What can you get for RM880? A 4D3N trip to Bali? Definitely!

A 4D3N trip to Bali with complete itinerary sounds too good to be true for RM880? But it is! Check out this super worth-it tour package right here now!5 min

Things to do in Bali

Bali – what a wonderful place! 🍃🌿 A gem in the form an island in Indonesia, Mother Nature has blessed her abundantly with lush green jungles, terraced rice fields, clear turquoise waters and majestic volcanoes… it’s easy to see why people fall in love with Bali so quickly and deeply. But more than that is the life of Bali itself – the vibrant culture so steeped in tradition. Aptly referred to as “The Island of the Gods”, temples are abundant, and Bali is a place to discover familiar yet different cultures. 💚

With such an interesting mix and match of cultures, natural features and manmade structures, how could you not want to experience this dazzling place? Luckily for you, Victory Tours & Travels has prepared a tour package which only costs RM880 to take you to several places in Bali over the course of 4 days and 3 nights!

We can take you wonder by wonder… Are you ready? 😍

Day 1: One With Nature, One With God

As aforementioned, Bali is nature’s paradise, and a place where religion is predominant. On your very first day in Bali, get to know a little more about what Bali has to offer, by visiting places representative of Bali. 💚

Uluwatu Temple

Things to do in Bali

Mysterious and ancient, Uluwatu Temple is perched on a cliff about 70 metres above sea level. Nestled within the bosom of a small forest home to several monkeys, Uluwatu Temple seems like the perfect place a deity can call home. Allow the breeze to swirl your worries away, and rejuvenate your senses when you breathe the fresh air in. Hear the call of the sea up close as waves crash against the rocks, and drown in the music of the ocean. Drink in the stunning sunset view, accompanied by a local Kecak dance outdoors in the temple grounds, which happens at 6 pm everyday. There’s no better place to enjoy being you, and immerse yourself in the present moment – totally free. ☺


Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park

Things to do in Bali

According to Hindu mythology, the Hindu deity Vishnu was looking for Amerta (the elixir of life). Garuda, a mythical bird, agreed to be ridden by Lord Vishnu, in exchange for using the elixir to free his enslaved mother. One of the most iconic landmarks in Bali, a 21-storey statue of Lord Vishnu and Garuda has been constructed to remember this tale. Gaze up at the statue and imagine yourself riding in the sky on Garuda, seeking what may not be seekable. Zen out at the Lotus Pond area, and allow the little bubbling fountains to clear your mind. Enjoy the greenery and the zest of life by taking strolls through the park – it is 60 hectares. Last but not least, take a culture trip by partaking or attending one of the park’s all-day activities – you’ll be soaring, tumbling and freewheeling through the rich and vibrant culture. 😮


Day 2: Art & Adrenaline

You can’t spell “earth” without “art”, and what’s life if there’s no excitement? On your second day, be dazzled by the wonderful array of art and local products, and then spice your life up with some exciting rides!

Ubud Art Market

Things to do in BaliPhoto Credit: Instagram: yykhemmanath

Have you seen the movie Eat Pray Love? The Ubud Art Market happens to be one of the settings for the movie. Pretend to be Julia Roberts strolling down the stalls, while of course, keeping an eye out for any interesting merchandise that catches your eye. Colourful, vibrant and teeming with life,the art market is the place to pick up local Balinese items, and souvenirs for everyone back home. While you shop, simply enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of a local Bali market – it doesn’t get any more local than this! (Pro tip: remember to bargain!) 😁


ATV Ride Tandem

Things to do in BaliPhoto Credit: Putu Bali Tour Guide

Go vroom-vroom on an ATV! If you have no confidence operating your own ATV, there’s no need to panic. (Also, it isn’t a magic carpet ride either, so chill.) This ATV ride can be tandem, which means that two of you can share the same ATV. (Hint: Just pick whoever’s the better driver.) Furthermore, before the rides commence, there will be a safety briefing just so everyone knows what to do and what not to do. You’ll be safe and sound while having a whale of a time! 🤩


MY Swing Bali

Things to do in BaliPhoto Credit: MY Swing Bali

Who doesn’t love swings? MY Swing Bali isn’t your average playground swing, though. Swing through the treetops and have your own Tarzan-and-Jane moment (best if you have a Tarzan or a Jane with you, if not then flying solo is cool too) by feeling the Balinese breeze around you! The world may not be at your feet, but the jungle certainly is, during those moments. Bali will forever be in your heart after you experience this swing! 😀


