Handsome Oppas For Rent As Your Tour Guide In South Korea!

Handsome local men who will take you around South Korea? Yes please! Oh My Oppa is now renting out local men to be your tour guide!1 min

Handsome Oppas For Rent As Your Tour Guide In South Korea!

Most of you are fans of K-dramas, and go googly-eyed over the handsome Korean men in the dramas, right? 😍 Don’t you wish that you too, could enjoy the company of an oppa, even if just for a day? You don’t have to wish for it anymore, because it has now been made available! No boyfriend, no problem! Rent a handsome oppa and enjoy his company instead! There’s just one slight catch: handsome oppas are only for rent if you’re a foreign tourist in South Korea. (Which means you can’t rent him if you’re in other countries.)


Oh My Oppa!

Photo Credit: Oh My Oppa Facebook

No, I did not replace the word “God” with “Oppa”. Oh My Oppa really is the name of the private tour platform in South Korea that offers local men as your guide and friend while you’re vacationing in their country. In other words, your very own oppa for the day! 😝

Oh My Oppa started out as a joke initially, but then people loved it and business boomed. Currently, according to its website, they have a selection of nine oppas for you to choose from, with the main purpose of helping you understand Korean culture, history, and traditions better. 


And What Do The Oppas Do?

Photo Credit: Oh My Oppa Facebook

Think of the oppas as “bros” who are willing to take you around, introduce you to their country, keep you company, and take pictures for you. Each of the oppas have different interests and available schedules, so make sure you check them out first.

Based on their interests, they may or may not be able to engage in conversation or activities that you prefer instead. Both you and your oppa are allowed to engage in activities that require extra payment, such as eating (obviously you have to eat), or visiting a theme park maybe; provided both parties agree. Sources differ on whether you have to cover your oppa’s expenses though, so if you’re booking an oppa, make sure you clarify! 😊


The Oppa-Selection Process

The Oppa-Selection ProcessPhoto Credit: Oh My Oppa Facebook

No, not by you, but by the company. Oh My Oppa adheres to strict guidelines when they take in oppas. They can hardly just take in anyone, because you wouldn’t want an unrefined, boorish oppa that knows nothing about his country, would you? Worse, what if he’s a criminal (gasp!)? In order to qualify being a knight in shining armour for us, they have gone through a meticulous selection process, so don’t worry. Also, bookings must be made 48 hours in advance, so book your oppa early! ❤


Say goodbye to travelling alone in South Korea, not when you can have a handsome oppa to take you around! What do you think? Would you rent an oppa, or you’re a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man? 😎

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