This Pre-Wedding Workshop Will Reveal Unique Wedding Venues in Malaysia You Haven’t Thought Of

Planning to get married soon but haven't got a clue where to have your wedding? Check out this pre-wedding workshop, which will reveal unique wedding venues!4 min

Awww, you are getting married, congratulations! ❀ Now what comes next but the planning, right? The headache-inducing part of getting married – planning your own wedding. Ladies, you do not want to turn into Bridezilla. Gents, you do not want to see your lovely bride-to-be turn into Bridezilla. πŸ˜…

Bridezilla issues aside, what are some of the things you want for your wedding? Especially if you’re interested in outdoor weddings, thankfully, there’s a very simple solution: get Best Outdoor Wedding to do the job for you! 😍 Why them, when there’s a ton of other wedding planners out there, you ask? Because they take you on a day trip, visiting different outdoor venues that could be the perfect place for your wedding! 🀩

Day trip, pre-wedding style, let’s go! πŸ˜€πŸ’•

Sit Back, Relax And Envision Yourselves Getting Married

Photo Credit: Best Outdoor Wedding

You know, for something so closely related to “weddings”, this trip is relaxing. ☺None of us at LaceyBunny are about to get married yet, but we were invited by Best Outdoor Wedding to join them on one of their trips, and we got the full experience from start to finish. Let’s break it down on how the trip works. πŸ˜€

First of all, you sign up for their trip, and they will send you information about where you’ll be visiting, travel tips such as what to wear, time to gather, the day’s programme, and expected time of completion. πŸ‘ On the day of the trip itself, all you have to do is show up at the stated time, and they’ll have transport ready for you, so you, the other couples and Best Outdoor Wedding themselves will travel together as a group, so no one gets left behind. πŸ™Œ

The trip then commences, with Best Outdoor Wedding giving brief explanations of each venue, as well as the pricing. Best of all, lunch is provided too! πŸ˜‹ With each visit, all you’ve got to do is study the place carefully, ask your questions, pile back into the vehicle, and imagine yourselves getting married. There could be other ongoing promotions at each venue, but you’ll have to sign up for a trip to know for sure! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

For the trip we went on, we went to four different venues, and we will be highlighting them below!

Venue 1: Glamz Genting

Photo Credit: Glamz Genting

Glamz Genting is a cosy, little green corner that opens out to the greenery beyond. Are you familiar with the term “glamping”? That is exactly what Glamz Genting is all about! 😍

Photo Credit: Studio_71

Photo Credit: Glamz Genting

The place isn’t extravagantly big, but comfortable enough to fit up to 350 wedding guests, depending on which area you hold your wedding in. Choose from Glamz Dome, the larger area, or the Greenhouse, perfect for hosting a more intimate wedding. Regardless of which area you choose, both come with a stage, so you don’t have to worry about that! ❀

What’s more, wedding packages with them include accommodation for the newly-weds, but not for the guests. Should you decide to provide accommodation for your guests, they have a variety of domes and tents to choose from, as well as an outdoor jacuzzi for relaxing. 😯

✨✨ Perfect For: Outdoorsy couples who want to be closer to nature and looking for a more intimate setting. πŸ’•

🌐 Website:

Venue 2: The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort

Photo Credit: The Chateau

Always dreamed of that fairytale wedding in a castle? πŸ°πŸ’• Then The Chateau is for you! Inspired by an 18th century castle in France, The Chateau will evoke all kinds of princess feelings in you once you set foot there. πŸ‘°

Wedding Planner MalaysiaPhoto Credit: The Chateau

For your wedding, check out La Serre, which is their glasshouse only recently unveiled in March 2019. The glasshouse is well, made of glass and even the ceiling opens up to the sky, so imagine yourself having your first dance as husband and wife under the stars. 😍

Photo Credit: The Chateau

If you prefer a sit down dinner with a more intimate setting a la French fine dining, you can do so at L’assiete, their own fine dining restaurant. Last but not least, you can also organise your ROM at The Chateau’s outdoor foyer, which opens out to the rolling Berjaya Hills. Accommodation is also provided for the newly-weds at The Chateau. πŸ‘

✨✨ Perfect For: That upscale, grand fairytale wedding you’ve dreamed of as a little girl, couples who love Instagrammable shots and if you have a little extra to spare, wellness and health facilities. πŸ’•

🌐 Website:

Venue 3: Mutiara Hillhomes

Photo Credit: Mutiara Hillhomes

Mutiara Hillhomes is a collection of not one, not two, but four spacious, comfortable villas side by side that make any wedding convenient to organise and host. πŸ‘

Photo Credit: Mutiara Hillhomes

One of the villa’s backyard has been transformed into a garden perfect to have your wedding, especially during the golden hour when the sun sets, blessing and shining on you with its last rays of the day. The clubhouse complete with a karaoke room and a swimming pool will also be available for your use during your wedding, and they even have a function room as a backup just in case the weather doesn’t permit for an outdoor wedding. πŸ˜€

Photo Credit: Mutiara Homes

Not only that, but a stream also runs behind the villa, so you and your loved ones can enjoy some rocky settings, or maybe even have a picnic style wedding if it comes to that – the opportunities are endless since you have a large space to use to your liking! Did we mention? All 4 villas are yours and your guests’ to stay the night! 🀩

✨✨ Perfect For: Cosy vibes, water-lovers, couples who like large, outdoor spaces, and convenience of not having to travel right after the wedding. πŸ’•

🌐 Website:

Venue 4: Tanarimba

Photo Credit: The Wedding Notebook

Tanarimba is basically an empty space for your wedding, built right next to a pond. It’s all wooden and empty, which means you can literally design your wedding from scratch, and do it the way you want it to be, exactly. Those who have a strong vision of what they always imagine their wedding to be like will find great pleasure at the Tanarimba space. ❀

Photo Credit: The Wedding Notebook

That’s not all, for they also have an adjoining cafe, and evenings are cool and lovely for friends and family members to enjoy before the wedding officially starts. Surrounded by the water, greenery and woodworks, it’s hard to find another outdoor space that can transform your wedding into something magical, like a wedding in the woods. 😍

✨✨ Perfect For: Creative couples, couples who want to create their own unique wedding from the ground up, simple, no-frills wedding. πŸ’•

🌐 Website:

As its name suggests, Best Outdoor Wedding specialises in outdoor weddings, and they are on a mission to help couples locate the perfect venue for the biggest day of their lives. πŸ˜„ These trips are extremely helpful as everything is organised and provided for, plus you get to check out the venues yourself, and gain a better understanding of how each place is unique and suitable for the wedding you’ve always envisioned. πŸ‘

Photo Credit: Best Outdoor Wedding

Read more about this unique forest wedding created by Best Outdoor Wedding HERE ! ❀

Interested to join these kind of future trips by Best Outdoor Wedding and check out possible wedding venues? πŸ‘‡ Stay updated with Best Outdoor Wedding’s social media pages:

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Trust us, once you’ve decided to get married, this will be the next best decision you make! So, where do you want to get married? πŸ˜€πŸ’•

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