Day 3: The Heart And Soul Of Bali

You are now ready to experience the life force of Bali, and to enjoy the finest sights Bali has to offer. From majestic temples to villages, these places are what makes Bali tick! ☺

Lempuyang Temple

Things to do in BaliPhoto Credit: Pinterest

The Lempuyang Temple is actually a cluster of seven different temples that are scattered along a trail leading to the summit of Mount Lempayang. The artist in you, no matter how dormant, is sure to awaken at the amazing architecture of each temple! Lempuyang Temple is also known as the Gate to Heaven Bali due to its unique structure. Two slightly arced structures create a rectangular space opening out to the skies, while the majestic Mount Agung stands proudly as the backdrop. While standing there with the breathtaking vista in sight, it’s a hard time believing that you are in fact, still on earth! 😍


Tirta Gangga

Things to do in BaliPhoto Credit: Instagram: N.Kulikova

Live out your royal dreams at Tirta Gangga! A former royal palace, Tirta Gangga literally means “water from the Ganges”. Nowadays, Tirta Gangga refers to the water gardens – full of pools and fountains surrounded by lush greenery and adorned by quaint stepping stones and majestic statues. The water gardens has an air of royalty and elegance, making it feel like you are indeed royals who own the place! It also has a little of “Princess and the Frog” vibes, so maybe if you’re hoping for a love… ❤


Taman Ujung Water Palace

Things to do in BaliPhoto Credit: Pinterest

The sister site of Tirta Gangga, continue your exploration at this water palace which combines architecture of Bali and Europe. There are three large ponds on site, and each of these ponds are connected by the bridges and pathways. Showcasing the best of both worlds, Taman Ujung Water Palace features manmade structures among the nature of Bali. Its bridges and pathways are ornate and intricate, while greenery is everywhere – the place where you witness God’s creations, and God’s influence through human beings. 😀


Tenganan Village

Things to do in BaliPhoto Credit: Travelingyuk

How could a visit be complete if you have not seen how the locals live? One of the oldest Balinese traditional villages, Tenganan Village still holds to the original traditions, ceremonies and rules of ancient Bali. The village layout is preserved since the olden days, and its traditional crafts are still very much alive. Once you enter Tenganan Village, you will feel like you’ve gone back in time. They are also famed for their double ikat weavings, which is unique to them. To be able to say “I have visited Bali”, you must first visit Tenganan Village. 😊

And on day 4, enjoy breakfast and have some free and easy time before you leave for the airport to return home, and bid Bali farewell.

👉 Only RM880 For A 4D3N Trip To Bali! 

Quickly scan through all the places we’ve covered earlier on. Aren’t they unbelievable sights? Guess what? You can visit these places and gain a true Bali experience for only RM880, inclusive of accommodation! Furthermore, this tour package also includes 3 breakfast meals, 2 lunch meals and 3 dinner meals! What? Are we kidding? No, we’re serious! 😮

The best part is, you don’t even need to worry about the little things such as the transport, or how to plan your itinerary – it’s all done for you, so all that’s left to do is enjoy your authentic Bali 4D3N tour with Victory Tours & Travel! Let’s check out the 4-star hotel included in the RM880 fee: The ONE Legian Hotel (Kuta)! 😍

Things to do in BaliPhoto Credit: The ONE Legian

Things to do in BaliPhoto Credit: The ONE Legian

Note: Hotel upgrades available if you prefer; just mention it to the tour company.


Things to do in BaliPhoto Credit: Pinterest

p.s. We’ll let you in on a little detail: on your first night, you will get to enjoy a scrumptious seafood BBQ dinner on the beach at Jimbaran Seafood BBQ, while you gaze out to the sunset. Dine as dusk falls, and experience what it is like to enjoy a meal under the shining, shimmering, splendid night sky. We have been there, and we 101% recommend it to you! 😍

More good news!

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What are you waiting for? For just RM880, you get a worry-free, authentic Bali experience, plus a mystery gift! Purchase your tour now with Victory Tours & Travels, whether by phone, online booking, or walk-in! 😄

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