10 Best Dash Cams in Malaysia that Help You to Kick-butt Against Crime!

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dash cam in Malaysia

For drivers driving alone, life on the road is not exactly a bed of roses. Often, we encounter with many dangers and risks along the way. For example, daily traffic offences and the occasional road accidents. However, sometimes the situation can get nasty if we are unlucky, or just plain down-on-our-luck. Let’s say, a major hit-and-run. What can we do about it? Who are we going to call? Well, this is when you really need a good and reliable dash cam to save your girly butt, pronto.

Like they say, prevention is always better than cure. We might not be able to play Wonder Woman and fly you out from that hot mess, but we can help you with the best solution. Thus, we present to you 10 best dash cams in Malaysia that can help you to kick-butt against crime – fast, efficient and easy-peasy! 👍

What is a Dash Cam?

In short, a dash cam also stands for dashboard camera. This device is placed inside a vehicle, usually on the front windshield. Functionality-wise, it varies differently. Depending on the model and type, a dash cam can do many things such as record both everything in front and in some instances the rear of a driver.

How Does a Dash Cam Work in a Car?

Basically, a dash cam is mounted onto the windscreen and records the road as you are driving. This device is powered both ways – via the cigarette lighter cable or can be hardwired into the fuse box. When the ignition key is turned on, the dash cam starts recording automatically until it reaches a continuous loop , with each film filmed on a short 3-minute segment onto a micro SD card.

Car Dash Camera Reviews: What are the Best Dash Cams in Malaysia?

Without wasting time, come let’s get a dash cam for yourself. Check out this awesome list of the best dash cams in Malaysia we have specially picked out for you! 😀

1. Full HD 1080P Digital Video Recorder Car Dash Cam

At first glance, this dash cam looks anything but sophisticated but don’t let its simple appearance fool you! Its best feature is its ultra high definition clarity, which helps you to capture important videos clearly; for example incidents such as road accidents, vandalism..etc. In addition, its simple and direct multilingual menu also means that anyone can operate it easily without sweat! 😄

dash cam in malaysiaPhoto Credit: Lazada

Editor’s Rating:4.6/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:1080P ultra high definition, night vision


💜 Editor’s Note: Best car camera in Malaysia. Good for capturing nothing but the finest moment of truth!

2. Xiaomi 1080P DVR Smart WiFi Night Vision Dash Cam 

With its 1/2.9 inch light-sensitive components, this is the best dash cam in Malaysia to capture your most clear-cut night vision moments while you are driving on the road at night! Social media enthusiasts will rejoice as it comes with wifi connection so that they can watch real-time recording and share their videos or images on Facebook or Instagram.

Best of all, this dash cam has an unique combination of an image sensor, photography compression and smart voice control. Worry that your car safety is in risk? No sweat as the 24 hour parking monitor will instantly detect vibration to help keep your car in check. 👍

best dash cam in malaysiaPhoto Credit: Lazada

Editor’s Rating:4.8/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Starvis night vision, smart voice control


💜 Editor’s Note: One of the best dash cams in Malaysia that ticks all the right boxes, plus you don’t have to worry about recording blurry images at night anymore!

3. South Ocean Full HD 1080P DVR Car Dash Camera with Rearview Mirror 

Thinking of the best way to make you feel easy and save while driving? Say no more, as this is the best dash cam in Malaysia that can help you to do so. With its full HD 1080P front camera, you can keep track and record everything on the road as the journey that takes you along. Other than that, this dash cam comes with a smart chip and g-shock sensor. Best of all, it is not only anti glaring, but fully waterproof at the same time too. 😄

Dash cameraPhoto Credit: Lazada

Editor’s Rating:4.8/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Full HD 1080P front camera, smart chip


💜 Editor’s Note: Best safety buddy to bring along a road trip with your friends!

