Fujifilm’s Astalift Flarosso Makeup Line: Picture Perfect!

Did you know that Fujifilm is no longer solely a film and photography company? Discover Astalift Flarosso, their new makeup line!2 min

Fujifilm's Astalift

Who would have ever thought that a film-and-camera technology company would branch out into the skincare and beauty industry one day? Well, Fujifilm has done it, and 2018 is their 11th year in the beauty industry! From films and cameras, why did Fujifilm want to branch out? It was all because of their desire to improve film quality and to produce beautiful pictures, and from there, they thought, why not “make” beautiful skin instead? Fujifilm then dived headlong into the world of beauty, combining photographic film technology and skincare fundamentals to create products that will help everyone look picture perfect!


Fujifilm And The Birth Of Astalift

In 1934, Fujifilm was just establishing itself as a domestic motion film manufacturer. Prior to that, film was fully imported from other countries. Over the years, Fujifilm then developed colour technologies as well as digital photography. By 2004, they had slowly switched their focus to cosmetics and other industries. Finally, in 2007, Fujifilm successfully developed Nano Astaxanthin, which gave way to the birth of Astalift – Fujifilm’s beauty brand! Astalift has a range skincare products, and now they’ve just released a new makeup line.

Fujifilm And The Birth Of AstaliftPhoto Credit: Fujifilm

Astalift Flarosso 

Astalift Flarosso is the name of the makeup collection, and its name literally means “red flamingo”; “fla” for flamingo, and “rosso” is red in Italian. Why did they choose to name their beauty products after a bird? It’s all because of their core ingredient Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is Astalift’s signature whitening ingredient that is in all the skincare products, including the newly-released Flarosso cosmetics. A powerful antioxidant which prevents premature skin ageing, Astaxanthin is also found in flamingoes, as it’s the substance that makes flamingoes appear pink! Hence, Astalift decided to name its new makeup line after the pink bird. Did you also know that flamingoes are incredibly well-balanced animals, able to stand on one leg for long periods of time? For Astalift, this is the secondary reason for naming their products after flamingoes, as it “represents resilience amidst turbulence”, and signifies the strength of the modern woman to tide through any troubles they may face. A picture speaks a thousand words, so let’s skip the lengthy explanations for each individual product, and continue with the technology after the pictures! (But how cute are the flamingo designs though!)

🎀 Astalift Flarosso Luci Highlighter

Astalift Flarosso Luci HighlighterPhoto Credit: Buro247

🎀 Astalift Flarosso Intenso Eyeshadow in 5 Palettes

Astalift Flarosso Intenso Eyeshadow in 5 PalettesPhoto Credit: Fujifilm.jp

🎀 Astalift Flarosso Tirabaci Lipstick in 6 Shades

Astalift Flarosso Tirabaci Lipstick in 6 ShadesPhoto Credit: Buro247

🎀 Astalift Flarosso Kumanno Fude Brushes: Blush and Powder

Astalift Flarosso Kumanno Fude BrushesPhoto Credit: Buro247

🎀 Astalift Flarosso Luci Blush in 5 Shades

Astalift Flarosso Kumannofude Brushes Blush and PowderPhoto Credit: Fujifilm.jp


Beauty And Technology

By using the Fujifilm proprietary nanotechnology which interlayers yellow, magenta, and cyan colours, the Astalift Flarosso products are able to deliver more vivid pigments. Besides that, the products also employ the Edge Effect technology, which is inspired by the Velvia, one of Fujifilm’s most well-known photographic films. What this technology does is that it increases the saturation of makeup without being too harsh. The combination of the light-reflective technology and the pigments then create a natural effect of being as photogenic as possible. Basically it means that whenever you take a selfie or photo, you’ll already look as perfect as possible, without needing lots of help from filters!

Beauty And TechnologyPhoto Credit: Fujifilm.jp


Are you impressed with the result of “beauty meets technology”, and do you like the flamingo design of the products? Which do you think will be your favourite product, and why? Share your thoughts with us! ❤


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