10 Useful Gifts For The Girl(s) In Your Life (Perfect For Last Minute Christmas Shopping!)

They say gift shopping can be tricky, but not anymore with our gift guide of useful gifts for the the girl(s) in your life! Girls will love these gifts!4 min

Useful gifts for her

Everyone loves receiving gifts! 🎁 When given sincerely, gifts represent the giver’s heartfelt thoughts and best intentions – you have to mean something for them to put in effort, time and money to get you something! We girls especially love getting gifts from our partners, because we love the feeling of being loved and pampered. 😍 That said, sometimes gifts can be a little impractical. For example, sure, stuffed animals are cute and cuddly, but what do you do when you receive your 17th stuffed animal? Your bed doesn’t even look like your bed anymore, thanks to the growing collection.

Girls may like romance, but we would also like some practicality and functionality, especially if you’re going to be spending hard-earned money on gifts! So whether you want to ask your partner to get you something, or are looking to get your BFF or even yourself a gift (because you deserve it!), check out the following gifts for her that she (or you) will definitely love! ❀


1) Gift Cards/Vouchers

Christmas Gift for WomanPhoto Credit: Time Out

Honestly, this is the next best option to cash. Outright giving money in an envelope or even a red packet can seem crass, so why not get them something they can still spend, but isn’t currency? πŸ‘ Gifts cards or vouchers are an excellent way of telling someone “take this and go get something you like!”, and it’s best for when you don’t know what item you want to buy for someone.

By giving gift cards or vouchers, you’ll be giving a gift, and the recipient will be able to get something they like – win-win!Β  πŸ™Œ For example, if your intended recipient loves shopping, get them some apparel gift vouchers. If he/she is a coffee lover, coffee shop/cafe gift cards will do the trick! Furthermore, gift cards/vouchers are suitable for gift exchanges/Secret Santas, since they are unisex and super practical for everyone! πŸ˜„

2) DIY Gifts

DIY Gift for womanPhoto Credit: Pinterest

DIY giftPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Nothing expresses “effort” and “heart” like a DIY gift. To make DIY gifts, you don’t necessarily have to be very skillful in arts and crafts. All you need is some time, patience and dedication. ❀ Whatever you want to make, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to learn from. Your DIY gift doesn’t have to be made totally from scratch either; you can meet halfway by buying a base product and further enhancing it, like decorating a photo frame? That’s totally doable, and will have a personal touch! πŸ‘

3) Self-Care Kits

Useful Gift

“Self-care” is a necessity, not a luxury. However, not many people realise this, and that self-care should be a part of daily routine. Whether for yourself or your BFF, you can throw together a self-care kit, consisting of various items designed to help you feel good, and get back on track. Items can be anything from a comfy pair of PJs, scented candles, a diffuser and essential oil set, bath products, motivational quotes or art prints, self-help books… it’s everything the modern woman needs today! ❀

4) Lipstick Sets

Photo Credit: pinterest

Lipstick is like the final piece of armour one dons before heading into battle. In other words, your makeup will not be complete without lipstick! A dash of lipstick can provide that extra boost of confidence, and make you feel ready to take on the world. πŸ’ͺ Lipstick colours are also aplenty, ranging from tried-and-true classic reds, pastel neutrals, fun pinks and corals, even to weird and wonderful colours like blue, green, black, grey, yellow and everything else in between.

Photo Credit: pinterest

When in doubt, forget the colours – get the whole set! πŸ‘

5) Planners/Journals

Useful Gift For Woman

It certainly helps to keep things organised, whether it’s your daily schedule, or your thoughts. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, get a planner or journal. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of your appointments, meetings, dates and also your mental and emotional state to a certain extent. Some planners and journals have helpful quotes, care questions, challenges or reminders to do what needs to be done or to tell you to take a break. There’s definitely something for each girl out there! πŸ˜„

6) Favourite Food/Home-cooked Meal

Gift For Woman

Do you even need us to tell you that girls just want to eat? If all else fails, food will come in and save the day. Treat yourself or hit up your besties to a high-tea sesh, night out, or night in. Cook together whipping up your favourite dishes for each other, or if you like pizza (but who doesn’t), order in. That’s your treat! You can also tag your man in posts about places you want to eat, send him food pics, or get him to cook your all-time favourite meal. Yaaaas! 😍

7) Skincare Sets

Woman Gifts

Every girl is obsessed with her skin, including us, and we soooo get it. So what better gift to gift than the gift of good skin? It especially helps if you know what skin type the recipient has or what products she normally uses, so you can pick out the right stuff and it won’t go to waste. Furthermore, skincare sets sometimes don’t come cheap, so this gift is meaningful, useful and helpful in more ways than one! πŸ‘

8) Health & Beauty Supplements

Health Gift for Woman

In relation to the above item, sometimes it may not be enough to just take care externally. We are what we eat, and it’s important that we also take care of our health and beauty from the inside as well. Which is why there are a ton of health and beauty supplements out there – we could even create a whole new article just on that, but the best known health and beauty supplement for women is collagen! 😍

Collagen can prevent and even reverse signs of ageing to a certain extent, helping you with shiny hair and nails, improving skin condition, as well as promoting joint and muscle health. NutriBear collagen is currently having a Christmas and New Year promotion till 1st January 2020, in which you can buy 3 and get 1 free with the code “lovechristmas” upon checkout. If you know someone whose collagen supply is low, get NutriBear for them, or tag your man/BFF to get you some instead! πŸ’•

It can also be the perfect gift for your mum, as collagen will help restore her youth with healthier skin, joints and muscles! 😍 You can get your NutriBear collagen HERE! 

p/s: We’ve been taking NutriBear, which is premium hydrolyzed fish collagen without any filler ingredients, and have seen improvement in our skin condition especially! 😍

9) Personalised Items

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Once in a while, we’d like something that says “us” uniquely, and knowing that this item isn’t the same as the other mass-produced items out there. That brings personalised items into the picture! Whether it’s a bespoke jewellery item or something as simple as a toiletry bag with her name printed onto it with her favourite design, a personalised item as a gift truly speaks volumes. Thanks to the personal touch, the gift becomes infinitely more precious and valuable! ❀

10) Bouquets

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Sure, you could go with good ol’ reliable flower bouquets, for almost every girl loves receiving flowers. But just in case you want a lil’ something different or want to get something else that lasts longer, get her a bouquet still, but replace the flowers in the bouquet with other items. Have you seen a chicken-nuggets-and-fries bouquet? 😯 We wouldn’t say no to that, honestly!

chocolate flowerPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Other options include chocolate bouquets (pretty common), cash bouquets (where notes are folded into shapes/origami and yes please thank you) or vegetable bouquets (for the health-conscious). In fact, one of our writers has actually received a vegetable bouquet before, with a broccoli being the centrepiece. 🀩


Photo Credit: Giphy

And there we go with our gift guide for the modern woman today – the gifts make women feel happy and appreciated, yet are practical and useful, especially since we girls love thoughtful gifts we can actually use!Β What are you waiting for, ladies! Tis’ the season to gift, and show your appreciation towards one another! ❀

Christmas isn’t forever, so start shopping for yourself or your BFF now, or tag your man in the comments below especially if you guys have a special occasion coming up. Happy shopping! πŸ˜„πŸ’•

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