15 Random Things To Know About Syed Saddiq

At only 25, Syed Saddiq has skyrocketed to fame with his boyish good-looks, charm, and capbility. Get to know him better with these 15 facts!4 min

15 Random Things To Know About Syed Saddiq (1)

Ladies, ladies. Calm down. I know you’re very excited about this article. 😍 Take deep breaths. There we are.

Alright ladies, Syed Saddiq is our new Sports and Youth Minister, and first off, congratulations! 👏 There’s no better time to get to know our new minister better, so here are 15 random facts about him that we’ve managed to collect!


1⃣ Syed Saddiq Is Malaysia’s Sports And Youth Minister

He Is Malaysia’s Sports And Youth MinisterPhoto Credit: Malay Mail

I know, I know. I’ve already mentioned that, so give you something useful, eh? Wait la, this fact comes with another fact. By holding this post, he is the youngest ever federal minister since Malaysia’s independence. Born in December 1992, he isn’t even 26 yet! 😯

2⃣ Syed Saddiq Almost Went Up Against Najib For Pekan

He Almost Went Up Against Najib For PekanPhoto Credit: Gempak

Talk about courage! The recent GE was Saddiq’s debut as an election contestant, and he actually wanted to challenge former PM Najib! 😮 However, current PM Tun M stopped him at that time, and told him that he’d have a higher chance of winning elsewhere. That is how he came to win the Muar Parliamentary seat, defeating Razali Ibrahim from BN and Abdul Aziz Tabil from PAS. 

3⃣ Syed Saddiq Is The Leader Of Armada

He Is The Leader Of ArmadaPhoto Credit: Berita Daily
Armada is the youth wing of the Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM). PPBM was formed in 2016, and Saddiq is considered one of the founding members of the party alongside Tun M (How many people dream of working in close proximity with Tun M but he has achieved it in his early-twenties!). Since then, he has been a spokesperson for PPBM, and sits on the party council as well. 😃

4⃣ Syed Saddiq Has Received Threats Before
He Has Received Threats BeforePhoto Credit: Budak Lelaki

Saddiq was allegedly offered RM 5 million to walk away from PPBM and challenge Tun M to a debate. Accompanying the “offer” were photographs that could have been damaging to his whole family, but it is unclear what those photographs were about. Sources state that they were death threats. Saddiq said this in response to the threats. “I would rather die than lose my dignity.” A person with true integrity, everyone. 😍

5⃣ Syed Saddiq Turned Down Not One, But Two Scholarships

He Turned Down Not One, But Two ScholarshipsPhoto Credit: Oh Media

You probably know that Saddiq turned down an Oxford scholarship to contest in the GE, but after the election, he turned down another one, a Chevening Scholarship to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy! The reason? He wanted Malaysia to have a better tomorrow, and he decided to stay home so he could bring about changes. Regardless, he already has a law degree from the International Islamic University Malaysia. ❤

6⃣ Syed Saddiq Used To Speak Poor English, And Had Poor General Knowledge

He Used To Speak Poor English, And Had Poor General KnowledgePhoto Credit: The Vocket

Looking at his debating skills, who would have guessed this at all? Once upon a time, he used to pronounce “recipe” as “reh-sip”, and thought that Africa was a country and Egypt a continent. In his own words, his “knowledge was shit”, and he thought that success for him was far-fetched. Luckily for him, he found himself competing against top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, and that motivated him to keep improving. (Yas!) 👍

7⃣ Syed Saddiq Has A Motto

He Has A MottoPhoto Credit: Detik Sport

And his motto is “When there’s a will, there’s a way”. Simple words, yet not many can follow through. Persevere in times of difficulty, okay?

8⃣ Syed Saddiq’s Favourite Things Off The Top Of His Head Are…

His Favourite Things Off The Top Of His Head Are...Photo Credit: Syed Saddiq Facebook

Superman, who is his favourite superhero (but you’re already Superman too Saddiq). 😊 He also likes singing the national anthem because #patriotism, and he also loves working out. You want to know where to sign up to be his gym buddy right? We want to know too!

