3 Reasons Why Malaysians Are Going Crazy Over This Smart Luggage!

There's this new smart luggage in Malaysia called IKII and it's already making waves locally. Find out why Malaysians are so crazy over this smart luggage!4 min

Smart Luggage in Malaysia

Fact: most, if not all people, love travelling. Nothing can be better than whisking yourself away to your dream destination, and just taking a break from it all. When you go travelling, what do you always bring with you – your one constant companion every time you travel? Your luggage, of course! 😁

Your luggage will be holding all your essentials, your OOTDs for every day, perhaps some local food if you know you’d be homesick anywhere you go, and definitely, you’d need your luggage to bring back some souvenirs! However, not all luggage bags were made equal, and this is where IKII, a smart luggage in Malaysia, steps in to make your travelling a breeze. As a smart luggage, it is super high-tech, so find out why Malaysians are going crazy over this smart luggage now! 🤩❤

First of all, before we begin, you should know that these features are paired up to the IKII app, which can be downloaded on your smartphone. In other words, your smartphone kind of becomes the remote control for your smart luggage. Read on to understand further! 👍


✅ Smart Weighing – Just Lift Your Bag Up To Weigh It!

Ikii Smart Luggage

We all know that the weight of a luggage is important during check-in, for some airlines are really strict about luggage weight. Perhaps you have a scale at home, perhaps not. What if your scale is faulty, inaccurate, or simply broken? Do you want to risk it all by being told, “Sir/Madam, your luggage is overweight. Kindly remove some items.” at the check-in counter. Then you’d have to squat down awkwardly right next to the check-in counter, open your luggage, decide what you want to take out, and also put your unmentionables on display to the public. 🤦 Not a good start to your trip now, is it? Plus, you know lah, we Malaysians always like to pack like we’re moving house even for a simple 2D1N trip, so the risk of overweight luggage can be quite high. 😂

With IKII’s Smart Weighing feature, you can weigh your bag as long as you have both your luggage and your smartphone with you. Simply open up the IKII app and tap on the weighing option, and lift your luggage up from the ground. The app will be able to accurately weigh your bag just like that! So smart! No more fretting about possible overweight luggage, or not being able to find a scale to weigh your bag. Check-in will be a breeze all thanks to IKII! 😍🙏


✅ Smart Lock – Lock Your Luggage With A Simple Tap!

Ikii Smart Luggage Malaysia

Wait… was the code 123, 321, 000, or 888? It couldn’t have been 666, right? Or maybe this other scenario is familiar to you: digging deep into your handbag trying to find the keys, then having a minor panic attack when you can’t find the keys? 🤦 This smart luggage in Malaysia can save you some trouble and let your smartphone do all the hard work for you. With your smartphone synced up to your luggage, all it takes to lock and unlock your luggage is a simple tap on your phone! No more worrying if you’ve actually padlocked your luggage, if you’ve brought your keys along, where you’ve placed your keys, or struggle to remember your combination code. One tap is all you need, and this feature is literally security at your fingertips! 😮👍


✅ Smart Alert – “Your Bag Is Running Away From You!”

Ikii Smart Luggage in Malaysia

You know, people always say “never leave your bags unattended”, or “never let your bag leave your sight”, and that sort of advice. You know it, we know it, everyone knows it. However, sometimes, no matter how vigilant we may be, you may find your luggage still leaving your side nevertheless, whether by accident, or by intention. With the Smart Alert feature, you can set up a distance limit, and your phone will alert you when your luggage has crossed the distance limit. 😮👏 Whether your bag has accidentally rolled away on an uneven surface, or someone panjang tangan is trying to get their hands on your beautiful IKII smart luggage, you can be sure you’ll be notified at once. Worry less and enjoy the present moment more! Yay! 😁

That’s Not All!

Smart Luggage Malaysia


Smart Luggage

Besides that, the IKII smart luggage has some extra features that will make you fall in love with it even more:

💜 Four pairs of ultra-smooth Japanese Hinimoto 360 spinner wheels

💛 A premium brake system with a trigger mechanism

💙 A built-in and detachable nylon laundry bag 


Recently, there’s been an upsurge of recommendations and postings on social media about IKII luggages, and clearly, Malaysian users are absolutely thrilled with these three features that make travelling so much more convenient and enjoyable. 😁 Malaysians are all about convenience, and when we stumble upon a system where a smartphone can control it all, we couldn’t let such a wonderful thing escape our clutches! With the Smart Weighing, Smart Lock, and Smart Alert features, the worries we usually have about travelling are lessened by half, and that’s why we are going crazy over this smart luggage in Malaysia! ❤

Malaysian Influencers Who Are Also Crazy About IKII Smart Luggage!

It’s not just us; even these Malaysian influencers are using IKII smart luggage on a regular basis for their travels. Check out what these influences have to say about being super in love with their IKII smart luggage:

Note: Please click on caption if you can’t see the image.

Chanwon: One of the SMARTEST luggage bag that I ever had in my life!


Kelly Tan: IKII’s app will easily allow you to control interactive luggage functions from your Android or Apple device!


Crystal Swung: Now I can bring along a smart luggage that leaves me worry-free during my travels!


Myra Zainal: Loving my smart luggage from IKII and it makes my life so much easier!


Zean Lim: The most fashion luggage with amazing features I’ve ever met!


Huda Tasrin: I can travel now at worry-free & cool with my IKII smart luggage.


Now, Where Can I Get An IKII Smart Luggage In Malaysia, And What Are My Options?

IKII luggages come in three different sizes: The Carry-On, The Medium, and The Large. Not sure which to get? You could also opt to get them all in a set of three! Best of all, you can even choose from eight different colours, so that the colour of your luggage will perfectly reflect your personality as well. 😍 IKII luggages come with a 5-year warranty, and the materials used to make IKII luggages are meant to last for life! Last but not least, shipping is free in Malaysia nationwide! Hurry over to IKII’s website now at https://www.ikiitravel.com/ and pick out your very own IKII smart luggage! Psst, prices are as low as MYR459!


And here’s a special treat for all you LaceyBunny readers: 😍💕

1) Pre-order

Use code <IKIIxLaceyBunny> to receive a mystery gift from IKII!

Note: For pre-orders, you will only receive your IKII smart luggage between 7-14 July 2019.

🌞 Pre-order if you’re not in a rush to use the luggage, because you also get a 30% off your pre-order!

2) Buy Now

Quote <IKIIwithLaceyBunny> upon purchase to enjoy 10% off this super cool luggage!

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🌞 Buy Now if you’re rushing off to your next vacation and need this super cool smart luggage right now!


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Smart Luggage in Malaysia


We don’t know about you, but we have our eye on the pink ones; don’t you think it matches LaceyBunny perfectly? What’s your choice, and are you as crazy as we are over this smart luggage? Let us know in the comments below! 😁💕

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