Party Hard at the BIGGEST Glow in The Dark Festival in Malaysia – Cloudora Festival

Read on to find out our experience at Cloudora Festival and what was so special and great about the event.3 min

We all know that 2019 was a year to remember. Hopefully filled with laughs, adventures, successes throughout the year for you. πŸ˜€ Hopefully all you guys experienced those although we know times can be hard and can knock us down sometimes (writer is talking about all the assignment deadlines and presentations she had to do 😣). But with all this, we can’t deny that 2019 has been an immensely memorable year, a year that not many will forget.Β We sent off 2019 with a bang and partied hard one last time this year! 😍

Sunway Lagoon had our back when we were contemplating where we wanted to spend our New Year’s Eve, with the BIGGEST glow-in-the-dark festival in Malaysia! 😎 Trust us when we say this, this festival was one for the books. It is none other than the Cloudora Festival and they are boasting some amazing shows and events in the festival. With a fantastic combination of three (3) international artists and live music, immersive stage, glowing LED neon light concept flea market, immersive carnival art installation and spectacular New Year’s fireworks displays, Cloudora Festival was definitely the place to be at during New Years Eve and when ringing in a new decade. It’s the perfect place to go with family and friends. ❀

To see what all the hype was about, the LaceyBunny team of course had to check it out so we can attest to the claims and it was definitely a night to remember! Read on to find out how our experience went and what was so special and great about the event. 🀩

Cloudora Festival

Upon getting our wristbands and getting through security, we were immediately greeted by the sound of party worthy music coming from the main stage and the smell of delicious food from the vendors. But of course, we had to feed the camera first and take a group picture under the Cloudora Entrance sign. After posing enough times at the entrance, we went to check out where all the beats were coming from at the main stage. ☺

Photo Credit: Cloudora Festival Instagram

And what a sight it was with neon lights, spotlights shifting all around which puts anyone in the mood to party for the new year. The atmosphere was great as the DJ on stage kept the dancing going hard with electro music. And the crowd was not one to shy away from participating in dancing and showing their wild side. We couldn’t help but bop our heads to the beat as well. Not to mention the party would be more fun with some glow-in-the-dark face paint and bracelets which we purchased a pack of for RM20 which included 6 bracelets and 3 tubes of face paint. We had fun with those things of course. It kind of brought out the child in us as well which we felt was what this festival was great about. ❀

Cloudora Festival

After enjoying the music for a bit, we decided to visit the neon sign spot where the said carnival art was. Let me tell you, it was certainly an Instagram worthy spot where many festival goers were going to update their profile pictures with awesome photos. We couldn’t help but do so as well and took great pictures. Certainly doesn’t disappoint as the signs were unique and photographed well in the dark. Plus when we wanted to do other things other than dance to a sick beat, we headed over to the game area where we tried our hand at the games. Fun but some take some serious muscles to succeed at. Oh well, all for the fun of it. πŸ˜„

And the food, oh glorious food. Those who were weary and hungry from all the photo taking and partying could rejoice as there so much choices to choose from. From western fare such as nachos to local snacks like keropok lekor was available, If you’re a little more hungry or have a big appetite, there were meals such as shawarma and kebabs to choose from and it was so hard for us not to get everything. We could see why it was crowded there as party goers must love the food. πŸ˜‹

Cloudora Festival

Cloudora Festival

After all that is said and done, with all the food and fun to be had, we headed over to the beachfront area where we decided, that would be the best view to watch the fireworks. And let me tell you, the fireworks were the best part of the entire evening and it was absolutely amazing. Filled with creative and fantastical patterns, it was a show stopper and one of the best ways to welcome the year 2020 with a bang! As the crowd cheered above the firework explosions, we took pictures and videos of the momentous moment. But the fireworks were best enjoyed with our own eyes. πŸ’•

Cloudora Festival

After that, it was time to head home but of course bringing along the sweet memories of the last day of 2019 and Cloudora Festival certainly didn’t disappoint. It was a night to remember and 2019 didn’t go down without some style. Safe to say, it was an enjoyable experience where we hope to have the opportunity to experience it again at the end of this year. Hopefully with more activities and shows to enjoy. 🌟

So how did you guys spend your last day of 2019? Did you attend Cloudora Festival this year? How was your experience? Were you out partying hard like we were or were you at home celebrating the new year with loved ones and friends? (that sounds amazing too!). Let us know in the comments below! πŸ˜€

Photo Credit: Giphy

And also, we here at LaceyBunny want to wish all of our readers a very Happy New Year and hope that you all have a blessed and great 2020. We will do our best to be even better this year to produce better content for all to enjoy. Thank you for all the support and we will see you again in the next one. Bye lovelies! πŸ’œ

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