4. MAYI 3 Lens Car Dash Cam HD Video Recorder with Front & Interior Rear Camera

Who needs only one, when you can get a combo deal of 3 working cameras? This dash cam in Malaysia is the answer to your prayers as it records your front, interior and rear view altogether at the same time. Its 4 inch LCD high definition large screen display automatically switches rear lens display on main screen so that it can prevent reversal tragedy. As a bonus, you also get features such as loop recording and wide dynamic range technology. Driving plus safety has just gotten a helluva much more better with this multifunctional dash cam! 👍

Car dash cam malaysiaPhoto Credit: Lazada

Editor’s Rating:4.6/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:3 working camera lenses, reversal tragedy prevention


💜 Editor’s Note: Buy this dash cam pronto as this is the best deal that you can get!

5. Xiaomi 70MAI PRO 1944P Car Recorder Dashcam

We were amazed by this customer review on Lazada which says,” Really decently priced mid-range Dashcam. On top of that, it’s sleek and elegant. “Definitely valued for money!”. Now, with a review like that, there is no reason for you not to check out this dash cam for yourself! This “state-of-the-art” dash cam in Malaysia simultaneously records with a super high resolution of 1944P, which equals to an amazing 2.5 times of 1080P ! Other standout functions such as its built-in voice control with 4 commands, 24 hour parking mode and super night vision with 140% wide angle makes this brand of dash cam the ultimate winner! 🌟

Xiaomi dash cam malaysiaPhoto Credit: Lazada

Editor’s Rating:4.9/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Built-in voice control with 4 commands, super night vision with 140% wide angle


💜 Editor’s Note: Easy on the eyes and most importantly, on the wallet. This is definitely the dash cam of your dreams!

6. GOQ D200 Touch Screen Dual Lens Front & Rear Night Vision Dashcam

This car camcorder provides maximum comfort to the user as all you need is a quick single touch to operate its touch screen 4-inch high definition screen display. Besides that, its dual lens car dash camera recorder provides 2 in 1 action for you to record the front and rear lens at the same time when you are driving. The automatic power on and off button is specially designed for absent minded individuals while the dash cam’s wide dynamic range technology helps you to take pristine cut images regardless of night or day. Also, it doesn’t hurt that its rear lens camera is waterproof! ☺

best dash cam in malaysiaPhoto Credit: Lazada

Editor’s Rating:4.7/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Touch screen 4-inch HD screen display, automatic power on and off button


💜 Editor’s Note: If you are looking for a dash cam in Malaysia that’s a breeze to use, this one’s a sure winner!

7. XiaoYi Compact DVR DashCam 1080P WiFi App Linked

Sleek and minimalistic looking while compact in size, this dash cam will make a cute addition inside your car. However, do not be fooled by its comely outer appearance as there is more than meets the eye. With full HD 1080p combined with a 2.7 inch screen Colour LCD display, this dash cam main purpose is to capture the best details and truth while providing flawless pictures altogether. In addition, this best car dash camera in Malaysia also has a noteworthy mix of clever chinese user interface, microSD up to 128GB, high quality video recording plus voice and wi-fi connection to smartphone! 😄

XiaoYi Dash CamPhoto Credit: Lazada

Editor’s Rating:4.6/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Full HD 1080p, high quality video recording plus voice


💜 Editor’s Note: Buy it now, or regret later. This dash cam definitely got the whole package!

8. 4IN1 Full HD DVR Car Camera Recorder

Given its futuristic outlook and affordable pricing, there is no way that you can miss out this dash cam for your car. For starters, its multifunction HD car recorder fully records the front, inside, back and reverse altogether, thus not missing any important evidence should you come across a road accident. Lo and behold, this dash cam in Malaysia gives a full range monitor and protection of up to an amazing 360 degrees towards your car interior lens, front lens and rear view altogether. However, the icing on the cake is primarily its motion detection, gravity sensor and auto reverse camera for your back car. 😀

Car camera malaysiaPhoto Credit: Lazada

Editor’s Rating:4.5/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Gravity sensor, motion detection


💜 Editor’s Note: This dash cam in Malaysia is the best bang for the buck as it is both price friendly and eye-candy as well!