9⃣ Syed Saddiq Thinks He Looks Like Aladdin

He Thinks He Looks Like AladdinPhoto Credit: New Straits Time

Well, his friends always say that to him, so he adopted that opinion as well. On a related note, our Malaysian “Aladdin” has since gained national heartthrob status, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to be his Jasmine, the queue is over there, ladies. Single file please, and no fighting. 😊

1⃣0⃣ Syed Saddiq Can Cook

He Can CookPhoto Credit: Tribun Style

As though he wasn’t charismatic, successful, and likeable enough already, he can cook too! (Cue high-pitched squealing from all the girls.) He once cooked a 100-person meal, and hey, if he’s looking to polish his culinary skills again, I volunteer to be his uh… Food taster. 

1⃣1⃣ Syed Saddiq Got Them Debate Skills From YouTube

He Got Them Debate Skills From YouTubePhoto Credit: SAYS

It’s true that everything is now on YouTube. YouTube tutorials cover everything from makeup to ukulele lessons, so Saddiq picked up debating from YouTube as well. At the age of 17, he started to debate. At the Asian British Parliamentary Debating Championship, he won the Asia’s Best Speaker Award thrice. Here’s his take on debating: “Debating is not about arguing in a debate room. It’s actually about coming up with solutions to make the world a better place.” With his quick wit and kind heart, can he be any more swoon-worthy? 😁

1⃣2⃣ Syed Saddiq Was Barred From Speaking At A Few Universities Before

He Was Barred From Speaking At A Few Universities BeforePhoto Credit: New Straits Time

In 2016, Saddiq was slated to speak at a few universities, but then suddenly got barred, because organisations feared that he might bring “external provocation”. According to MalaysiaKini, prior to his speeches, he had signed the Citizens’ Declaration for Najib to step down. Vague reasons were given for his cancellations, but I think we all know what actually transpired. 😊

1⃣3⃣ Syed Saddiq Is A Self-Proclaimed “Mama’s Boy”

He Is A Self-Proclaimed “Mama’s Boy”Photo Credit: Syed Saddiq Twitter

Saddiq is extremely close to his mother, and he calls himself a family man as well. He says that his mother is his source of inspiration, and his mother has also made it known that if he were to get into trouble, she will be at the forefront trying to get him out of it, and keeping him from harm. Awwwww. 💕

1⃣4⃣ Syed Saddiq Was Kind Of Mean When He Was Young

He Was Kind Of Mean When He Was YoungPhoto Credit: TribunNews

Saddiq said that when he was young, he was actually a bit of an Islamic radical, and even said that “if you do not pray, you would go to hell and burn in hell”. He was a little racist too, and only every hung out with other Malays. Thankfully, he grew out of it, and is now interacting harmoniously with other Malaysians, regardless of race and religion. 😄

1⃣5⃣ Syed Saddiq Has Some “Preferences”

Yes ladies, good things come to those who wait, and if you’ve read through the whole article and reached this very last point, it’s worth it isn’t it? 

He Has Some “Preferences”Photo Credit: TribunNews

Finally, the point you’ve been waiting for. 😆

Okay, the first one isn’t actually a preference; it’s more of a non-preference. Saddiq says that he doesn’t mind dating Chinese girls, because we’re all Malaysian. However, his future partner has to be funny, and be able to accept his lame jokes. (Are you kidding Saddiq? Girls will queue up just to hear you speak, don’t mention laugh at your jokes, whether they’re lame or not!) 

Lastly, if you’ve noticed, I’ve been calling him Saddiq throughout the article, because that’s his preferred name instead of YB. 😀


💟💟💟 You’re welcome ladies. 15 facts about Syed Saddiq, handed to you on a silver platter.

Jokes aside, looking at his success rate at such a young age, there are plenty of things we can learn from him. In our opinion, one of the most important lessons that we should learn from him is to not think of yourself as “too young”, because it can easily become an excuse for not doing certain things.

Constantly strive for improvement, and know what you want to do! 

What have you learned from Saddiq? Share your thoughts with us! 😄


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