One SIM Card, Multiple Countries. AIRSIM Is The One You Need To Stay Connected Everywhere!

Now when travelling, you only need one SIM card - AIRSIM! Check out how AIRSIM can help you stay connected in multiple countries without much hassle!4 min

Tell us honestly, how long can you live without the Internet? The Internet has practically become embedded in every aspect of our day-to-day lives, as we use it for everything from messaging, learning, and conducting business among other things. Not to mention that having reliable data access on our smartphones when travelling is a necessity, for we need it to navigate our way through unfamiliar streets, make bookings online, stay connected with friends and family and of course, update our social media! πŸ˜„

In the recent years, the most common data options available for overseas trips are international data roaming plans with our local telco service providers, purchasing a local SIM card at the destination, or rent a portable pocket WiFi. All of them are viable options, of course, but they can be expensive and/or troublesome, and connections may not always be stable. πŸ€”

If you find yourself nodding along and agreeing with us, you too, would probably like another option that is affordable and convenient. Good news for you, as we have actually discovered this amazing option – AIRSIM! We popped by Bali recently, and had the chance to try out the data services of AIRSIM. The result? We LOVE it! ❀


So, what is AIRSIM? How reliable is AIRSIM, and why do we love it? Keep reading to find out more! ☺

What is AIRSIM?

AIRSIM is a reusable pre-paid SIM card that covers over 130 travel destinations, including the United States, New Zealand, Spain, China, Japan, and even Uganda. AIRSIM works with telecommunication operators around the world so you can enjoy their mobile data service at local data rates. A special SIM card that combines Soft SIM and Over-the-AIR (OTA) technologies, AIRSIM will automatically connect you to a local telco network at your destination. Talk about convenient, and having just one SIM card to travel to multiple countries! πŸ˜πŸ‘

Why Choose AIRSIM?

Photo Credit: AIRSIM

Before we share our superb experience with AIRSIM, check out what’s so great about AIRSIM:

  • covers over 130 destinations
  • reusable & eco-friendly
  • easy registration and setup process
  • user-friendly app interface
  • decently priced data plans (i.e. from RM4.30 per day, depending on the selected destination)
  • option to select multiple countries combo data plans (e.g. Singapore + Indonesia for as low as RM6.90 per day or several European countries for as low as RM7.20 per day)
  • if travelling to China, VPN download is not required!
  • 30 minutes of free local calls
  • 24/7 customer service support

Our AIRSIM Experience in BaliΒ 

🌟 Before the Trip:

Simcard Malaysia

Prior to departure, we had to register and set up our AIRSIM. The setup process was simple and fast. It took us less than 3 minutes to download the app, register and purchase the data plan we wanted! πŸ‘

International Sim Card

All we needed to do next was to exchange our SIM cards at the airport before boarding the plane. AIRSIM even comes with a cardholder complete with multiple SIM card slots and a SIM ejector, which we think is extremely thoughtful because we may not remember to bring SIM ejectors ourselves! 😍


🌟 Upon Arrival:

Upon arrival, we switched on our phones and turned on our Mobile Data and Data Roaming. Within a minute or two, a local operator signal appeared on our phone, and messages and notifications started rolling in instantly. 😯 It was that easy and it was a refreshing experience to have a data connection from the moment we landed in a foreign country! Instastories with location tags, game on! 😎


🌟 During Our Trip (AIRSIM):

Global Sim Card

The map above shows the places we visited during our trip. Our team comprised of different people with different hobbies, such as yoga, diving, food hunting etc. To make sure everyone enjoyed themselves, we went on a road trip that covered the North, South, East and Middle of Bali. ☺

Travel Sim Card Malaysia

Road trips mean driving, and being in a foreign land, GPS navigation was crucial! Thanks to AIRSIM’s stable data connection, we relied on GPS navigation everywhere we went, and successfully navigated our way through Bali. Can you imagine if we had used mobile data for GPS navigation for up to 3 hours each way (i.e. 6 hours per day) during our drive to the North and the East of Bali? Imagine the bill at the end of the month trailing several feet long – no thanks! πŸ˜…

Travel Sim Card Malaysia

And for the foodies out there, you know how important it is to have data connection so that you’ll be able to check out street food, cafes, restaurants and so much more – dining like a local is the ultimate experience each foodie aims to have when visiting another country! πŸ˜‹

International Sim Card Malaysia

As a visitor in a foreign land, you may feel intensely vulnerable without a data connection, because where are you going to go next, or what are you going to do next? Even a slow data connection with things not loading can send you into a state of frustration and mild panic! With AIRSIM, we no longer complained about slow data connection – in fact, AIRSIM’s user experience was seamless! The stable connection combined with the unlimited daily data usage has allowed us to chat, post, and update our social media wherever we went. πŸ‘

To be honest, we started to get worried after a few days of AIRSIM usage. How is it possible to have stable connection most of the time even after all our heavy data usage? Have we over-used the data and are being charged at data roaming rates as we recall turning on our Mobile Roaming when we arrived at Bali. Just to be safe, we re-checked the data usage limit and confirmed that our package indeed has UNLIMITED data usage (Note: This is according to your chosen package, and may not apply to all packages). We breathed a sigh of relief after that, and continued to post and update to our hearts’ content! 🀩

​Indonesia Sim Card

As aforementioned, we had strong and stable data connection everywhere we went. Creating β€œlive” videos on Instagram during sunsets or posting a picture before a dive were made possible thanks to AIRSIM for choosing reliable local telco partners! πŸ˜€


🌟 During Our Trip (AIRTALK):

Travel Sim Card

All data packages of AIRSIM comes with 30 minutes of free talk time for calling local numbers and hometown, so it’s particularly handy if you ever need to get in touch with anyone. During our trip, we called a few restaurants at different locations to make enquiries and reservations using their AIRTALK app. 🌟

Where to Get AIRSIM?

For AIRSIM to work, all you need to do is follow these five simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase AIRSIM’s pre-paid card at their official website HERE. AIRSIM will deliver the card to your address within 3 to 6 days.

Step 2: Download AIRSIM ROAM and AIRTALK ROAM apps (available on Android and iOS) onto your smartphone.

Step 3: Complete registrations on both apps (before your trip).

Step 4: Purchase your preferred data package (before your trip).

Step 5: Insert AIRSIM upon arrival, turn on Data Roaming and enjoy data service within 3 minutes!

And that’s it! You are now ready to conquer most of the world with AIRSIM! 😎🌏

πŸ‘‡ For more information, visit:

🌐 Website:
🌐 Facebook:

Photo Credit: AIRSIM

Based on our seamless experience in Bali, AIRSIM is a simple yet superb data travel option. As a reusable pre-paid SIM card that covers over 130 destinations, AIRSIM is indeed eco-friendly. Even while travelling, we can play our part in the sustainable travel journey by avoiding onetime usage travel SIM cards. πŸ’š

Use AIRSIM, avoid hassle, and save the planet! Tag your travel buddies in the comments below and sign up for AIRSIM for your next trip! Happy holidays! πŸ˜„πŸ’•

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