Luxury Travel Gear Meets Streetwear Swag With Rimowa Collabs

Travel in style with these super-cool Rimowa-collaborated suitcases! No matter your style, there's definitely something for everyone!2 min


It is one thing to travel, but another thing to travel in style! How well do you know the Rimowa brand? If you haven’t, let’s start off with an introduction about Rimowa, the star of this article. Rimowa is a 120-year-old brand that originated in Germany, 1898. They are a manufacturer of premium luggage, and they don’t come cheap, Rimowa luggages.

In 2016, LVMH acquired a 80% stake in Rimowa, and that’s when Rimowa started collaborating with other brands. Alexandre Arnault, the 26-year-old son of LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault, is reportedly a huge fan of the streetwear culture itself. After he was made co-CEO of Rimowa, he initiated the move towards these collaborations, and that’s how the Rimowa name infiltrated the other side of fashion culture. 😀


Rimowa X Off-White

Rimowa X Off-WhitePhoto Credit: Goxip

A relatively new brand, Off-White was only founded in 2012 in Milan. However, the founder of Off-White, Virgil Abloh, is no novice in the fashion industry. Besides being the founder and designer of Off-White, he is also the artistic director of menswear for LV. Already a customer of Rimowa, it wasn’t a surprise when the collaboration took place. This Rimowa X Off-White collection is fully transparent, so be mindful of how you pack your suitcase!

Rimowa X Anti Social Social Club

Rimowa X Anti Social Social ClubPhoto Credit: Anti Social Social Club

In this collaboration, ASSC’s hot pink, wavy logo is stamped onto the front of classic black Rimowa suitcases. On the back of the suitcases, there’s a solid pink square instead. With such contrasting colours, no one will ever mistake your suitcase for theirs! There are also other merchandise besides just the suitcase from the collaboration; there’s a hoodie, t-shirt, and cap as well!

Rimowa X Supreme

Photo Credit: Highsnobiety

You guys know that Supreme put its name on a brick, and that brick became instantly coveted. A recent Google search revealed that a Supreme brick is now selling for USD 1000 on eBay. You see the power of the Supreme name? Well, Rimowa is a powerful brand in its own right too, and both brands didn’t need each other; they were doing well enough! Anyway, the collaboration resulted in suitcases in two sizes and two colours only (82-litre/45-litre; black/red), and turned the whole suitcase into a portable, very obvious Supreme logo box. The 82-litre case sold out in Europe in 16 seconds flat (and it’s not exactly cheap, guys), so we’re guessing this is very popular!

Rimowa X United Arrows

Rimowa X United ArrowsPhoto Credit: Retail Design Blog

United Arrows was founded in 1989, and is a contemporary fashion label and streetwear brand. Currently, it is one of the top-performing fashion companies in Japan. Just like the Rimowa X Supreme collaboration, this collaboration also resulted in suitcases in two sizes. But instead of taking the flashy path, United Arrows chose to keep it understated; deciding on a matte black edition of the brand’s classic Flight suitcase. You know what they say, you can’t go wrong with black!

Rimowa X Bape

Rimowa X BapePhoto Credit: Damanwoo

Bape, or A Bathing Ape, is also a Japanese streetwear brand. Bape was one brand that Rimowa frequently collaborated with, even before the young Arnault’s time. Out of their collaborations, their 2010 collaboration was really eye-catching. Rimowa X Bape released twin suitcases that year, one in gold and one in silver. If you think that they just slapped on some metallic colours, that’s not all, because the suitcases also feature camo prints in similar shades.

Rimowa X Fendi

Rimowa X FendiPhoto Credit: L'Officiel Malaysia

Yes, I’m aware that Fendi isn’t a streetwear brand, but it’s worth talking about, isn’t it? Rimowa has collaborated with Fendi not once, but twice! Its second release will feature three suitcases will co-branded detailing in blue, red, or yellow, with Fendi’s logo, of course. Rimowa has created a new visual identity, and this collaboration will be the first time we will see its new identity, which focuses more on minimalist design and personalisation.


When (not if) I become a frequent traveller, I’m definitely getting one of these Rimowa cases. Not now, but one day. Are you a fan of these collabs, or do you think Rimowa should retain its clean, sleek designs we all know? Or maybe, you think that there should be more brands that they should collaborate with? Let us know your thoughts!


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