9. Dual Lens Dashboard Car Camera Front and Rear View

First of all, we were amazed that this dash cam has reverse assistant for safe parking. With this, you can count on it for your safety as drivers are guided by its backup camera to secure parking areas.The dash cam’s looping recording and emergency accident lock is a godsend as it helps you to protect your video evidence by immediately saving and locking it into the SOS file. Moreover, it comes not just with the usual 170 degree wide angle lens but also other unique features such as the super night vision, G-sensor and such..etc. 👍

Car Camera MalaysiaPhoto Credit: Lazada

Editor’s Rating:4.5/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Super night vision, reverse assistant for safe parking


💜 Editor’s Note: This dash cam in Malaysia is the bees knees of its kind!

10. 70mai DVR Camera 1080P Night Vision Dash Cam with Control Parking Monitor

Shaped liked a telescope and comes in sleek black colour, we are thrilled that this dash cam in Malaysia can speak up to four languages in total. Furthermore, the device’s Sony IMX307 high-sensitivity image sensor works well in providing tip-top quality image regardless of a cloudy day or during a weak light environment. Meanwhile, the free wireless interconnection means that you can download and watch dash cam videos in real-time.Best of all, there is a built in G-sensor for auto emergency recording. 😯

dash cam in malaysiaPhoto Credit: Lazada

Editor’s Rating:4.8/5
Price:🌞 Check Here
Special Features:Smart voice control, Sony IMX307 high sensitivity image sensor


💜 Editor’s Note: Buy this dash cam in Malaysia now for the ultimate “hands-free” experience!

After going through these dash cam reviews, now let’s move on to other equally important info regarding dash cams below! 😄

Is it Worth Having a Dash Cam?

Seriously, a dash cam is worth every ringgit. If you are unlucky enough to meet with an accident, a dash cam can provide you the piece of mind as the evidence gathered from it will be sufficient enough to prove that you are not at fault even when you hand it to the police or courts. Unless, you think that you are obviously the safest driver in the world, of course! ☺

Is it Legal to use a Dash Cam in Malaysia?

For starters, dash cams are widely used in countries such as Russia and for many years by police vehicles in the United States. In Malaysia, it is in fact totally “ok” to use a dash cam on the road. Since the past couple of years, there has been a growing demand for dash cams among Malaysians, especially both men and women who use it to fight against crime.

Do Dash Cameras Work When the Car is Off?

Basically, whether your engine is turn on or off, your dash cam automatically records the video when you drive. However, the best thing about having a dash cam is that even when your car is parked and the engine is turned off this device can also be set up to stay on and keep recording liked normal. Thus, it also works as a surveillance camera system to help keep watch of your car while you’re apart from your vehicle. ☺

How Long do Dash Cam Batteries Last?

As far as we know, normal dash cam batteries normally do not last more than 10 minutes. This is because the cameras are intended to be plugged in to a power supply when recording or driving. So the best solution is to buy battery packs custom made for dash cams usage in vehicles. Not only do they offer a much longer parking-mode recording, they also helps to eliminate the wear-and-tear effect on the vehicle’s battery.

How Many Hours Can a Dash Cam Record?

If you put it on default setting, your dash cam can record up to 1.9 GB (about 6 hours) of video on a loop that continues to refresh itself non-stop. Or else, you can turn on “Break video into multiple segments” in order to set a length of recording time anywhere from 1 minute [(1 segment, 1 minute in length) to 150 minutes (15 segments, 10 minutes in length].

How Much Memory do I Need for a Dash Cam?

Frankly speaking, this really depends on your dashboard camera budget as its size can vary from 16GB to 64GB. For that, the perfect size SD card is roughly around 32GB. This chosen size of 32GB micro SD card gives you the best value for money, as it lets you to record for about 1-2 hours till the end until it starts to delete or rewrite.

Do Dash Cameras have Audio?

Yes, they do. In fact, most dash cams in the market now comes with audio recording option included.

Photo Credit: Giphy

Well, I guess that’s all the A to Z of everything you have to know for dash cams in Malaysia now! We really hope that you can understand better on this subject matter after reading this. Thinking of getting a dash cam for yourself? Feel free to let us know which one is high on your list, and what kind of interesting model or brand you plan to get in the comments below! 😄💕

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