Induce Hunger And Envy With These Food Accessories!

When you love food so much you create accessories based on them, that's true love. Check these food-inspired items out by Rommy De Bommy!3 min

Food Bags

Rommy De Bommy, as she is known online, is a Dutch fashion designer. Her designs include women’s handbags and clutches, brooches, men’s bow ties, jewellery, and home decoration items. What makes them so incredibly interesting is that they’re all food items, and some of them are hilarious. Have you ever had a Maggi mee bag, or an apple core bow tie? I didn’t think so. Get yourself a bag, ladies, and get your man a bow tie. No doubt you’ll be the centre of attention when you step out, and watch people drool over your riotous accessories. 👜


Noodle Purse 

Okay, so it’s officially called a noodle purse, but come on, it will be known to Malaysians especially as the Maggi mee bag and nothing else. The bag looks exactly like a piece of uncooked Maggi mee when you take it out of its wrapper, with a long metal chain attached to it on either end. When you’re hungry you can look at it and imagine it boiling in a pot, bursting with curry seasoning, and oh, okay you’re biting into it already. Put it down, it costs RM 890.71.

Noodle PursePhoto Credit: Etsy

Ombre Rosette Cake Purse

With three layers of white, pink, and a darker pink, with a smattering of roses covering the top, it looks just like a wedding cake. It even has details of cream in between the layers, so it will look extremely life-like in your hands. As with the Maggi mee bag (and all other purses to follow), it has a metal chain attached to it as well. You can get a slice of this cake at RM 649.98, or the remainder of the whole cake at RM 1444.39.

Ombre Rossete cake pursePhoto Credit: Etsy

Chocolate Purse

This one’s for all the chocoholics out there! A perfect bar of pure chocolate, who wouldn’t enjoy having it? It really does look good enough to eat, so make sure your friends who are always hungry don’t bite into your expensive purse, even if it is chocolate. You can choose between a white chocolate purse, or a milk chocolate purse. Both are priced at RM 746.27.

Chocolate PursePhoto Credit: Etsy

French Fries With Ketchup Necklace

If you’re one of those people who pile ketchup on everything, you need to get this. A bunch of French Fries piled with ketchup worn around your neck will perfectly showcase just how much you love this combination, and ketchup. Always love ketchup. Show that you’re a proud member of #teamketchup by getting one now at an affordable price of RM 192.59!

French Fries NecklacePhoto Credit: Etsy

Mac And Cheese Necklace

Okay, so maybe you’re not a fan of fried food and some red sauce. That’s okay, because everyone loves pasta! Proclaim your love with this awesome mac and cheese necklace, because #macandcheeseislyfe, am I right? All it needs is a little crispy bacon to garnish, and it will be even more perfect. Slightly more pricey than the fries necklace, you can get your mac and cheese necklace at RM 240.73.

Mac n Cheese NecklacePhoto Credit: Etsy

English Breakfast Clutch

OMG, where my brunch lovers at? Who would have thought that a plate of breakfast consisting of toast, baked beans, sausages, bacon, tomato and egg could also make a perfectly good-looking bag? The only thing that is missing from this otherwise delectable bag is a block of butter that melts into the toast as you spread it. Getting a cup of English Breakfast tea now to temporarily fill this plate-shaped hole in my life because it costs RM 1131.44.

English Breakfast PursePhoto Credit: Etsy

Ramen Noodles Purse

Will I never stop getting excited about these purses because besides Maggi mee, they have ramen-in-a-bowl bags too?! I’m Asian to the core, so yes, I love my noodles terribly. I’m crying because not only am I hungry right now (always hungry actually), I can’t afford any of the noodles bags (yet) too. This bowl of ramen costs RM 1372.17, and I guess I already know what I’m having for dinner tonight.

Ramen PursePhoto Credit: Etsy

Cauliflower Purse

For those who are health advocates, this might be it for you! When you meet up with your friends and are giving them the “you need to eat healthier” lecture, you can conveniently brandish your cauliflower at them, saying, “This! This is a vegetable, and you need to eat this to keep your skin clear!”. Killing two birds with one stone because it makes a great accessory and educational prop as well. Get your cauliflower at RM 1227.73!

Cauliflower PursePhoto Credit: Etsy

Tea Bag Bag

“Coffee, tea, or me?” Tea. Tea will always work for me. Looking bigger than the other purses or clutches, I’m pretty sure this bag is versatile, and will allow you to dump a lot of stuff inside. I kind of wish I had this bag during my school days, but it’s okay. It’s never too late! Let me continue drinking my English Breakfast tea while I figure out how to raise funds for this RM 1179.59 bag.

Tea Bag PursePhoto Credit: Etsy

Fried Egg Candy Necklace

Eggs are a staple food item everywhere, and they can be cooked in so many different ways: fried, scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, soft-boiled… Sorry, I got caught in egg dreamland. This fried egg necklace looks so cute I could die, because it’s not just one big fried egg. It’s several tiny little fried eggs piled on top of each other, and the result is an eggy heaven! RM 192.59 is its price, so tonight I’ll just eat another fried egg on top of my ramen.

Fried Egg NecklacePhoto Credit: Etsy


Of course, these items barely scratch the surface of what Rommy De Bommy has to offer, so if you’d love to see more, you can check out her shop on Etsy here!

Do you need these food accessories in your life, or is food only meant to be eaten and enjoyed by taste? Share your thoughts and opinions with us! 

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