25 #MagicalMoments Only Malaysian 90’s Kids Will Remember [BIG SURPRISE At The End!]

The good ol' 90's are long gone, but don't worry if you're feeling nostalgic. We have come up with a list of #magicalmoments from the 90's for you!4 min

25 Magical Moments Only Malaysian 90's Kids Will Remember

The last of the 90’s babies, born in 1999, aren’t even babies anymore. In 2018, they’re already 19 years old! (gasp!) The 90’s were a much simpler time without the presence of smart gadgets and ubiquitous connectivity. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive the most vivid memories of the 90’s! ❤


The Randomest Things Ever

Lompat Getah

Lompat GetahPhoto Credit: Sirap Limau

The 90’s were a time of improvisation as we had loads of time, because we didn’t have smartphones taking over our lives. There was the lompat getah, which was basically jump rope made out of elastic bands. Several variations of this game came into effect depending on creativity, and although it was a game best played with others, you could jump the rope yourself if you wanted to as well. 😆


Rotiman/Ice-Cream Man

Rotiman IceCream ManPhoto Credit: MTeoh Blogspot

A familiar sound during the evenings was the horn of the rotiman, or the “Mat Kool” ice-cream theme song. There are two types of people: shout and hide, confusing the poor uncles; or rushing out all at once to buy something. 😄


Badminton At Home

BadmintonPhoto Credit: Says

The evenings were also a time where you’d play badminton with your neighbours, using house gates as the fence. 😅


Waking Up Early For TV

Waking Up Early For TVPhoto Credit: Alak Niranjan

You’d never wake up early voluntarily for school, but once the school holidays rolled around, you’d be the first one up just to watch those cartoons on TV. 🙌


The House Phone

House PhonePhoto Credit: Lowyat Forum

And the major communication gadget back then was the house phone. Once you called your friends enough times, you’d automatically memorise their numbers, which was a good way of training your memory. What privacy? You had to hold your conversation in front of the family, and you were lucky if you had a cordless phone. 😂


The Introduction of the Internet

Photo Credit: imgflip

But then, once the dial-up modem was introduced, you had to choose one or the other. Internet, no phone. Phone, no internet. The dial-up connection made some pretty weird noises too, and since you had to go through that every single time you connected to the Internet, you know you memorised the dial-up tone, and you could even sing it out loud if I asked you today. 😆

Things We Did In School

Honestly, these were what made school cool. By just a little bit.

Brushing Teeth Day

Brushing Teeth DayPhoto Credit: Mission-21

First off, brushing teeth day. You had to bring a plastic cup, toothbrush, and toothpaste to school for one day every year, because oral hygiene is important and authorities were worried that we didn’t know how to brush our teeth. All you did was squat by the drain and looked at each other with foaming mouths and toothbrushes sticking out in the name of brushing. I swear the brushing went on for 20 minutes, because “practice”. 😅


Milo Truck!

Photo Credit: Farehan Ridyan

What was even more exciting was when the Milo truck visited your school. Nothing beats the taste of Milo from the Milo truck, and it was an extra happy occasion because you got to skive off class for a while! 😎


Country Flag Eraser War

Country Flag Eraser WarPhoto Credit: Hedgehog Comms

The country flag eraser war game with one goal and one goal only. Cover the other eraser with your own. Need I say more? 😆


Some Strategy Game

Some Strategy GamePhoto Credit: Hype

I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s probably the first strategy game you’ve ever played in your life. Played on mathematics exercise books, you choose a symbol, mostly dots or crosses, and try to connect them to uh, box your opponent in and “spread your influence”. 😃



“Pepsi-Cola”Photo Credit: Hype

“Pepsi-Cola” was a game where you tried to eliminate each other from the game by kicking their feet. Till today, I still have no idea why or how the name “Pepsi-Cola” came to be. 😅


The Biodata Book

The Biodata BookPhoto Credit: Says

Ah, and who could forget the biodata book? You wanted those colourful pens and markers just to write in biodata books. There were rhymes, bits of advice, good wishes, friend rankings… Some books even came with locks. Fancy, I know. 🤩


Super Stationery

Super Stationery

We probably had the coolest stationery back then because hello, magnetic pencil cases, the Shaker mechanical pencil, and stackable (and colourful) pencils. If you owned all three, you were the coolest. 😎

Toys And Gadgets

Card Games

Card GamesPhoto Credit: Hype

Again, before the smartphone, we had card games, as in Snap, Happy Family, Donkey, Old Maid, and Uno among others. 👍


Bubble Balloon Thingy?

Bubble BalloonPhoto Credit: Submerryn

And who didn’t play with this before, the plasticky bubble balloon thingy? 😍


Waterful Ring-Toss

Waterful Ring-TossPhoto Credit: Esther Xie

There was also something called the waterful ring-toss, as seen above. 👍


Pokemon Cards

Pokemon CardsPhoto Credit: Amazon

The original Pokemon craze: collecting and trading Pokemon cards. 😍


Internet-less Computer Games

Internet-less Computer GamesPhoto Credit: Meme.Xyz

Pinball, Minesweeper, Solitaire, Hearts, and even Paint. Admit it, you never knew how to play Minesweeper. You just clicked and prayed that you didn’t click on a mine already. 😂




Last but not least, the gadgets we had were Tamagotchi, Gameboy, and the old Nokia phones, which we would play Snake for hours on end! 😆

Snacks And Treats

Snacks And Treats

Just a few off the long, long list are Potong ice-cream, Choki-Choki, White Rabbit Candy, Yupi gummy bears/burgers/pizza, the whole range of Apollo confectionery products, and Mamee Monster. 🤩

Social Media

MSN Messenger

MSN MessengerPhoto Credit: Mothership

Back then, we didn’t have a collective term, but that didn’t mean we were total neanderthals. Before Whatsapp, we had MSN Messenger, where our statuses consisted of s0M3+H!nG l!k3 tHiS (why???), and we used to “nudge” each other if they took too long to reply, or just to annoy each other. 😆


mySpace and Friendster

FriendsterPhoto Credit: GineersNow

Before Facebook, there was mySpace and Friendster. Instead of comments, Friendster had a “testimonial” section. I don’t know what kind of testimonials we were supposed to leave, but we called it “leave a ‘testi’”. Regrettable choice of word. 😂

TV Programmes


CartoonsPhoto Credit: Know Your Meme

I stand by the belief that Disney Channel during the 90’s was the best. Every girl grew up watching The Powerpuff Girls, Totally Spies, and Kim Possible. As for non-Disney Channel programmes, among the most popular were probably Tom and Jerry, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Pokemon, Digimon, Ultraman… Where did the time go watching all those programmes? 😮


Source of MVs

Source of MVsPhoto Credit: MTV Base

Furthermore, the only way you could watch a MV was on MTV, or Channel V. 🤩


MusicPhoto Credit: Bandwagon

The 90’s were the era of (boy, especially) bands, and you know you had every single Backstreet Boy and Westlife song memorised. All the boys wanted to be them, and the girls all wanted to be Spice Girls. BRB, going to listen to “Where is the Love?” 😍


The BIG SURPRISE is Here! 😮😍

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