Jenn Chia: A Proud Malaysian Female YouTuber (SoImJenn)

Jenn Chia, or SoImJenn, is multi-talented, but she's most well-known for her funny videos. Learn more about this Malaysian female YouTuber!3 min

Jenn Chia A Proud Malaysian Female YouTuber SoImJenn

You may know her as “that crazy bra lady”, or maybe you know her as fellow YouTuber Jon Lidell’s girlfriend. Whichever it is, Jenn Chia has been gaining presence everywhere all over in Malaysia due to (mostly) her funny videos (unless you’ve been on a social media hiatus, in which case, welcome back to the Internet!).

Better known as SoImJenn on all her various social media channels, Jenn Chia is only 27 years old, and she has already made a name for herself as a multi-talented lady! 👏


Jenn Chia’s Videos

A self-taught videographer, Jenn uploaded her very first video on YouTube with an original song entitled “I Can’t Find The Light”. That was back in 2009, and today Jenn has more than 52,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel! (Congratulations Jenn!) Jenn doesn’t just upload videos of her singing; she also posts fitness videos and comedy videos among others. 

To some people, creating; recording; editing; and uploading videos may seem like a troublesome never-ending cycle, but Jenn doesn’t see it that way. To her, creating videos allow her to become a different personality and express her thoughts and feelings through her personal experiences and/or observations of the environment around her. Her favourite video and probably the one she’s most well-known for is “That Crazy Bra Lady”, which you can check out right now, below! 😊


Meanwhile, our favourite video of hers is a recent one she did as an ad for Clinique. Every time Jenn’s shocked face appeared, we laughed. 😂 Let’s not give it away too much so you can check out the video here! 😆

Jenn Chia’s Various Talents

SoImJennPhoto Credit: SoImJenn Instagram
Besides being a YouTuber, Jenn also does other things. Her list of other “jobs” include being a singer-songwriter, content creator, copywriter, TV host, emcee, producer, director, and video editor. If we missed out on one or two descriptions, please forgive us; Jenn’s list may go on and on. She has also worked with Samsung, Clinique, Somersby, YTL, Ikea, Nestle and Shu Uemura before on commercial projects.

But prior to becoming a famous YouTuber, she was singing professionally for five years at various functions and events, such as wedding dinners or annual dinners. Due to her quirky personality, she was noticed by the 8TV Quickie (which has since been stopped), and that kick-started her TV hosting career. As for her major, she actually took up Communication and Psychology at SEGi!

Jenn Chia’s Inspiration And Passion

Jenn’s Inspiration And PassionPhoto Credit: So, I'm Jenn Facebook

What inspires Jenn for her content on YouTube? People. Jenn actually loves meeting new people and learning about their life stories, and the people around her inspire her. Her videos are entertaining and relatable because they’re all based on people; real-life people. Since people inspire her, she also hopes to inspire other people – other aspiring female YouTubers in Malaysia especially. ❤

There aren’t many Malaysian female YouTubers, and Jenn would love if any ladies out there would love to join her on the platform! “What’s the worst that can happen?” She asks. So ladies, if you have videos, just upload them on YouTube and expose yourself! You never know where it can take you. In Jenn’s case, she once got a job solely because her employer thought she was very funny, and her employer said they needed some funny people in the office. Pretty cool, eh? 😄

Last but not least, Jenn is all about spreading happiness. Everyone deserves to be happy, and I suppose the easiest way for Jenn to spread happiness is through her videos. If you find Jenn’s videos funny, share them with your friends to make them laugh too, and spread happiness! 💕

▶▶▶ If you need a reason to watch Jenn’s videos, here’s why in her own words: “I can be quite funny and entertaining due to my innate ability to have no shame.” Also, she has some wise words if you’re feeling unsure about yourself or your future: “I think having insecurities doesn’t mean that you will fail in life.” Well said, Jenn. Everyone has insecurities, but we shouldn’t let them define who we are, or what our lives will be. We should learn to be more curious, more fearless.

Looking at Jenn, we have learnt to not limit ourselves based on what you know or what you have learnt (such as your uni major). Life will provide you with new lessons everyday, and you can truly do whatever you want if you’re curious enough to explore and determined enough to continue. The world is so full of possibilities, so it’s really up to you to chart your way through life, and enjoy the ride while you’re at it! 😎

But of course, as Jenn would say, “I’m not telling you what to do, you be you.”


What about you? What have you learnt from Jenn? Share your lessons with us! 😄


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