Instagram Has Just Launched An App And Feature: IGTV!

Social media is always upgrading itself to be ahead of other platforms, and we're barely able to keep up. Now, Instagram has launched a new app: IGTV!2 min


Instagram has just unveiled a new app and feature named IGTV, and we’re scrambling to keep up! The IGTV is somewhat modeled after a TV system, except that it’s really personalised. Just like the TV systems we’re used to, IGTV has channels too, created by users of Instagram and IGTV. Even though Instagram has been big on promoting IGTV to celebrities, you and I can become channel creators too! But before that, let’s find out what IGTV is all about.

What Exactly Is IGTV?

IGTV is actually a video platform, akin to YouTube. It is meant to be a destination for watching videos with longer content without the distractions of posts, feeds, and stories. How long can the videos be? Well, users can upload videos up to one hour in length on IGTV, as compared to the one-minute limit on Instagram itself. Distinguishing itself from other video platform rivals, IGTV solely focuses on vertical videos. It’s “built for how you actually use your phone”, so you don’t have to turn your phone to watch videos.

instagram IGTV

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The Functions Of IGTV

As soon as you open the IGTV app, a video will immediately begin to play, just like how a TV starts playing as soon as you turn it on. Dubbed as an “in-Instagram” experience, IGTV allows users to swipe through videos to watch, or swipe up to view a tab of options, so you can choose what you want to watch easily. The tab includes buttons like “For You”, which takes information from your Instagram account to put together what you might like; “Following”, which provides a list of videos from the people you follow; “Popular”, which speaks for itself and you watch what everyone else is watching; and “Continue Watching”, which allows you to continue your previously unfinished video. You can also like, comment and send videos to your friends under the “Direct” button. However, unlike the Instagram app, you won’t be able to record videos from the IGTV app; you’ll have to record videos elsewhere, say your phone camera, then upload it to IGTV from your camera roll.

The Functions Of IGTVPhoto Credit: Instagram

How Do I Access IGTV?

Over the next few weeks, the IGTV app will expand to encompass all iOS and Android systems, and the app will be available for download in both systems’ stores. Alternatively, you can access IGTV through your own Instagram homepage, which is a TV-shaped button above your stories. If you’re a relatively small or new account, you might not be able to use IGTV yet, but don’t worry, IGTV will soon be available for everyone!

The Functions Of IGTVPhoto Credit: Instagram

Why Was IGTV Launched?

Since Instagram first launched in 2010, it certainly has come a long way. Who remembers taking selfies and playing around with the filters, such as Valencia? People are looking for more and more stimulating content now, and somehow people enjoy watching videos on Instagram. Moving pictures > unmoving pictures, and that’s what birthed the concept on IGTV, so that its users can view longer videos. Not only that, but Instagram’s owner, Facebook, has been wanting to become a video platform for the longest time now, but Facebook hasn’t been successful in its attempts. Who knows, this might be it for them!

Why Was IGTV Launched

We heard that Kim Kardashian West and famous dog Jiffpom already have their own IGTV channels! What about you? Would you be joining them on IGTV with your own channel, or you’re cool with the current Instagram app and you don’t need IGTV? Let us know! 😁

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