Top 10 Enrichment Classes For Babies And Toddlers In Malaysia

Children are the future, and these enrichment classes can help them develop their potential; being the best versions of themselves!3 min

Top 10 Enrichment Classes For Babies And Toddlers In Malaysia

Children are the future, and it’s important that they get the right start in life. Early childhood education is becoming more and more prominent now than ever, and we’ve filtered out top 10 enrichment classes for your little angels so that they receive good-quality education, and perform to their best potential! 😇


1. Gymboree

Enrichment Centre For Babies And Toddlers: GymboreePhoto Credit: Gymboree Facebook

Gymboree is a leader in early childhood development programs for children between the ages of 0-5, and it focuses on play. Playing is how children learn, and through play they develop curiosity, confidence, creativity, and various skills. There are different classes on play, music, art, and “school readiness”. The different classes will develop different skills such as cause and effect understanding, strength-building, problem-solving, and socialising/communication among others. 😃

Centre Locations: Bangsar Village II, Publika, Empire Subang, IOI City Mall, Sunway Velocity Mall

2. TweedleWink Right Brain Education

TweedlewinkPhoto Credit: Tweedlewink Malaysia Facebook

TweedleWink is a montessori-based early learning program that focuses on right-brain development. Founded almost 30 years ago, TweedleWink’s programs maximise upon children’s minds during a unique “right brain window” of time. During the first years of life, the right brain is the primary hemisphere that is absorbing information. TweedleWink’s program includes 12 techniques that are taught to six sensorial pathways at six key stages in a child’s life. Not only do the classes adapt to suit the child’s current needs, but it also enriches both the heart and mind. 😍

Centre Locations: Bandar Botanic, Bandar Damansara Perdana, Puchong

3. Musikgarten

MusikgartenPhoto Credit: Musikgarten Facebook

Music is a universal language, and children exposed to music at an early age work their right brain in the process. From the USA, Musikgarten is an early childhood music education company that enables teachers to understand how babies and young children learn music. There are classes from birth, so parents can bond with their babies during this time, and understand how they learn as well. The Musikgarten program will help a child grow musically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. 👍

Centre Location: USJ 21

4. CanRidge

CanRidgePhoto Credit: CanRidge Facebook

Originating from Singapore, CanRidge also focuses on right brain stimulation and development. For children 0-6 years of age, there are a few different classes they may undertake: Triple H Flash Card Methodology, Art and Music Laboratory, as well as CanRidge Playgym/Baby Gym. All these programs are designed to enhance and develop children’s power of imagination, exploration, and critical thinking to unleash children’s greatest potential. 😮

Centre Location: Puchong

5. The Little Gym

The Little GymPhoto Credit: Just Dial

All about physical activity, bring your little ones to The Little Gym to expend their endless energy and increase their physical strength. Through physical activity, children will be able to increase control over their muscles, hone both their fine and gross motor skills, increase co-ordination, find better balance, and increase spatial and perceptual awareness. Slowly, children will be able to gain independence and learn to be away from their parents, adapt to new environments, and socialise with their peers. There are four fun classes based on the children’s age groups. 😄

Centre Locations: The Curve, Sri Hartamas, KLCC, Subang Jaya

6. Heguru

HeguruPhoto Credit: Singapore Motherhood

Heguru is Japan’s largest right-brain development school for children, and employs the Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL) method. According to its website, the HEGL method is “an effective early childhood education technique that focuses on capitalizing on a child’s ability to absorb information as opposed to the conventional approaches of teaching”. By training the right brain, it allows the children to learn and develop skills at their own pace. Furthermore, it also aspires to plant positivity and goodness in the children, ultimately creating a future generation that can lead and give back to society. 😃

Centre Locations: Mid Valley Megamall, Johor Bahru, Penang, Damansara

7. Shichida

ShichidaPhoto Credit: Shichida KH

Also known as the “genius course”, Shichida trains children’s maturity of six different abilities. Conducted in small class sizes of four to six children with a regular classes, the abilities are Sensory Concentration, Photographic Memory, Computer-like Calculation, Perfect Pitch Music, Multi-Language Acquisition, and Image Communication. In compliance with the original Latin meaning of the word “education”, they aim to “pull out (your children’s) innate ability” by stimulating the whole brain. 🤩

Centre Locations: Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Puchong, Penang

8. Ditoso

DitosoPhoto Credit: Creative Home X

Ditoso has an interior decorated like a children’s fairytale castle to activate children’s imagination and creativity, which are aspects of cognitive development. Employing a play-based curriculum, Ditoso advocates the benefits of play as a crucial learning tool for children. Play is active, child-initiated and process-oriented, which means that children are free to explore their own interests, train their capabilities, and respond to their curiosity. Alpha wave music is played in Ditoso, which encourages greater communication between the two brain hemispheres. 😮

Centre Locations: Kota Kemuning, Puchong

9. Julia Gabriel

Julia GabrielPhoto Credit: Julia Gabriel

Julia Gabriel is all about communicating confidently through EduDrama. There are early learning programs, speech and drama programs, as well as reading and writing programs to choose from. These activities are age-appropriate, and they will enable children to express ideas through speech and language, music, art, performances, visual media and movement among others. There are programs for babies as young as six months old, and here, they develop and strongly encourage individuality, as they “believe individuality is the source of original thought, the draw of change”. 👍

Centre Locations: Bangsar, Mont Kiara, Citta Mall

10. Baby Sensory

Baby SensoryPhoto Credit: Baby Sensory Facebook

Baby Sensory’s programs are largely divided into two: the baby development program, and the toddler adventure play program. The baby development program aims to enhance sensory experiences and physical contact, at the same time to promote development of speech. On the other hand, the toddler program focuses more on play and skill building, with an emphasis on mobility, excitement and adventure. At Baby Sensory, your child’s senses will thoroughly be explored! 😍

Centre Locations: Kota Damansara, Puchong, Sri Hartamas, Sri Petaling, Subang Jaya


Your baby deserves the best, so give them a right head start in life with these centres! 😃

Do you have any other baby/toddler enrichment centres to recommend? Share them with us!

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    2. TweedleWink Right Brain Education
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    4. CanRidge
    5. The Little Gym
    6. Heguru
    7. Shichida
    8. Ditoso
    9. Julia Gabriel
    10. Baby Sensory
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