La Fleur X Uniqorn Is The Place Where Your Dreams Come True!

This is not a drill: there is now a unicorn-themed cafe available! At La Fleur X Uniqorn, let unicorns take you to lands of cotton candy and rainbows!2 min

La Fluer x Uniqorn

Are you a fan of unicorns? 🦄 If you are, you’ll want to keep reading with your full attention, because there’s a cafe that is – if the name of the cafe hasn’t given it away already – unicorn-themed! The front part of the cafe name is French, and you can probably guess that “fleur” means “flower”. With such a soft, girlish name, all your little girl feelings buried deep within you will surface the moment you arrive at the “Flower X Unicorn” cafe at Sunway GEO Avenue. Oh, and just for the record, “uniqorn” is NOT French for “unicorn”. To add one more word to your French vocabulary, “unicorn” in French is actually “Licorne”. You’re welcome. 😄

Seeing Pink 💕

When you get there and you feel like there’s something wrong with your eyes, don’t worry. It’s not you. The whole place is indeed, in pink. It’s like somebody splashed entire buckets of pastel pink paint everywhere, and that’s how they got their interior.

Seeing Pink 3

As if that wasn’t enough, La Fleur X Uniqorn has also constructed a special, super-Instagrammable spot: a ball-pit bathtub. Exactly as its name would suggest, the ball-pit bathtub is a rectangular hollow space filled with balls for you to dive into. Staying true to its theme, they are all, of course, in pink. This is also your chance to feel what’s it like to be a unicorn; they have unicorn onesies on site to free your inner unicorn! They also have unicorn floats, unicorn plush toys, and other girly decorations. It’s probably what the Powerpuff Girls’ home would look like with sugar, spice, and everything nice, if Professor Utonium hadn’t added in Chemical X.

Seeing Pink2

La Fleur

Food is divided into two concepts: “La Fleur”, and “Uniqorn”. La Fleur is all about encouraging everyone to become a barista; you can go there and craft your own tulip latte art! If you don’t know the first thing about coffee, milk, hot water, or cups, calm down. Friendly cosplay workers will be on hand to guide you through the whole process.

La FleurPhoto Credit: Eatdrinkkl

La Fleur 2Photo Credit: Eatdrinkkl


On the other hand, Uniqorn focuses on more solid food; dessert to be specific. Here, you can customise your very own ice-cream masterpiece. First, you choose a base of waffle, egglet, or pancake; then you choose your preferred ice-cream flavour (all of them homemade!), sauce, fruit, and sprinkles! If you don’t feel like eating much, then you can have the ice-cream by itself, accompanied by a lovely unicorn illustration!


Uniqorn 1Photo Credit: Eatdrinkkl


Opening Hours: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am (Monday-Thursday)/10:00 am – 1:00 am (Friday-Sunday)

Telephone Number: 011-11796730

Address: E1-01-02, Sunway GEO Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya


Will you visit La Fleur X Uniqorn? If you’ve been there before, share your experience with us! We would like to know what it’s like being a unicorn too! 🦄

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