’s nest out there, you may be wondering why 8 Nests decided to deviate and return to the idea of preparing bird’s nest by oneself. This is because the founder believes that the best way to enjoy and retain the bird’s nest’s nutrients is by cooking it yourself. You’ll know exactly what it takes to concoct a delicious bowl of bird’s nest, and it’s all your effort and love included in that bowl as well! ❤

Photo Credit: 8 Nests

All 8 Nests does is give a helping hand by packing everything you need into a beautiful box, and the rest is up to you. Most households who consume bird’s nests usually have them prepared by the mothers or the grandmothers in the house, but anyone, including you, can cook bird’s nests from 8 Nests, making it a perfect gift to show your family just how much you love them. And not just your family members, but it can also be a gift to your friends, or even yourself! 😍

8 Nests’ Spark Of Love: Why Bird’s Nest?

Photo Credit: 8 Nests

The founder had been working in several corporations as a Product Marketing Manager for about 10 years, when she decided to start up her own business in early 2019. There were those around her who questioned her decision, mostly about why she would give up a high-flying job to start up a business. But she believes that everyone has a dream, and starting up isn’t just about the salary, but also the value of life. 👏

Photo Credit: 8 Nests

As to why she chose bird’s nest as her start-up business, it’s because she enjoys bird’s nest and the familial bond it provides. Traditionally, in a household, bird’s nest is usually prepared by the matriarch of the family – the grandmother or the mother. They both also told her of the benefits bird’s nest brings besides beauty, including various high-level proteins, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, which are essential to the human body. ❤

With 8 Nests, the founder is now bringing bird’s nest to the younger generation, showing that the younger generation too, can prepare bird’s nest in return for our elders as a gesture of love, and it can also be a versatile gift of health to everyone! 👍

🌟 Here are some benefits of bird’s nest:

  • Improves skin health
  • Helps with digestion and health rejuvenation
  • Helps with parental and postnatal health
  • Acts as an anti-aging/health supplement
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine for various health improvements

What Is In A Box Of 8 Nests?

Photo Credit: 8 Nests

👇 With each box of 8 Nests, here is what you get:

  • 2 pieces of whole bird’s nest (A total of 12 grams)
  • A pack of red dates (25 grams)
  • A pack of goji berries (10 grams)
  • A pack of American ginseng (2 grams)
  • A pack of rock sugar (35 grams)

You can choose to cook one bird’s nest at a time by halving the other ingredients, or just cook them altogether if you don’t mind having a little more, or you’re saving it for someone else too. 😄

Bird Nest in MalaysiaPhoto Credit: 8 Nests

8 Nests is basically health in a box, prepared with love! Each box is grey in colour, simple yet elegant, with a pattern of flying birds printed on the top of the box. Not only that, but they also have gold embossed words surrounding the birds, adding just another touch of colour and exclusivity. Within the box, each ingredient is carefully slotted so that the ingredients do not move about, so they arrive in pristine condition. 👍

8 Nests Is Easy To Prepare!

We’re not kidding when we say it’s easy, because we’ve tried it for ourselves. Thanks to 8 Nests, we received 8 Nests’ bird’s nest, and we gathered to see just how easy it can be to prepare it by ourselves. 😀

This is what we did during the process. One day before cooking it, we took out the bird’s nests and soaked them overnight in the fridge. Prior to cooking, we just gently removed any impurities we could still see, but they were already pretty clean anyway.

As per the instructions provided by 8 Nests, we first boiled the red dates, goji berries, ginseng and rock sugar for half an hour in a double boiler with two bowls of water. (We cooked two pieces at once, so if you’re cooking only one piece, one bowl of water will do.) After that initial half an hour, we added in the bird’s nest, and that was it. We headed out to lunch, and when we came back, the bird’s nest was ready! 😯👍

It was as simple as that! – bird’s nest ready for consumption in 2 hours, and it tasted just like how our mothers would do it! 😋 You have no idea how happy that now we can do the same for our parents, just like how they would do it for us. ❤ For a more detailed guide, you can also visit 8 Nests:

Win A Box Of 8 Nests!

In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival coming right up, 8 Nests will be giving out three (3) boxes of bird’s nest worth RM238 each to three (3) lucky winners, so that you too, can give the gift of health to yourself or your loved ones this festive season.

To win your very own box of 8 Nests, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Follow both LaceyBunny and 8 Nests’ Instagram pages at and
  2. In the comments below, type in “I want to cook 8 Nests bird’s nest by myself!“.
  3. Share this Facebook post, and make sure your settings are switched to public so that we can see this post!

And that’s it! Winners will be selected at random and notified via Facebook messenger.

Contest ends: 12th September 2019 at 11:59pm

✨✨ Good luck and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


For more information, visit:

🥣 Website:

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We truly enjoyed the easy cooking process and the delicious bird’s nest of our own cooking, and our mothers did too! What about you? Who will you cook 8 Nests bird’s nest for first? Let us know in the comments below! 😄💕

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