Amber Chia: All You Have To Do Is Believe In Yourself

Learn more about how Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia came to be, and pick up a few tips on the way for your own success! It's never too late!2 min

Amber Chia

Model, actress, TV host, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, mentor, judge – Amber Chia certainly takes on many roles! Today, Amber Chia is practically model royalty; even if you have no interest in the modelling industry whatsoever, you’re bound to have heard of her before. However, in order to obtain all these achievements today, Amber had to endure a rather gruelling journey. ❤


Amber Chia’s Roots

Amber's RootsPhoto Credit: Vulcan Post

Amber was born in Teluk Intan, Perak, but she grew up in a fishing village in Tawau, Sabah, where her parents had moved to in search for a better future. During that time, her parents were unable to take care of and support her, so she was taken care of by her foster parents, remaining on Peninsula Malaysia. When she was 12, she moved to Tawau to join her parents, and worked as she studied. By the time she was 15, she had completely stopped schooling and took up three jobs to help her family: selling fish at the market in the early morning, being a salesgirl in a mall after that, and then being a cashier at a pub at night. 


Amber Chia’s Dreams

Amber's DreamsPhoto Credit: Amber Chia

Just like everybody else, Amber had dreams. At 17, due to pressure from her family to get married, Amber ran away – to pursue her dream of becoming a model. That took a lot of guts! 😮 She only had RM 300 with her, she had to defy and leave her family, and she was going to a place without any security of her future. As she arrived in KL, she was just a nobody without any knowledge of the modelling industry. She was turned down many times, and she admitted that she thought of giving up at times, but she always rallied and continued to fight on. In 2001, she got her first big break by being on the cover of Her World magazine. 🙌


Amber Chia’s Ascend

Amber's AscendPhoto Credit: Amber Chia

It wasn’t until 2004 that the world really sat up and noticed Amber. She joined the Guess Watches TImeless Beauty International Model Search 2004, and won. It wasn’t only a victory for her, but for Malaysia and Asia as well, as she was the world’s very first Asian model to conquer this title, as well as to campaign for Guess Watches Worldwide. Amber Chia, supermodel, was born. 👏

Further cementing her status as the modelling industry’s cream of the crop, Amber Chia was selected by none other than Victoria Beckham to present the Victoria Beckham Autumn/Winter 2009 Ready to Wear Collection during the New York Fashion Week. After more than a decade, she has now graced more than 200 magazine covers, catwalked on runways in six continents, starred in seven movies, written two books, and has been brand ambassador for over 30 brands! 👍


Amber Chia’s Ventures

Amber’s VenturesPhoto Credit: Amber Chia Facebook

If you thought that Amber was just a pretty face, you thought wrong. In mid-2009, Amber launched her own company called Amber Creations. In August 2010, she set up a modelling school, Amber Chia Academy. Amber struggled when she was trying to make it, and she hoped that there was something or someone to guide her through it all.

Now that she has made it – and big, too – she wants to help others achieve their dreams, which is why she set up the school. Amber was just like any other girl with a dream, but she has some advice for you: “If you want your dreams to come true, you first have to believe in yourself.” 😊


💟 Nothing comes easy in life, so if you want it, go get it. 💟

Amber is an excellent example of a nobody becoming a somebody, so you, you, and you too, have the potential of becoming somebody. What you tell yourself will make you or break you, so listen to what you are telling yourself very carefully. Are you constantly saying this: “Aiya, I cannot one la, don’t have time, don’t have money, what else can I do?” Or, are you saying this: “It’s difficult, but I know I’ll get there someday. Tough la, but can.”

I’d like to alter Amber’s advice a little bit and turn it into a question: Do you believe in the best possible version of yourself? Share your thoughts and opinions with us; and remember to submit your article to us if you have a story to share! ❤

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